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[Gemstones] My collection A-J
My minerals, gemstones, meteorites and crystals - the list:


Agate - slice - Brazil, rough from Mali

There's quite a number of natural agates you can get. They are mostly dyed with various colors (one tone and many; usually blue, green, red, pink, purple) to underline layers or crystallization within. Agates are strong personal energy protectors but I can only feel their protective powers when there's an enemy thinking or plotting negatively against me, and the agate acts like a shield. Other than that the stone remains silent.
The rough agate from Mali is what I couldn't resist when I first saw it online. It was screaming to me - 'Buy me!! I'm so artistic!' It's almost like some stones out there were mined, purchased by sellers, sent to my country, then presented to me for the affordable price when the right time came so I could make the best use of their energy ;)

Fossil agate ('turritella') (left) - tumbled - USA

'Turritella' gemstone it's a common name of a rock (usually chalcedony - these are best for tumbling) which includes shells of Elimia tenera - a tiny snail who lived in lakes in Eocene epoch. In fact, the name is misleading since they're not shells of Turritella species which looks a bit similar. This stone has mostly a decorative use since thanks to trimmed and polished shells it looks like a composite photography or a painting. However, spiritual specialists say that this stone & specimen within are good for grounding your energy, increasing survival skills, and anything related to the 1st - root chakra in the human body. It can also let you navigate past timelines, contact your past selves, heal your past lives traumas, collect knowledge related to archaic times, and heal bones in the body etc.

Crazy lace or lagoon agate - rough - Mexico

I was sold this one as a 'brain agate', I have found many other names in a reference to a stone with such an artistic look and layers within, however it feels more like a rough jasper rather than agate to me. It's not heavy, but it's easy to break apart when it falls. It has an energy of detachment, aligning the crown/3rd eye with the solar plexus and root chakras, cooling and connecting the higher mind with the physical body. Lace agate also influences the heart chakra to open and receive anything positive driven by passion. Finally laces can be perceived as subtle bodies around the human which are parts of a whole for either shielding, or boxing and blocking.

Botswana agate - tumbled - Africa

These agates mined in Africa do not need dyeing since, when polished/tumbled, they come with pretty color tones, sometime circles and always very distinctive strips which often can be seen deep through the stone's transparent, gloss surface. Botswana agates give a feel of 'expansion', 'enhancement' from a source spreading up and above, letting see a bigger picture which is built of other layers/pieces, also getting a perspective and further understanding of an issue. It's connected with a consciousness growth, development, ambition, then liberation, freeing oneself out of something which is on a lower level, when one goes though all these 'layers', or skipps them in his/her life. It aligns well with the concepts of I AM (many versions of you who exist in different times and universes are connected to, and directed by the most developed, timeless, and primal 'original' who makes the Path for all versions, and glues them together into Oneness), reincarnation, or Ascension. As an agate, it has protective, grounding attributes too and it's also a slowly working mineral in terms of vibration.

Moss agate - tumbled - India, rough China

The green part which looks like moss in the chalcedony is not organic. They are green mineral inclusions of chlorite, hornblende and/or black parts of iron/manganese oxides. I like it for its artistic look. The stone however doesn't offer me any special vibrations yet, maybe because I've been a gardener for over 30 yrs now and I'm in tune with the nature on daily basis.

Carnelian agate - tumbled - Brazil

Carnelian is a orange-red chalcedony (agate) so you can also find it under names such as agate carnelian or just the carnelian. The latter has a 'meaty' look. As much as tourmaline, the carnelian belongs to fast-working minerals, it's enough that you touch it to feel how its energy flows through your body. Its an ancient and famous healer as much as said tourmaline, and also malachite, nephrite, calcites and jaspers. Carnelian may rise blood pressure so it's a great stone for all those who can't get up from bed in the morning. It makes wonders if your digestion slows down, just hold in in a hand or put next to you for an hour. It also stimulates creativity, courage, action, reaction, anything physical, and is also said to help sexuality, as much as garnet. Its energy lets you focus on yourself rather than sharing it with others. Last, but not least, if you like keeping gems under your pillow, don't put carnelian there. It simply won't let you fall asleep at all, making your brain & senses alerted!

Amethyst - rough/druze - many pcs - location of the one in picture unknown, but others were mined in Szklarska Poręba, Poland. Others are from Brazil and Africa. Chakras - 3rd eye, crown.

When I was around 13 y.o., we drove with my parents to Szklarska Poręba in western Poland which is located in a mountain area rich in valuable minerals. We had a guide who led the entire group of folks to some place in a forest, as far as I remember, and he said: 'Dig here'. I was so greedy to find and take as many as I could that when I put them into my jacket pockets, zippers tore off of a textile! ;] I've always had chakras mentioned above opened and I am channeling strongly so amethysts don't influence me. Yet I can tell its energy strongly focuses, even pressures in the crown chakra and makes a connection with the heart chakra too. It helps envision a bigger picture of something you can't see. For example, I have an impression that a piece of amethyst lets me 'see' the entire geode it was disconnected from even when I've never seen it.

Amazonite - rough - Madagascar

Amazonite is called after the Amazon river due to its green color associated with a jungle. Varieties mined in Russia are equally 'dotted' with green and whitish patterns, while those from Madagascar (and not limited to) tend to be more green. Polished amazonite shows white-silvery strips. This stone is very helpful if you're dealing with anger. Amazonite helps detach the brain from responding and reacting. It also gives a feel of freshness, new ideas, innocence. Amazonite triggers the heart and crown chakras, and also balances subtle bodies.

Amber - rough - Sumatra

Ambers are given a lot of healing attributes to begin with clearing electromagnetic pollution from the body of a wearer. Whether true or not, a piece of amber can actually produce static electricity when rubbed. Therefore I'm not a fan of it as I've too many electric charges in my energy field so it actually feels like it's giving me even more rather than releasing them when touched.
Amber is easily flammable so don't heat it over the candle fire.

Angelite - tumbled & rough - both Peru

For a long time I couldn't decide if I needed this one, specifically due to their rather high pricing. Anything sold as 'dragon's' or 'angelic's' seems to be a marketing hook which I avoid, but since I'm both an angel (seraph) and a dragon then I finally got a tumbled angelite (anhydrite). At first it does nothing, dumb. Some gemstones need more time to interlace with our vibration that's why I was aware and I let its energy work on its own. Then a day after the purchase I was reading something in the Internet, and I spontaneously held the angelite and aquamarine in the same hand (left, female) and then it came - an overwhelming BLISS! It started flowing (or covering me like a layer) into my skull, face, cheeks and arms causing such an incredible feel of peace and serenity. It hasn't happened again since then but perhaps angelite may be such a one time gem to correct energy wiring in one of our subtle bodies or it let the Universe's energy flow into my body through the crown chakra. This experience happened during one of those days with 5D energy in the air so the angelite obviously helped it root into me.

Anthophyllite - tumbled - Russia

This beauty comes from Kola Peninsula and is a mix of many minerals. Anthophyllite has inclusions of red garnet, labradorite, and also hawk's and tiger's eyes sometime. Tumbled/polished stones are comparable with astrophyllite and nuummite thanks to their shiny, blue, green, and/or yellow strips. It's overall vibration is very high, often bringing pressure into the skull that's why I make sure to keep it away from the bed, otherwise it could keep me awake. Anthophyllite has inclusions of asbestos, don't make drinks with it and wash hands after using rough pieces.

Apatite - rough - blue Madagascar, green Tanzania

There are many 'blue stones' but this blue variety of fluorapatite belongs to those most beautiful, to me. On the other hand, its vibration feels very low and I haven't found a healing use for this one yet, unlike jaspers or iolite.
Green apatite's vibration feels much more direct and it works with all chakras, however. It first opens the root and grounds it well with the earth chakra which is below feet. It's also felt in the eyes, lips and, to a lesser degree, the solar plexus. The stone says 'I want you to feel good, you're abundant, relax'. Its color as much as vibration is very similar to that of green aventurine thus I'm going to test it with a gardening business.

Aquamarine - rough & tumbled - Brazil

Aquamarine belongs to the beryl family (as much as ie. emerald) - precious and expensive gems. It has quite strong energy and works mostly for the head-related chakras - the throat, 3rd eye and crown. What they report about this mineral all over the Internet is true - it does help with releasing fluid retention and aligning subtle bodies. Its energy is soothing, dreamy, peaceful thus I find it one of the best stones to keep under a pillow at night. It relaxes and opens the 3rd eye to let you receive and project. Aquamarine helps detach from the material 3D reality. It also influences the heart chakra, opening it for a higher kind of love, self-love and acceptance. It teaches to see and understand a natural beauty everywhere.

Aragonite - rough - Pakistan

Aragonite is offered for sale in forms of clusters, rough and tumbled pieces. Clusters draw attention as they reach their 'arms' or 'antennas' if you will, in every direction. Rough pieces offer a nice shine. Tumbled are best for the body massage and jewellery. Aragonite belongs to grounding stones which connect our Earth star chakra (below feet) to Gaia. It prevents from energy scattering and lets focus on living in own body rather than 'hanging' above it (which is typical for all sensitive, angelic humans) - it reconnects the soul/spirit with the body. It's a here and now stone which opens the heart, 3rd eye and crown chakras to let them receive good energies from the Universe. It's a calming and protective stone too.

Astrophyllite - tumbled - Russia

I was on a lookout for this stone for a while and whatever I found was just too expensive (belongs to rare minerals mined only in a few locations on Earth like Norway, Canada or Russia). I finally bought a small tumbled piece at a gem show as sellers often drop prices for such events. The strange thing happens to an astrophyllite when it's polished - it gets really dark blue while strips are shiny blue and noticeable as much as in case of larvikites, labradorites or nuumites - rotate the gem until they shine ;). A rough piece of the stone looks very different - there are dark red and dark green strips on a brighter rock which obviously also looks beautiful thus it's worth of having both tumbled and rough pieces in a minerals collection.
Vibrationally, it resonates with the heart chakra, the back of the skull, connects them with the solar and root chakras, opens the root and distributes energy from the top to the bottom, equalizing vibration in all chakras. It relaxes tension in the shoulders, expands the aura, strengthens subtle bodies, and distracts the mind from ordinary 3D things. I find its vibration similar to that of galaxite.

Aventurine - green rough & orange tumbled both from Brazil

Aventurine is a very popular mineral and belongs to a group of little expensive too. There are darker and lighter green varieties, I've picked up the greener one. You can also find aventurines of many colors on gem markets, so a collection can get a boost, as much as in case of grouping calcites, jaspers or obsidians. Yet its vibration doesn't really touch me, perhaps because I've the heart chakra open wide and a green aventurine should just do that - remove the heart chakra blockages, give courage and boost expression. Yet I've found a different use for my aventurine. Some gem specialists recommend getting a citrine if you need money, success, abundance and basically, to unblock your income. In my case, the citrine does little to me but once I asked the green aventurine to help me sell several things on classifieds, there was a sudden rise of interest in my items. This stone lets one move on, break from anything conservative, useless, exploited, traditional, then encourages to make a change in any area of one's life according to one's heart's desires.
Aside of the most popular, cheapest green aventurines, you can also spot orange, red or even white types. Red and orange colors are said to stimulate energy of the root and sacral chakras and that's how I feel my tumbled orange aventurine, motivating me to 'do something!' :)

Azurite with malachite - rough - both Morocco



Barite with marcasite rough - Poland

Barite has a calming vibration while markasite as much as pyrite grounds an excess of 'free-flying' energy in the body. This piece of barite with markasite gives a strong feeling of patience, slowing down and doing (or making if you are an artist) things solidly so they could last. It's a grounding stone which closes chakras polluted with electromagnetic frequencies, and removes it from the body, which is especially felt in the heart, lungs, and the brain. It brings a calming feel of 'all is well' to the brain specifically, so it would stop attaching to unresolved issues. Barite with markasite draws attention to art, original beauty and individuality. It also opens the 3rd eye chakra once all is cleaned and grounded in the body.

Bloodstone tumbled & rough - Brazil

Bloodstone is the name mostly used in English-speaking countries, though the same mineral is called heliotrope in Europe. It's a dark green chalcedony which has very sharp edges (very easy to cut the skin!) but it's good for polishing too. I've two types and I think the tumbled one, even if smaller in size feels stronger in terms of energy. Red strips (or dots - inclusions of iron oxide) look like a splattered blood, thus the name. It belongs to the big chalcedony family (along with agate, aventurine, carnelian, chrysoprase and onyx). Judging by its vibration, the bloodstone is a fast working mineral to balance your blood pressure & circlulation, open lungs, thus basically make you feel good in the physical sense. It makes a perfect sense to buy a tumbled, soap-like, flat stone which is good for the body massage.

Brazilianite rough - Brazil

It's a yellow-green to pale yellow phosphate mineral found in Brazil (Minas Gerais), hence the name, though it was also found in other countries such as Africa, Australia, China or even in France. The interesting part is that different elements are present in the mineral such as P, Al, Fe, Mn, Ba, Sr, Ca, Mg, Na, K, F, and Cl. It belongs to a group of newly discovered minerals dated for 1944.

Bronzite - tumbled - Africa

This is a beautiful mineral (a variety of enstatite) which is used by jewelery makers very often. It matches gold or golden metals thanks to its brown, golden and yellowish shiny parts. It's chosen by people who like peace and harmony. It has a calming, harmonius vibration of 'I am safe' to let you re-collect your scattered energy, ground better and see a bigger picture of what you're dealing with. Its brown color connects us to Gaia, and is a remedy for the lower body chakras which can ocassssionaly block digestion when imbalanced. Bronzite brings a feel of self-respect, improving own self-esteem - 'I am worthy'. Its vibration can be felt in the crown chakra, the nose/3rd eye area, and the solar plexus.

Bull's Eye - tumbled - Africa

There are at least 4 minerals marked with an 'eye' word but 3 of these include shiny fibres of Crocidolite (a type of asbestos). Bull's eye is the darker brown type, almost reddish with dark brown/black strips and is usually a heated tiger's eye sold on gem markets. Tiger's eye has a lighter brown-yellowish tones (see on 'T' page). Hawk's eye is a blue-brown one. Eagle eye has a silvery-blue sheen. Finally, a Cat's eye is a completely different kind and it used to describe a gemstone polished in a form of a caboshon to have a shiny strip on its rounded, elevated side.
Bull's eye vibration is the same as that of the tiger's (soothing, calming, 'I am enough and I have enough' type), but because it's darker, it brings a feel of opening the root and calming down the crown chakra too.


Calcite - rough - Mexico
Left to right: Brown calcite, Red calcite, Fire calcite, Green calcite, Light blue calcite, Sapphire calcite, Yellow calcite

There's usually quite a selection of calcites available on gem markets such as red calcite, brown, blue, green, yellow, orange, orchid, fire etc. Interestingly, most of them fit in the exact colors traditionally assigned to energy chakras :) These offer a variety of healing properties linked to said energy centers, but a common attribute of all is is that they stimulate the mind regardless the mineral's natural color. Thus, orange and red calcites are great to ground and balance root, solar and sacral chakras; yellow increase's the brain's analytical skills to use that what the brain had been taught and stored so far, while brown re-aligns and activates both upper and lower chakras. Blue is an amazing choice if you want to feel calmness in your entire body, mind and soul, yet it makes an amazing helper for astral travelling, and works really fast! Example. I once felt really sleepy so I laid down and decided to put the blue calcite on my forehead/3rd eye. Soon, I started jumping between many timelines of my long forgotten past (this lifetime), literary experiencing everything just as I did back then, say in my teenage years. I was seeing unknown to me locations too. Finally, green calcite calms down the root chakra related to survival & tension, activates the 3rd eye, and rises vibration in the body from the root up towards the hear chakra. Calcites belong to a group of non-expensive gems therefore, they're make for a great starter kit for any new collector who wants to try sensing a vibration of minerals, aside of just owning a few nice gems to look at.

Calcite - Icelandic spat - rough - Brazil


Celestine - rough & geode - both Madagascar

Celestine is a heavy mineral and it grows in geodes just like amethysts and agates, but is much more expensive. Celestine works mainly with the upper chakras, rising vibration in the body, not to make you anxious but release your body from heavy attachments, high density of the 3D universe. Its energy works from up (star, crown, 3rd eye, mouth/jaw, heart chakras) then downwards the body (solar plexus, sacral, root, earth chakras), opening, aligning chakras and distributing higher vibration down. It makes a connection with higher realms, energies, beings of higher vibration, and the Universe overall. Celestine asks you for doing good things only, to detach from anything negative & ego - judgment, gossip, greed, negative thinking etc. Its energy is pure, happy, uplifting, refined, subtle, and directly concentrated around the crown and 3rd eye chakras.

Chalcedony - blue - tumbled - location?


Chalcopyrite - rough - Mexico

This is one of my favourite minerals and one of the most powerful and fastest resonating too. It's also called bornite, and peacock's ore. You don't want it tumbled ;) The mineral is instantly recognizable: it's quite heavy, and it has iridescent blue, violet or red inclusions however its original color is golden-yellow. Additional 3 colors appear thanks to tarnishing (discoloring when placed in certain environments).
Chalcopyrite is a perfect gem to ground both your physical and spiritual energies, but it works very slowly and may need a few hours to bloom. It works like a scanner to 'see through' your vibration then decrease or increase it in chakras which are imbalanced, starting from your crown chakra, then working down the body. It's a very magical, shamanic stone which lest you tune in with elementals such as fairies, dragons, gnomes, sylphes, etc. and also have a taste of secret, underground treasures, or the dimension of Avalon overall. Chalcopyrite makes an impression as if it demands to be respected for all ancient wisdom and power it holds within. It boost creativity and materializes it by encouraging an artist to take action.

Chrysophrase - rough - Szklary, Poland

Chrysoprase is a pride of Poland since the country doesn't really have any stunningly looking & colorful minerals aside of this, amethysts and sphalerite. This piece was mined in Szklary, Poland which is the most common area where you can find them.

Chromodiopside - tumbled - Russia

This is a beautiful, and slowly working gem. They're quite expensive if you're looking for a clear, polished piece, but you can also get cheaper, less attractive 'rocky' chunks. Its green color may suggest it works with the heart chakra but since it's translucent like a crystal, it can also influence upper chakras. I've had it for a few months now and honestly, not even once I felt its vibration, perhaps because my heart chakra has no issues ;)

Chrysocola - rough - the big chunk is from Peru, and small from Africa.

I find the blue chrysocola one of the most soothing, calming, mind-detaching minerals in my collection. I'd even call it a 5D energy stone as it works just that, giving you a feel of 'all is well' to pull you away of all that 3D's survival worry. Chrysocola's vibration makes you accept your individuality, run away from the collective, from the hive mind, stiff rules and regulations. If you're a loner either by choice or events in your life, a chrysocola stone tells you to enjoy your loneliness, and that it's your strenght within. It tells you that you are beautiful, you are enough, and you have enough. The stone wants you to be yourself, to ignore others' judgment. It also inspires fantasy, imagination and thus, brings quite 'technical', complex, somewhat irritating, illogical dreams when put under a pillow. Chrysocola reflects energy of a place where it was mined, so if you follow its 'memory' (knowing where your stone was mined), you may feel a specific environment of ie. Peru, or Africa then travel astrally to such places. It's a fast working mineral but its energy seems to be concentrating mostly on bottom chakras, relaxing muscle tension, helping digestion and soothing period's cramps. Since it's blue, it effects what, and how we express ourselves verbally.

Citrine - tumbled & rough - Brazil

Citrine makes me puzzled. It's widely recommended for business, success and all those money related desires but... mine gem never worked. I asked gently, commanded, programmed - nothing. It's a true citrine yet you can find many fake citrines which are heat treated amethysts, specifically druzy 'citrines'. Neverthless, it improves digestion (yellow = solar plexus) so it's worth of having.

Chalcedony rose - rough - Mexico


Chiastolite - tumbled - Spain

Chiastolite (a variety of andalusite) mined mostly in Spain cannot be unnoticed. Its characteristic black (graphite) cross spread from an edge to edge over a reddish surface and tiny, sparkling golden inclusions (andalusite) make it a great addition to one's gem collection. Its vibration feels rather slow, but when it tunes into your body, it then rushes like a storm! It attaches to the heart chakra first, rising its vibration, stabilizing, removing anything negative. It then opens the sacral and root chakras, calms them down and brings positive energy there. Once it balances the bottom chakras, it focuses on the 3rd eye next letting your energy flow in the direction from the bottom to the top of the body.
Chiastolite is a perfect stone if you struggle with an inner war between logic/feelings or the mind/heart. It will bring balance and harmony between these two. It's a here and now stone similarily to an aragonite. It doesn't make you feel sleepy, too grounded or detached, but rather well balanced within. It cleans the mind, straightens, clarifies thoughts. Button-like or ball-shaped tumbled stones look the best with that kind of pattern which could be used for rings or pendants. Rough chiastolites with one side polished look even more intriguing, like some kind of primitive, medieval stamps. When still in a rock, they reasamble yellowish 4 petal-like flowers. In any case, getting a chiastolite is greatly recommended.

Charoite - rough and tumbled - Siberia

This tiny 1 cm long piece cost me twice more than 5 cm long of any minerals on the list. It's because charoite belongs to rare minerals which are found only in one location - Siberia, Russia. You can find 5kg chunks of these worth over $11.000. If and when the charoite vein is completely exploited, they will be worth even more, but so far no news like that circulate yet. Beware of buying cheap charoite beads though as they're a mixture of something which is supposed to reassemble the stone. The same situation happens with so called 'reconstructed' malachite beads. Ugly!
Rough pieces are much cheaper as they fibers aren't visible as much as on tumbled gems, similarly to ie. tiger's eye quartz or labradorite. This stone is the fastest calm bringer if you're highly stressed out, or even scared.

Coal (layered) and with pyrite - rough - Poland

Pyrite often grows with coal so I instantly grabbed a piece once I saw its golden shine. You can also see tiny sedimentary layers of carbonated organic material on the other side. Does it do anything to me? Nope, as little as shungite.

Coral - rough - a subtropical saltwater environment (I forgot to write down the location while buying it at a gemshow ;)

Punk is dead? Nah, coral is dead. Almost. These organic beauty is called Corallium rubrum which is almost extinct due to exploitation.


Danburite - rough - Tanzania

I feel daburite's vibration first in the heart chakra, and it instantly calms down any tension, anxiety from this area, pulling it down towards the root chakra, opening it, then letting it pass into the Earth. It's felt around lips and the solar plexus too. Danburite removes unhappiness, negativity from the body and mind.

Desert roses - rough - long Tunisia/Africa, white rounded Mexico, dark sandy Algeria.

Beautiful flowery gypsum formations can be found on many deserts in Mexico, Africa and US. My first experience with this happened at a gemshow in June 2017 - once I touched a small piece, I felt a high vibrational energy rushing trough me and rooting well. Desert roses from Mexico tend to be ball-size, sometime glued together into a fantastic formation, and they have white edges. Those from Algeria have bigger 'plates' and have a color of terracotta with sharper edges. Roses from Oklahoma look like made of a sandy marzipan - their 'plates' are thick and they look like an opening flower. Mine is from Tunisia and has a typical sand color with grains of sand too. I like thinking that each 'plate' is one of my many interests, from the very beginning of my existence throughout all incarnations until now. If you're a person who feels like an amalgam of passions, such a gypsum rose will please you thanks to its truly multi-dimensional shape. If your primal energy element is that of fire/sun, you may have a feeling you've sensed a reflection of yourself by touching the desert rose.

Dolomite - rough - Poland

When my piece of dolomite arrived along with other minerals, it brought an amazing sense of calmness and serenity into my room. No other mineral of my collection worked that fast to literarilly seal the entire room against other energies, gracefully, peacefully and with happiness too. It was this feeling that I finally found the most needed gemstone to collaborate with my vibration which doesn't make me feel anxious or tired. Dolomite doesn't look anything fancy and isn't rare too. Yet it feels very natural when assisting the human body and there's no surprise for such a friendly welcome. Dolomite's chemical composition includes calcium, magnesium, carbon and oxygen, so everything what the human body already has. Dolomite makes me vary happy and feels like the best match for my deeply balanced soul.

Dumortierite - rough and tumbled - Mexico

Dumortierite (and I'm taking rough stones here) demands a total focus from a user. It's an amazing mineral for any analytical activites, whether down to earth or spiritual! It does feel as if coming from another world thanks to its 'alien' feel. There's cool, detached vibration in it. Its focus on a crown and star chakras is very dominant, that it feels as if it was squeezing all your upper energy into a tight stream up there. I call it a 'think differently' gemstone, as it also inspires original thinking and allows for seeing a broader perspective of a topic. Dumortierite helps one's energy self-centering and stirs the 3rd eye chakra to see through. One of the first stones in my collection and all-time favourite too.


Emerald - tumbled & rough - both from Brazil

Emerald is a strange beast. At first it does nothing, as if it was dormant. Then, depending on your heart's energy (chaotic or static), it'll calm down not only the heart but the sacral and root chakras too. If there are too many spiritual energies attached to your subtle bodies (the emotional body specifically), an emerald will seal leaks and align them. It has a watery, goddess' vibration making one feel good in own body. Emerald can also help sleeping if put under a pillow.


Flint Black flint, Stripped flint - rough - Poland


Fluorite - crystal & rough - China

Fluorite crystal's energy is the very opposite to emerald's mentioned above. It's a crystal of focus, and attention, very much like dumortierite and most of clear crystals too. I've a green crystal but you can find them in other colors too (such as blue, purple). The green fluorite additionally brings joy to the heart, gives a feeling of hope and clears the brain from fear-based experiences which stop one against making a change or trying again once lesson is learnt. It's a crystal which helps those who mastered their spiritual skills to access higher dimensions and detach from a mundane 3D life. It cleans the aura around the body. Finally its octahedron shape with distinct edges are what fingers love.

Fuchsite - rough & tumbled with ruby - Brazil & India respectively

Green fuchsite relaxes back and chest muscles, soothes the 3rd eye (that non stop active radar if you have one), and the root chakras. If you're angry, fuchsite will pull it down to ground into the Earth. I also got an impression that it works like an energy mirror so you can feel your own vibration once reflected by the stone.
Fuchsite with ruby opens the root, sacral, solar plexus, and crown chakras. It brings a sense of patience, but also opens the 3rd eye, soothes the brain, detaches it from unsolved problems/puzzles, making it focus on the here and now. It doesn't want the brain dig into the unknown, but rather rely on what it's sure about. I could also feel its energy on the back & shoulders, as if soothing a place where we, angelic beings, used to have wings. It grounds a little bit too.


Galaxite (micro-labradorite) - tumbled - Canada

Galaxite is also called a micro-labradorite since there's already a different mineral given the galaxite name (and it is a variety of spinel while micro-labradorite apperantly is not). The stone detaches from here and now, makes the brain & body slow and a bit sleepy. It initially soothes the 3rd eye and crown chakras. Galaxite works as if it was re-charging the crown chakra and making the body slow and sleepy, putting it in the best state to begin channeling messages from higher dimensions. I can only feel its vibration on the left side of my face and the left temple.

Garnet - red rough Brazil, red crystal from Morocco, green (tsavorite) Tanzania

Garnet allows for a courageous self-expression, for feeling stable and grounded. Red garnet connects the heart, solar plexus and sacral chakras together. It helps to re-connect with own I AM being - the highest version of the self. It also gives stamina and healthy sexual energy as well which is transmuted through the heart and radiated into the environment.

Galena (lead) - rough - ?

Galena is a very heavy mineral, and thus perfect for grounding. It removes pollution from the body, especially that soaked from mobile phones, and WiFi thus it makes a perfect sense to put it on the desk where you work with your computer. It calms the root chakra to tell that no more fight for survival is necessary now, that everything is OK, solved. It has a good impact for digestion, and can be also felt in the crown chakra making a bit of a pressure up there.

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