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[Fabryka] Testimonials
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Dizzolve & AutomatoN
NINa reviewed two albums for our label, Dizzolve - The Hookwirm EP and AutomatoN - Sub Coma. Both reviews were not only intricately crafted but well articulated as well. Each review was similar in writing style but completely separate in their view points and personal critique of each song and the album(s) as a whole. This was not a standard copy and paste scenario like some reviewers attempt to pull off. Upon reading the final product, one could tell how much effort NINa placed into carefully crafting each sentence and/or paragraph. Attention to minor details within the audio was heard as well as influences ranging back several decades. As previously mentioned, all of these intricacies were finely crafted into both review which not only displayed a large amount of time and effort on her part, but a huge amount of thought goes into each review as well.
NINa is 100% a professional in this industry and I will not only keep circling back to her for more reviews, but assist with getting her name and brand out there to the masses. The talent on this site needs to be explored by all musicians!

Chris Bollinger | 10.07.2018 | Dizzolve - The Hookwirm EP review & Automaton - Sub Coma album review

Mr. Kaplan
I can't say enough great things about NINa. She took the time to actually listen to my song and gave a personal critique of the song. She even took the time to listen to some of my other songs and check out my website. It's great to know that there are people like NINa in the music world that care about artists!! Thanks so much NINa.
Jason McClary | 20.02.2018 | Review

Kevon Carter
My first time having a review from NINa. She was very timely in her responses, professional, honest, and sincere. I appreciate all of your feedback and is satisfied. Will definitely work with Nina again in the future and have her critique some more of my tracks. Thank you for your time and expertise.
Kevon Carter | 23.01.2018 | Review

3hree Handed Magic
What a talented, gifted writer! Beyond the positive review I so humbly received, I must say the very way she characterized the work in words that described in clear detail what she perceived from the recording was stellar to say the least! I have just posted a copy of her work on my Facebook webpage because I am sincerely impressed with her delivery and style. She provides a Great tool to help promote your Recordings! I would venture to say that I am one of her biggest fans! They just don't come any better than NINa...
Louis Schulte | 24.04.2017 | Review

Sonny Hunter
This was my 3rd write up by Nina and she has been absolutely accurate and insightful in the reviews as to how others may feel about my songs. Obvious she knows what she's doing and puts it into sensible artistic words.
Sonny Hunter | 11.04.2017 | Review

State of Being
I was really pleased to read such an insightful review. NINa has both a talent for words and a great ear. I hadn't previously thought of "Signs" as a single, but sure enough, it is starting to get some attention as DJs have gravitated toward it as well. She was spot on. She gets it.
Christopher Foldi | 02.03.2017 | Review

Commit Samantha
This is our first review of our material and frankly, NINa came back with such an honest review, that we felt we now had some direction in which to head! Super happy with the results and responsiveness of NINa in communicating and fulfilling her role. She clearly listened to, and dug into, our track for some insightful commentary and emotion. we will surely reach out to her again for her opinion!! no question..... have her review your stuff! Thank you NINa!!!
Kon | 24.02.2017 | Review

Malice Machine
We're absolutely floored by your review. Your insight is incredibly intuitive and more then once in tune with what Sepsis was expressing with his lyrics as well as the emotions of the music. We've been trying to get some sort of productive feedback for months, to get a feel for what we should do next or if we should continue in this direction and it's inspiring to hear that our vision has potential. You're so right in your ending statement that it's hard to garner any attention online and that we're looking at playing live as the key to breaking through the corporate wall. It's easy to get frustrated by the seeming indifference of the virtual community but your review is one of the best motivations we've gotten.
Ammo | 20.02.2017 | Review

This is the 2nd time our band has been fortunate enough to have a song reviewed by NINa. Both times she has thought about all aspects of our sound and the people creating it. Her review's have also helped us consider how others may see our evolution of sound so we could not be happier. NINa clearly LOVES reviewing music!
Charlie Phillips | 15.02.2017 | Review

NINa actually listens to the music, thinks about content and delivers a thoughtful and thorough review. She reached out & we are glad she did. Music is art, art is subjective. NINa has a view that is unique and sparks conversation about her interpretation. Lastly, she is great to communicate with. Thank you for the review!
Tone | 11.01.2017 | Review

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