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AutomatoN - Sub Coma [review]
AutomatoN - Sub Coma
Rating: 5
Reviewed by Fabryka Industrial Rock & Metal Encyclopedia on .
AutomatoN's Sub Coma album is a purifier of a record. There are melodies, smart passages between arrangements, the vibe of both doomsday and victory, and a heart-opening catharsis experience.

Bemol - Hopes for Tomorrow [review]
Country of origin: Switzerland
Active: yes
URL: Official website | Reverbnation

DMK - Going Under [review]
DMK - Going Under
Rating: 5
Reviewed by Fabryka Music Magazine on .
This unusual mix of modern and symphonic attributes gives the song a theatrical feel and puts it a bit ahead of its time, perhaps. "Going Under" may either get your attention right away or grow on you with time, but it’s surely hard to dismiss or skip.

Frostbite - My Darkest Dream [review]
Country of origin: US
Active: yes
URL: ReverbNation

Punch Drunk Monkey - Number 1 Killer [review]
Punch Drunk Monkey - Number 1 Killer
Rating: 4
Reviewed by Fabryka Music Magazine on .
"Number 1 Killer" becomes immediately memorable from the first listening due to its marching rhythm as well as contrasting, modulated synth effects. This track has possible hit potential for listeners and the dance floor if marketed through proper channels and targeted demographics.

Rosenedge - Brickwall
Rosenedge - Brickwall
Rating: 4
Reviewed by Fabryka Music Magazine on .
"Brickwall" is based on simple, however non-intrusive beats that are laid out by Vaughn Pokrzywa. His playing is great since it allows the listener to focus on the guitar riffs as well as bass lines. Chunky riffs give the song a powerful rhythmic spin rather than soloing off into an oblivion of self-exposure.

Rusty Salvo - Rush Through Me [review]
Rusty Salvo - Rush Through Me
Rating: 4
Reviewed by Fabryka Music Magazine on .
Quinten's vocals are very good and bring out his individual character. He uses little distortion and effects in this song. This makes his voice sound protagonistic and rebellious, similar to the styles of Atari Teenage Riot as well as Prodigy. Thus, already having this slightly British vibe, it may be a good idea to gain the interest of the UK music market first before reaching out to American listeners.

[non-industrial] 13 Shadows - 13 Shadows
13 Shadows - 13 Shadows
Rating: 5
Reviewed by Fabryka Music Magazine on .
Everything on the record sounds absolutely professional, and the sound is definitely modern. The smart use of electronica does not diminish the organic vibe but covers the album’s soundscape with a strong nimbus of fantasy.

[non-industrial] 13 Shadows - Descend
13 Shadows - Descend
Rating: 5
Reviewed by Fabryka Music Magazine on .
The composition is quite flexible, mostly adjusted to the vocals which play a role as major as the piano in the song. Denise’s angelic, crystal clear and peaceful voice immediately attracts the listener’s attention and is definitely her secret weapon. If you like female vocalists who don't growl like Shamaya of Otep but rather bring a more traditional female element into music then you'll definitely love Denise's performance in this track.

[non-industrial] 13 Shadows - interview (2013)
Often I hear music in my dreams and when I wake up I'll try to record it as soon as I can before it's lost. I think that it can sometimes be a mistake to explain every song too much. Hopefully, people will listen to my songs, love them and allow them to have a meaning all their own.

[non-industrial] Alex Von Z - Drawn
Alex Von Z - Drawn
Rating: 4
Reviewed by Fabryka Music Magazine on .
"Drawn" carries with it a blues vibe, but also features songwriting ideas that are characteristic for both rock and pop genres. The arrangements are simple although very solid with a dreamy mid-tempo time signature that is supported by light rhythms. Not only are the choruses memorable, but the verses are very catchy as well.

[non-industrial] Alex Von Z - Life's Addiction
Alex Von Z - Life's Addiction Rating: 4 Reviewed by Fabryka Music Magazine on . The core arrangement of this track is repetitive and easy to listen to, but the layers create a composition with 'hit' potential. That being said, it may be a good idea if Alex looked up a suitable TV ad placement or some radio airplay opportunities for the track. His vocals keep up with punk or alt-rock styles and fill the arrangements tightly.

[non-industrial] Andrew Appletree & The Neptune Riders - 59 To The End
Andrew Appletree & The Neptune Riders - 59 To The End
Rating: 3
Reviewed by Fabryka Music Magazine on .
"59 To The End" lasts a bit over 3 minutes in duration. Thus, you can think of many ways to use it, aside from just listening. This track would be a great candidate to be utilized in a radio set-list, movie soundtrack or also (based on the lyrics) for the long awaited "end of the world" as we shift from one year to another if you believe in the recently reported apocalypse that supposed to happen on 12/21/2012 (according to the sources of the crazies).

[non-industrial] Arkayan - Scarecrow
Arkayan - Scarecrow
Reviewed by Google+ Music Reviews on .
There is unmistakable potential hidden in Jon Mazzardis' characteristic voice which can be compared to Scott Stapp (Creed) or Chad Kroeger (Nickelback), but he misses their accented "hoarseness" which is a plus in his favor. Jon proves he can sing in both low and high tones which add impact and clarity.
Rating: 5

[non-industrial] Artist Proof - New Day
Artist Proof – New Day
Rating: 4
Reviewed by Fabryka Music Magazine on .
The strong melody line in the song indicates that musicians have been inspired by the 70's & 80's music, with its characteristic traits present in songs by Freddie Mercury's Queen, Pink Floyd, David Bowie - but also Peter Murphy at times - due to their theatrical, ethereal and slightly dramatical expression. The arrangements were carefully chosen and sewn into the composition.
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