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[Gemstones] My collection K-Z
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Kyanite - small 1 side polished - Madagascar, black - Brazil, blue - India

These are great for aligning subtle bodies if you get too distracted from yourself.

Kunzite - rough - Nigeria/Africa



Labradorite - rough/1 side polished & tumbled - Madagascar


Lapis lazuli - tumbled & rough - Afghanistan

I only have the rough lapis now, sold the tumbled one.

Larimar - tumbled - Dominican Republic, Caribbean

This larimar is a true verification that the Universe wanted me to have it, and that I'm already living on the New Earth where wishes (thoughts) materialize quickly! I was looking up a larimar several times but all of them were expensive, even little pieces due to a rare location as they're mined in Dominican Republic only. Then I was guided to one of on-line stores on my gem list where I've noticed all of their larimar stones were like $10-11 but one was... $1, of the same size and beauty. This meant, the store made a price typo. I couldn't hesitate any longer and they didn't resist to sell it eventhough I expected a trouble ;)
Larimar is said to be connected to the lost land of Atlantis but I feel no special connection to that place/dimension. However, the stone has a color and patterns of a undeniable, memorable beauty.

Larvikite - tumbled - Norway


Lepidolite - rough - Brazil



Magnesite - rough - Brazil


Magnetite - crystal - USA


Malachite - rough - Kongo/Africa


Iron meteorite - rough - Campo del Cielo


Morganite - rough - Nigeria/Africa


Moon stone - tumbled - ?


Muscovite - rough - Poland



Nephrite (on the left) - tumbled - Brazil

Nephrite compared with jade.

Nuummite - tumbled - Greenland

One of the oldest stones here on Earth which is said to be formed over 3 bln years ago. I love its dynamical, groovy vibration which is related to a fiery twister. Not sure if it works with everybody, but we've become friends right away as I'm a Fire Dragon. Nuummite wants you to enjoy the physical life, to dance, to move, to transmute energy through the body.



Apache tears - rough - USA

These are naturally rounded, and are also excellent fear and worry removals. If you have one, don't forget to shine some flashlight at the bottom side of your obsidian to look through it - it's a translucent and brownish volcanic glass.

snowflake - tumbled - perhaps US


Silver sheen - rough - Armenia


Olivine - rough - Brazil

Olivines are quite popular in minerals yet quite expensive too. You will find them in volcanic bombs as well as in meteorites called pallasites (polished slices are the most sought by collectors worldwide).

Onyx black - tumbled - Brazil

Onyx is a variety of agate (chalcedony) and it captures attention at once, especially if you love a deep, shiny black color, though they can appear also in other colors, dyed and naturally banded. I've read a lot about metaphysical attributes of the black onyx and some, such as protection and onyx' influence on the lower chakras are unquestionable. However, there's more related to the upper chakras too. Onyx is a 'Saturnian' stone and depending on your galactic connections, may offer more opportunities than you suspect. It's enough to massage your 3rd eye then leave the stone there for a few minutes there, making yourself calm and quiet, working best especially before falling asleep. Onyx allows for getting deep into the time-space, astral travelling and navigating timelines. It helps connecting two or more divine/angelic individuals who have met in this lifetime, and have the same vibration. The same applies to re-connecting with your galactic tribe, whether they are Pleiadians, Draconians, Orionis, Sirians or any other, you know who you are ;) Finally, I've a sensation that the black onyx is a Watcher, a black eye, who tracks your every move and is ready to react whenever you need it, and fast!


dendrite - yellow tumbled - Czech, white rough - Turkey


Andean (pink) - rough - Peru

Opal doesn't create any crystalline form. Its vibration is usualy direct, focused on a specific chakra in the body, depending on your personal energy flow, and blockages. Vibration of both opals I own concentrate on the solar plexus and issues related to this chakra, mostly metabolical such as improving digestion, increasing appetite etc.

orange - rough - Namibia, Africa


yellow - rough - Tanzania



Petrified wood - polished - location?


Pietersite - tumbled - Africa


Potassium salt/Sylvinite - rough - Poland


Prehnite - tumbled - Africa


Purpurite - rough - Africa

Purpurite is much more interesting thanks to their look rather than any influencial vibration, but it's my personal opinion. I have had that stone for more than a few months and still haven't made any meaningful connection with its vibration, similarily to that of galaxite.

Pyrite - rough - Peru



Quartz crystal - rough - Brazil

The 2nd picture shows a rarity - a crystal which grew around the other so its top is inside. I bought it cheaply because the seller didn't notice it was in his stock, otherwise he said he would have sold it as a rare crystal ;)

Quartz smoky/morion - rough - Ukraine


Quartz pink (merkaba-shaped and tumbled, location unknown) and rough from Brazil


Quartz strawberry with hematite - rough - Tanzania


Quartz with rutile and hematite - rough - Brazil

This is my best friend if I want to research and study. It makes the brain collect and process information without rushing. Hematite makes the energy grounded as well.

Quartz with black tourmaline - rough - Brazil



Rhodonite - tumbled - Russia


Ruby - crystal - Tanzania

Ruby is a red variety of corundum, one of thw hardest minerals on Earth. Sapphire is its blue variety. When I bought this one online, I was more about the price and size than the actual look but when I got it, I've noticed there are triangles on its surface, which was not visible in the shop's photo. I then learnt that these triangles are called 'record keepers' which have many uses. My first impression with the ruby was that it was dead. I mean we needed several days to finally get together well and so I could hold it and say that I feel its vibration. Then it reflected these attributes which I've had since I was a galactic being, a Draconian. Ruby read in my like in an open book and it felt very supportive to what it found out about me ;) So whether it was Akashic records reading or reading from my actual aura, ruby is a stone which brings back your true identity, that of who you always have been, not that little human whom you were squeezed into.


Salt - rough - Poland


Selenite (gypsum) Fibrous gypsum?


Seftonite - tumbled - Africa

African bloodstone.

Septarian - tumbled - Madagascar, and 1 side polished nodule from Morocco

They are very old stones, mined in Madagascar, and southern Utah, created around 50 to 70 million years ago due to volcanic eruptions which basically killed sea life which then sedimented, thus the septarian is partly of the organic nature. They grow in geodes and are multi-purpose stones in terms of their healing properties. There are two types of septarian stone you can find - with yellow calcite, brown aragonite and grey limestone inclusions and the other is dark with white octopus-like arms inside. The former is usually sold tumbled (balls, eggs, 'soaps') or as nodules - tumbled outside and rough inside to show its sparkling core. The latter (mostly found in Morocco) is cut in half and sold either together as 2 halves of a geode or seperately with the inner side polished to show eye-catching patterns.
The yellow/grey septarian is a great balancer for both the mind and body, thoughts, reactions and emotions, a flow of energy in the upper and lower parts of the body. If you feel fixated over something and need to detach for your own sanity, hold a septarian. It opens the crown chakra channels to let higher vibrational beings connect with you and 'repair' your malfunctioning mind energy. It makes the lips speak only positive messages. It seals leaks (felt as anxiety) and distributes evenly an excess of energy to exploited meridians and chakras. Septarian is a love stone too, recommended to those folks who were hurt and had become too defensive, also past life warriors, knights, soldiers, who had to hide their empathy and feelings behind a shield etc. Septarian softens blockages, removes unnecessary suspictions, unlocks said 'armor' and specifically lets receive from any source of love - a partner, the Universe, Gaia etc.
It's also great for healing cramps, soft grounding, opening and easing the root chakra tension, balancing yin/yang energies in the body, clearing the mind, and gently rising vibration to make one feel good with the self. Thus it makes it a good stone for self-love, but also concentration, studying and having an appreciation for the true art. Finally, the septarian feels like a sacred stone of wisdom to respect because it brings answers from your higher mind, if you ask them. It's called a 'dragon stone' but considering a dragon attribute had been overused for all kinds of marketing related activity, you'll find many other 'dragon' stones out there too.

Serpentine - rough - Brazil


Serpentinite - rough - Peru

This stone carries quite a sexual energy but it works slowly too.

Shattuckite - rough - Madagascar

When I first took this stone into my hand, I suddently received a picture in my 3rd eye. It showed a blurry image of.... ETs with big black eyes, so called Greys. I liked the blue color so I bought it and got home. Then I studied and it turned out that the stone is indeed assigned to... communication with aliens!

Shiva lingam - tumbled - black and regular - India


Shungite - rough - Russia


Sodalite - tumbled & rough - Brazil

Rough sodalite looks much darker than dry. They are very responsive stones, amazing for time travelling, jumping through timelines, contacting with beings from other dimensions, and astral travelling overall. Therefore, working with a sodalite should be accompanied by holding a grounding and protective stones such as tourmaline, jasper kambaba or black onyx since unwanted energies can glue to you while leaving the 3D reality.

Sphalerite - 1 side polished - Poland


Stilbite - rough - India

Extremelly soothing, calming, both the mind, body and soul.

Stilbite with apophyllite (zeolite) - rough - India


Stromatolite - tumbled - Bolivia


Sun stone rough - Brazil

Very heavy, stubborn, doesn't want to give its vibration easily.


Tanzanite - rough - Tanzania



Thailandite rough - Thailand


Moldavite - rough - Czech

Moldavite has a 'sucking effect' on our vibrational field. At least it was my first impression when I first touched it. It pushes all bottom energy up.

Tiger's eye - tumbled - Africa


Titanomagnetite with ilmenite - rough - Poland

It's a stone which will be liked by everybody with masculine energy because it's brings a feel of an armor or weapon. Its chemical composition includes titanium, iron and oxygent, a true nature's warrior :) Very grounding, just as much as hematite.

Topaz - a yellow polished slice from Brazil, and rough sherry topaz from US


Tourmaline - rough black and red (rubelite) - Africa & Brazil respectively

Tourmaline is a number one stone if you need to ground strongly. It balances energy in the body and pulls it down with connection to Gaia and brings focus on the mind. Wearing or using tourmaline too often may make you feel little active therefore it's good to clean it from time to time and recharge in the direct sunshine for a few minutes. Tourmaline doesn't store the excess of energy but transmutes it. Spiritual people and empaths who soak energies like a sponge become prone to carry and store too much of others' energies which is obviously unhealthy as they/we loose the self-integrity. Other grounding stones are those usually heavy too, like an ilmenite, jasper kambaba, or dolomite.

Turquoise - rough - China



Vanadite on barite - rough - Morocco

This is one more beauty from Morocco and a stone of a strong vibration too, just like a septarian nodule.


Zoisite - rough - Tanzania

Zoisite is often found with inclusions of ruby. Its vibration is fast working and cheerful.

Zircon - red, rough - Tanzania

Red zircon attracts a lot, yet it's radioactive as it contains uranium and thorium. I mean, a little tumbled/polished beauty won't kill you (just don't digest it), but if you could live as long as 250k years, you would see it fall apart after that time ;) Zircon is a memory stone, just as ruby, but for different reasons. Zircon can survive geologic processes (erosion, transport, high-grade metamorphism), thus they contain a rich and varied record of geological processes and are used for radiometric dating. Zircons were mentioned in the Bible, named as hyacinth and jacinth. They have a super vibrant energy, almost like agate-carneol but more direct.

I also make jewelery of gemstone beads. These however are often faked by producers to save on a mineral use, they can be heated, mixed with some other substance, so buy these only when you already know what a gemstone of a kind should look like. Fake gem beads are often found amongst: charoite, sugilite, sapphire, ruby, topaz, citrine, clear quartz, sodalite, lapiz lazuli, or kyanite. Thus I made a 'gemsary' (I made up this name, copyright!) including most of available and reliable gemstone beads, where brighter, uplifting stones are on the left side (feminine) and darker, more grounding on the right side since my personal energy is more of a masculine type, control issues need to be grounded ;] Obviously, the gemsary can be worn side-flipped too.

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