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[woodworking] Gemboxes with minerals and Galactic Esperanto calligraphy
Here is a collection of gemboxes I've made. I cleaned wood with a sandpaper several times then after each layer of acrylic paint. Each box is black, 8x10 cm size, varnished (gloss), with a silver (color) lock and a red felt inside. Every contains a different set of a mineral with a note written in a language I've made up and called it Galactic Esperanto (copyright!). It includes Sirian, Draconian, Latin, French, Polish, Czech, Russian and many other fictional and real languages mixed in. I made handwritten notes with a use of a Gothic calligraphy - black ink, ink pen, nothing is printed here! Occasionally, little symbols or secret text were added. Paper has edges burnt in a bonfire and when folded, fits into little envelopes I also made.

You can buy any of these if they're marked on this page as available, PayPal only. $30 USD plus shipping. I can ship anywhere (from Poland, EU) but the shipping cost may be high to non-European countries and also depends on the Polish Postal services pricing list and a currency exchange rates. Ask me how much it'll be to ship to you.
I'm not selling boxes, calligraphy notes or minerals separately. I don't agree to sell to shops or for any 2nd hand resale. I don't accept returns since all gemboxes are highly varnished and once (greasy) fingerprints are made, they may be difficult to remove, thus it'd be impossible to put a returned, used item for re-sale since its value would have to drop as well. I've made them with a great care for details, spent at least six days on completing a single gembox set and I literately handle them in white gloves therefore, I prefer shipping them to the final customer :)
Here's my email to make an order

Every mineral has its own vibration which helps the body deal better with individual imbalances and flow of life energy as found in chakras. We're made of vibration and resonate with minerals mined on Earth.
These gemboxes were made by a Fire Dragon, and a Draconian :)


AMETHYST CHEVRON (BRAZIL) - crown, 3rd eye chakras - channeling, intuition

ONYX (BRAZIL) - root and 3rd eye chakras - foreseeing, protection, grounding

RED JASPER (BRAZIL) - root chakra - grounding, activity, physical stimulation

GREEN AVENTURINE (BRAZIL) - heart and solar plexus chakras - encourages to make changes, life style refreshment, stuck energy release

SNOWFLAKE OBSIDIAN (MEXICO) - root chakra, protection, grounding - releases tense muscles, brings inner peace and patience

TIGER'S EYE (SOUTH AFRICA) - solar plexus - self-esteem, trusting the self, grounding, courage

CLEAR QUARTZ TWIN CRYSTAL (BRAZIL) - all chakras - energy flow correction, cleaning


QUARTZ WITH RUTILE AND HEMATITE (ROUGH) - crown, solar plexus chakras - focus, patience, inner integrity, attention


One TINY BOX WITH MANY MINERALS 6,80 x 5,90 cm size, your choice:
a) either loose tumbled stones (malachite, jade, black tourmaline, hematite, amazonite, ball's eye),
b) or a handmade chained beads (1 cm diameter), my own work, natural minerals, acrylic 'golden' endings. In any case, $12 for any of above options or $20 for all the stones and chained beads in one little box. I've made only one gembox like this!

See also: my collection of minerals: part 1 and part 2
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