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22Hertz - Detonate [review]AutomatoN - Sub Coma [review]Concept 7 - The Machinery Of Control [review]Crash-Scan - interview (2014)Crash-Scan [reviews]Cybertoyz - Undo.Exit [reviews]Darice M. Kannon - DMK - interview (2016)David Arkenstone - interview (2016)Dizzolve - The Hookwirm EP [review]DMK - Going Under [review]Dogmachine - Futuristic Urban Cult [review]Elitefitrea - Lethe [review]Eroded Pride - interview (2013)Eroded Pride - Short Attention-span Theatre [review]Ghost in the Machine - interview (2015)Ghost in the Machine [reviews]GoMa - GoMa [review]Halo In Reverse - interview (2006)Heretics in the Lab – Exit [review]In Virgo - interview (2015)In Virgo [reviews]In_zekT [reviews]Krebs [reviews]Lafuentes Edward - E Magic [review]Malice Machine - Digital Scars [reviews]Malice Machine - interview (2017)Maximum Sexy Pigeon [reviews]Message To The Machine - interview (2013)Message To The Machine [reviews]Mr. Kaplan - Rage Thrills Wow [review]MSHAA - Dystopia [review]MSHAA - interview [2016]New Breed Invasion - Eternity [review]Ögenix (Ogenix) - interview (2014)Phenagen - Cannon Fodder [review]Retaliate of Anger - Final EchoSekten7 [reviews]Spookshow inc. - interview (2014)Spookshow inc. - interview (2015)Spookshow inc. [reviews]State of Being [reviews]The Seas - Give Up The Ghost [review]The Seas - interview (2015)UN-reason - interview (2013)UN-reason [reviews]Varicella - Dead Is Better [review]Zeistencroix - Stranger [review][Fabryka] Machinery 03[Fabryka] Machinery 04[Fabryka] Machinery 05[Fabryka] Machinery 06[Fabryka] Podcasts (2006)[Fabryka] Podcasts (2007)[Fabryka] Podcasts (2010)[Fabryka] Podcasts (2011)[Fabryka] Short reviews part 1[Fabryka] Short reviews part 2[Fabryka] Where does industrial music come from?[non-industrial] 13 Shadows - 13 Shadows[non-industrial] 13 Shadows - Descend[non-industrial] 13 Shadows - interview (2013)[non-industrial] Artist Proof - New Day[non-industrial] Barefaced Liar - Mind Over Matter[non-industrial] Beer Killer - What Else[non-industrial] Below The Sun - Katharsiss[non-industrial] BROBST - Life Of Gypsies[non-industrial] Bruno Pittelli - Angels Without Wings[non-industrial] CalatrilloZ - A Glimpse At A Fool's Destiny[non-industrial] CalatrilloZ - Lords of Misery[non-industrial] Celestial Flesh - Suspended Motion[non-industrial] Cerakai - Against It[non-industrial] Cerakai - I Feel[non-industrial] Commit Samantha - The Fallen[non-industrial] Consinity - Sea of Lonely[non-industrial] David Arkenstone - Beneath A Darkening Sky[non-industrial] Division 1.1 - Submission[non-industrial] Dumb Hole - Bravest of the Galaxy[non-industrial] Ethan Pell - The End Is Now[non-industrial] Ferni - Blame[non-industrial] Gene Gorski - Nowhere To Hide[non-industrial] Ghost Embrace - interview (2015)[non-industrial] Ghost Embrace - Quantum Heart[non-industrial] Gianluca John Attanasio - Beyond2Doors[non-industrial] Gilbert Engle (interview, 2016)[non-industrial] Gus McArthur [review][non-industrial] Hendrik Jan Vermeulen - Krieg[non-industrial] Johnny Marples - The Nu Signs EP[non-industrial] Kevon Carter - Hey Alice[non-industrial] Larry Leadfoot - Hellxotica[non-industrial] melodic DIRT[non-industrial] Merrin - Sin[non-industrial] Merrin – Mr. Dominant[non-industrial] Moon Pigeon - So Far[Non-industrial] Nine Plan Failed - Father, Father[non-industrial] November Veil - EP[non-industrial] Progressivenz - Pickin On Me[non-industrial] Rayna - Shotgun Eyes[non-industrial] Ronan Le Barbare album review[non-industrial] Sergey Rybytskyy - Soul's Reflection[non-industrial] SLOWtheIMPACT - Pleasantly Amused[non-industrial] Stiletto Ghetto - Don't Call Me[non-industrial] Tengger Cavalry - Horseman[non-industrial] The 88's - Addiction[non-industrial] The 88's - The 88's EP[non-industrial] The Blackmail Seduction - War At Home[non-industrial] Toby Poynter - The Comeback[non-industrial] Tooms & Lenny Dee - Burn In Sunlight[non-industrial] Unified Past - Peace Remains In This World[non-industrial] VIA - Closets[non-industrial] While U Were Out - It's Always You[non-industrial] Xander Demos - interview (2013)
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Varicella - Dead is Better
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