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GoMa - GoMa [review]
Katarzyna Draconina Górnisiewicz | Detailed or mini-review submissions: song, EP/album | Suggest an artist
ALBUM SHORT REVIEW: GoMa - GoMa (album review) |Machine Man Records, 2018|

1. D.D.D., 2. Fool Song (Take Me with You), 3. Disappoint, 4. Hora Gris, 5. The Monitor, 6. The Poison, 7. Trippin Trippin, 8. Untitled

This is a one man band founded by Juan Madrigal in South Dakota. Inspired by modern electronic music, he wrote, performed, and recorded the eponymous debut album for his GoMa project.

The opening track ('D.D.D.') has a danceable vibe, though the singer's voice sounds somewhat tired and overwhelmed, similarly to what can usually be found in goth music. The simplicity of arrangements and catchy melodies make the song memorable. Then, 'Fool Song (Take Me with You)' brings a whole new, more lively rhythm and stamina within. Since its smart composition, lots of body moving electronica, and intensity make the track a song hit, it could easily be submitted for matching publication opportunities such as Various Artists compilations, to allow GoMa reach a broader audience.

'Disappoint' focuses on both vocal arrangements and sound structures. Some parts include 8-bit music, techno, experimental, and similar electronic add-ons - all wrapped up with a dynamic rhythm.
'Hora Gris' is a perfect track for an action movie (involving car racing or military jets, choppers, Air Wolf like themes or video games of that kind). Rhythm and beats along with electronic backgrounds bring back the best known sound of 90's Skinny Puppy, with vocal arrangements nicely placed between the instrumental lines. 'The Monitor' may give listeners ideas about a futuristic self-conscious A.I. being locked within displays just like Shodan in the System Shock video game. Again, techno beats, vocals, and intelligently utilized electronic music create another highly memorable track on the album.

There's a duality found in 'The Poison'. Its verses offer mechanical and darker, mysterious tunes. On the other hand, the chorus is clearly inspired by NIN's's 'The Perfect Drug'. 'Clicking' sounds and 'breathing' machines build up a certain atmosphere in verses, which speaks for Juan's creative programming skills. 'Trippin Trippin', just like 'Hora Gris' carries a lively journey-like vibe but the overall composition lacks consistency despite its catchy arrangements, then ends up weirdly - one could even say 'psychedelically'. The last song called 'Untitled' offers a swirl of gradually developing arrangements. Highly danceable and marching rhythm forces the body to actively merge with the music. The track has a massive potential to be re-worked and expanded further because the 4 minutes of music it contains truly isn't enough as of now.

Make sure to check out this and other Machine Man Records releases, as Chris Bollinger (the label owner) is a prolific industrial music talent headhunter.

(Reviewer: Katarzyna 'Draconina' Górnisiewicz, Fabryka Industrial Rock & Metal Encyclopedia, September 13th, 2018. Mike 'Vesper' Dziewoński)

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