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UN-reason [reviews]
Katarzyna NINa Górnisiewicz | Detailed or mini-review submissions: song, EP/album | Suggest an artist
UN-reason - UN-reason |Patetico Recordings, 2012|

1. A Place Of Truth, 2. Blinks, 3. Run Back, 4. Under, 5. Too Deep, 6. Twisted Metal, 7. Kids Hurting Kids, 8. Our Special Way, 9. Open, 10. This Is Not My Fear, 11. Waves

UN-reason hails from Savona, Italy and was founded in 2010. This relatively new project was formed by experienced musicians who were previously involved in such bands as Twenty One Crows, Pushkins, Fallen Tears, F.E.M. or The Sense.

Their eponymous debut album mastered by Reza Udhin (Inertia, Killing Joke) brings 11 songs - a mix of post-rock, post-punk and industrial. The compositions sound emotional and touching. Extremely well elaborated, lyrical arrangements are built upon harmonious tunes with peaceful moments found throughout the release. The overall mood on UN-reason is based on non-invasive contrasts.

If you study the lyrics a bit closer, you'll also find out that there's a bit of frustration due to disappointment, unwanted changes and unrealized needs usually referring to one's love life. Elio Isaia (voice, guitars) with Jacques Pedretti (a guest song writer) wrote poetical lyrics that match the music very well. Various figurative expressions speak almost as visually as paintings (for instance: "I stole her love and melt it, and buried it on the Moon, I bathed at night in her cool blue room" /"Run Back"/).
Elio's voice is instantly recognizable, which is always beneficial for a singer. It's rather high-pitched (between tenor and baritone) and makes a good match with the music. Elio fits within all the songs and never goes out of tune. He also occasionally uses voice effects, adding a rough industrial overlay to songs such as "Blinks", "This Is Not My Fear" and "Kids Hurting Kids".

The musicians express their know-how by tuning in through truly skillful, cooperative play. Jon Griffin (guitar) places accents or puts up noisy walls of sound wherever it's necessary ("A Place of Truth", "Under") while Jan Maio (synths, virtual orchestra, guitar) builds intriguing sonic backgrounds ("A Place Of Truth", "Blinks", "Kids Hurting Kids", "Open").
The rhythm section adds a refined vibe to the compositions. The bass (Giorgio Bormida - guitar, bass, piano) sounds range from murky, quite characteristic for gothic rock ("Blinks", "This Is Not My Fear", "Waves") to warm ("Twisted Metal"). The drums played by Lorenzo Bartolini feel just right and work really well with the bass. The interplay between both instruments really shines in more emotional tunes like "Run Back", "Our Special Way", "Too Deep", or "Waves". As a side note, the drums in "Open" were manned by a renown guest from the scene - Martin Atkins (PIL, Killing Joke, Nine Inch Nails, Pigface).

My favorite songs are "Our Special Way", for the gentle "guitar versus bass" arrangements (as known from the 80s Bauhaus or New Model Army songs); "Run Back", which could be the main theme of a movie; and "Blinks", thanks to its edgy industrial rock vibe.

All tracks on UN-reason album are memorable through their verses and choruses, but also little dirty (and a little dreamy) guitar vibes coloured with bits of sampling. Regardless of the typical chorus/verse repetitions there’s little to no boredom to be found on this album.

When it comes to the album concept, it aims in bringing back the interest in true creativity and inspiration, against the global trends, slowly drowning the world in rather nonspiritual ideas and populist consumerism for the last two decades. It's also about the importance of freedom - leaving the system and mass behind and becoming a unique human being integrated with and expressing one’s own soul again. As articulated in "Kids Hurting Kids": "We have been plugged, we've been drugged at home, our life is a box, a prison we pay, only when I close my eyes this distance is gone".

The band’s comprehensive and well designed official website should encourage you to visit often. Make sure you follow the band on their active social profiles. Moreover, if you like visual arts, you should pay attention to Giorgio's personal website presenting his dark designs. And don’t forget that he also remixed a few tracks for known industrial bands such as Pigface and 16volt.

(Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz, Fabryka Music Magazine, July 15th, 2013. Proofreading: Mike 'Vesper' Dziewoński)

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