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[Gemstones] My collection A-J

Hematite - rough - ?

Hematite is a gift from the nature - it's an iron ore (iron oxide). Not only does it ground the energy in the body but also improves the blood circulation (lowers high and rises low blood pressure) and cleans blood from anything what shouldn't be there for the best flow. It helps breathing, relaxes muscles, opens the root chakra, soothes the 3rd eye's 'channeling' activity then allows the brain for clear thinking, and even improves own's self-esteem. No wonder it's such a popular stone all over the world (lots of jewellery is made with a use of hematite beads) but also rough hematite can also look beautiful (like my piece!). If you try to draw a line with hematite, it should leave a reddish streak, this way you know you have gotten a non-synthetic mineral. Because it contains iron, it should be kept away from water. Hematite doesn't need to be discharged unlike most of other minerals and gems, what's more it re-charges other minerals when put next to them. Hematite likes sunshine however. Some specimens can contain magnetite and thus they can attract a magnet.
Hematite can be found in a tiger eye and also appears with jasper (so called mugglestone, tiger iron or professionally, a banded iron formation - BIF). A special variety/formation of hematite is called a 'kidney ore' (Polish name is probably more fitting based on the formation's look - 'glass heads') which has bubble-like surface. Finally, hematite is abundant but not exclusive to Earth. It was found also in samples taken from Mars thus our neighbour is called the Red Planet.

Hawk's eye - tumbled - Africa

Hawk's eye often appears with a tiger's eye. It's easily recognizable thanks to its blue fibers which look best when polished. Hawk's eye opens and stabilizes the solar plexus and root chakras, which is obviously helpful for the digestive system.

Herkimer diamond - rough - Morocco

It's not actually a diamond but a variety of quartz. It's 'diamond' reference comes from the fact the crystals are double terminated. The original gems come from Herkimer County, NY, US where they were first discovered in large quantities. Similar crystals are mined in Morocco.

Hiddenite - rough - Afghanistan

Hiddenite (on the left) is a green variety of spodumen (kunzite is pink). Its clear, high vibration soothes a tired, stressed out heart and allows a person to see and accept one's personal worth.

Howlite - tumbled - USA

Howlite removes anger, this is an unquestionable fact. If you feel enraged, hold a piece of howlite for a moment and it'll bring yourself back to you, detaching from the energy which made you imbalanced. Because the stone is white, it brings a sense of purity and isolation, for a good reason.


Indigo gabbro - rough - Madagascar

Indigo gabbro in water (with purpurite):

Indigo gabbro's vibration remains a mystery to me. Once it feels 'heavy', 'tired', the other day it gives no energy. It's like living in a constant self-protective mode, behind an invisible wall. I love how it looks in water however, when its violet parts visually soften and 'golden' inclusions start shining better on the dark background. Gabbro contains chromium, nickel, cobalt, gold, silver, platinum, and copper sulfides. Yet it's a common rock which forms when molten magma is trapped beneath the Earth's surface. The trick is that it rather doesn't come with violet parts on regular basis and thus the indigo gabbro it's quite exclusive to Madagascar. There are people who claim how strongly the stone made their fingers feel upon touching it but it might be well that nickel inclusion which some people's skin is allergic to.

Iolite - tumbled - Madagascar

Iolite quickly opens the crown & star chakras to let the Universe deliver its messages. It feels as if equalizing channels to send and receive info in spirit. It calms that above the head 'radar' (related to the crown & 3rd eye chakras) most of empaths have which lets us channel energy around. It is useful in meditations and dreaming as it detaches the mind from here and now, allowing the soul for an astral travel.


Jade (on the right) - tumbled - China



Jasper brecciated - pink & red - tumbled - Brazil

Brecciated jaspers are very high energy stones since they're a mix of many. They also offer amazing patterns.

Jasper brecciated - rough - Brazil

Wet stone in the picture. I couldn't have noticed this jasper in a shop thanks to its shades of red which also come with many details laid on the surface.

More jaspers!:

Jasper brecciated pink with pyrite - tumbled - Mexico

I couldn't have noticed this jasper at an online store however, initially, I meant to buy it as a content for one of wooden gemboxes I make. When I finally had a close look at it when it arrived, I instantly felt a heart connection - the jasper was screaming to me - 'You're not selling me to anybody! I'm such a beauty! I'm one and only, so I must stay with you!' And so I've kept it. It's a truly majestic piece of nature's abstract art, yet the addition of pyrite dots makes it complete.

Jasper leopard skin - tumbled - Mexico


Jasper pink, brecciated - tumbled - probably Brazil


Jasper unakite - rough - Africa

Unakite's colors and patterns make it one of the most recognizable minerals, especially tumbled stones are often used in jewellery making. It's thanks to their orange/pinkish and green colors which make a harmonious contrast together, like orange flowers growing in grass.

Jasper rhyolite orbicular - rough - Mexico

I got it thanks to a seller's mistake and I kept it since they said that maybe it wasn't such a wrong pick, and in fact the stone desired to go to me. So far I haven't found a use for it however, yet maybe somebody can tumble it for me one day.

Jasper picture - tumbled - ?

Nature can paint and it's obvious when you have a look at these jaspers. They offer ready-made paintings, usually showing landscapes (fields, hills, waves, trees etc) or aerial views as if you looked down from a plane.

Jasper yellow - tumbled - Brazil


Jasper with hematite - tumbled - ?


Jasper kambaba - tumbled from Mexico, and the rough from Madagascar

These are said to include billion years old algae. I'd happily spare an entire shelf for kambabas only, both polished and rough! Each is different, and their deep green eyes give them a feel of a jungle shaman. In fact, this stone smartly scans your aura and chakras, then seals leaks. One of the best grounding stones aside of tourmaline and one which connects us with the nature on a very deep level. You can underline some rough stones' color if you wet them with water. It also applies to jasper kambaba which 'eyes' will get very dark & spooky, until the stone dries.

Jasper Dragon's Blood - tumbled - Africa

So called Dragon's Blood is a mix of green epidote and red jasper. It's a perfect stone for a bloated belly, and any other digestive imbalance, and is a fast working stone too.

Jasper red tumbled & rough - Brazil

If you wish to make a starter gem collection, jaspers will do. There are many varieties of this chalcedony & quartz mix, offering stable, fast working energies supported by beautiful patterns & colors.
Red jasper is very attractive thanks to its rich red color, obviously benefiting when the stone is polished/tumbled. Yet I find rough red jaspers' vibration stronger.

Jasper mookaite - rough and tumbled - Australia

Mookaite can be mostly found in Australia (but also in US), but it strangely hasn't become as expensive as rare location stones kind of moldavites or charoites. It should have been the Aboriginal 'gold' sold exclusively by outback communities! It's a self-centering stone which brings your energies back to you, gives protection, a focus on the physical body, strength, living in the present moment, warming the heart too. It also connects & stabilizes vibration of the heart, solar plexus and root chakras for a greater inner balance. I absolutely adore these but get a polished one if you need a Reiki massage, because rough jaspers come with very sharp edges.

Jasper polichrome - tumbled - Madagascar


Jasper chita - tumbled - location?


Jasper guinea fowl - tumbled - ?


Jasper dalmatian - tumbled - ?


Jed (gagate) - tumbled - China

Jet (also called gagate in some counties) is an organic fossil, a precursor to coal. It is very light and easy to break, thus it often gets tumbled to preserve it as a gemstone. Tumbling gives the jet a bit purple/brownish luster, similiar to that of polished shungite. The tumbled surface may also have imperfections. Pieces of tumbled jet are also very light which makes them different to heavier agates dyed black then sold as onyx.

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