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[woodworking] Handmade - chest boxes
Here's a collection of items I've made. Important info & shipping - look at the bottom of this page.

All of these designs are unique and solely my own. Every item is signed at the bottom with my nickname ('NINa'); with golden or silver paint markers. Copying of any of my designs for commercial purposes as well as items re-sale is strictly forbidden! All copyrights reserved by (C) 2015, Katarzyna 'Draconina' Górnisiewicz.

Example signatures:


Available items (only 1 of each type is available!) :


Name: Small black with golden studs
Design style: Glamour, rock, metal, fashionable, trendy
Materials: wood, black acrylic paint, 'golden' studs and metal lock latch, acrylic gloss varnish, artificial leather
Size (cm): H4.8 x L8.9 x W7.2
More pictures: Google+ Black Boxes page
PayPal item name: Small gold studs
Description: This is a remake of one of my first, small size chest boxes. It initially had a black cabochon on the top, a little fringe too but the box surface was not polished enough. The new design is based on trendy studded clothings and bags which I applied to a little home decor too. The chest box is well polished and very glossy. It is also covered with a black & gold leather-like textile inside and a fancy 'golden' lock latch on the front completes the design. I'm much more satisfied with its refreshed look now! The box capacity is enough to keep a few thin necklaces or rings, a box of matches, USB stick, SD cards, little mp3 player or earphones but also any other items or souvenirs of your choice. Eye-catching and very exclusive item with an original look!

Name: Medium black with golden studs around
Design style: Glamour, rock, metal, fashionable, trendy
Materials: wood, black acrylic paint, maroon acrylic paint, 'golden' (non-metal) studs, acrylic gloss varnish
Size (cm): H4.6 x L11.8 x W8.9
More pictures: Google+ Black Boxes page
PayPal item name: Studs around
Description: This is another chest box with studs - my original idea. Studs give the box an edgy look and underline black glossy surface of the wooden box. Its inside is painted maroon and makes a very beautiful match together. This box is good for small items such as jewelry, rings, but also small headphones, USB sticks, memory cards, tealight candles with a box of matches, and other things.

Name: [SOLD] Small dragon box
Design style: magic, LARP, metal
Materials: wood, black acrylic paint, 'old gold' metal studs, artificial leather, black fringes, 'old gold' metal lock latch & chains, screws, talisman - dragon
Size (cm): H5.4 x L12.5 x W7.9
More pictures: Google+ Black Boxes page
PayPal item name: Dragon
Description: Small and VERY light wooden box. It is covered with artificial leather which has a reptilian look but smooth feel inside. I was about to put it on studded feet but it turned out that the top of the box is heavier than the rest (includes an additional layer - soft when pressed), so it could overbalance. Its capacity is enough to put a few things inside, including jewelery, USB stick, SD cards, little mp3 player with earphones, or anything else of your choice.


Name: Victorian Red
Design style: Victorian, Goth, ladies, fashionable
Materials: wood, black & red acrylic paints, red cabochon with red jets, 'golden' cabochon base, acrylic gloss varnish
Size (cm): H5.8 x L13 x W8.5
More pictures: Google+ Black Boxes page
PayPal item name: Victorian red
Description: I simply adore this one. It had taken me a very long time to make it because it required a lot of careful painting and even more careful varnishing, however the final result is just... yummy! Since the chest box form is stylish enough, I only put a decorative red & gold cabochon with glittering jets on the top. Any additional items on sides or elsewhere would have made it lose its original glamour. It's painted black inside without varnishing. Stunning home decor to put in your room, a matching theatre prop or a lovely gift for a lady. Example jewelery as seen in the picture is not included.

Name: Medium Victorian blue
Design style: Victorian, Goth, fashionable, LARP, theatre
Materials: wood, black & blue acrylic paints, blue cabochon with blue jets, 'silver' cabochon base and decorations, acrylic gloss varnish, black fringe, blue silky textile, artificial leather
Size (cm): H6.8 x L17 x W14
Recommended (standard) tealight size: 38x16 mm
More pictures: Google+ Black Boxes page
PayPal item name: Victorian blue
Description: This is the first chest box I made back then in April 2014. It's pretty big compared to others in my offer and therefore, can keep a lot of various things inside. However, I designed it specifically for jewelery. Additional strips of leather put inside can be used to hold your bracelets or attach ear clips or ear rings. The chest box has no lock so it can be accessed faster. Wrapped with a blue textile around, decorated with flower-shaped 'silver' addons on sides and the top, and a little fringe is on the front. Moreover, the box is not too polished or varnished, thus not many fingerprints can be left. Stunning item to put in your room, a theatre prop or a lovely gift for a lady. Example jewelery as seen in the picture is not included.

(Victorian chest boxes compared)

Name: Royal
Design style: Victorian, Goth, ladies, exclusive
Materials: wood, black acrylic paint, acrylic gloss varnish, big dark red cabochon, 'golden' add-ons: cabochon base, chains, lock latch, studs (feet), artificial leather
Size (cm): H6.9 x L13 x W10
More pictures: Google+ Black Boxes page
PayPal item name: Royal
Description: It's a stunning, eye-catching chest box with a big dark red cabochon on the top and light golden chains on sides. It is also covered with black and gold artificial leather-like material inside and an interesting 'golden' lock latch on the front to match the color setting. Additionally, the box stands on 4 small golden studs - fancy feet to follow modern fashion trends. The box capacity is enough to keep various items of your choice. Irresistible and sturdy! Example jewelery as seen in the picture is not included.

Name: [SOLD] Small red'n'black with a cabochon
Design style: Victorian, Goth, fashionable, LARP, theatre
Materials: wood, black, red & old gold acrylic paints, acrylic gloss varnish, artificial leather, artificial black stone, 'golden' cabochon base & flower-shaped decors
Size (cm): H5 x L13.8 x W9.8
More pictures: Google+ Black Boxes page
PayPal item name: Small red
Description: The box size is almost the same like my Royal chest box but the edges cut is different. It's color match was meant to be dynamic therefore it includes black and red acrylic paints. Golden paint was additionally used to match other 'golden' decorations as seen on the box sides and the front. The box has no lock latch so it can be accessed easily. The black stone is sticking out to the front a bit - its surface is sharp and glittering which makes an interesting contrast to the overall varnish shine. Good to store your jewelery, USB sticks, SD cards, mini mp3 player, earphones, small souvenirs or anything else.


Name: Medium Chinese red
Design style: rock, metal, punk, fashionable
Materials: wood, black, red and old gold acrylic paints, oriental 'old gold' & 'bronze' decor
Size (cm): H6 x L16.7 x W13.8
More pictures: Google+ Black Boxes page
PayPal item name: Chinese red
Description: It's a medium size box comparable to my Victorian Blue chest box. It also has no lock latch so gives an easy access to various items which can be stored inside. Wood is pretty light. I could never decide what to put on the top yet I refuse to use decoupage napkins/papers. In the end, it was left just bare to give it a simple, raw look. The box is additionally decorated with metal & acrylic plates but the inside is only painted black. I didn't use any varnish for this item so no fingerprints can be left. I mostly use a brush but this chest box surface and sides were painted with a small roller, therefore it feels a bit 'gravelly' in touch. The box capacity is pretty big, can store many items inside.


Available items (4 sets are available!) :

Name: Matchbox with a tealight and matches
Design style: exclusive, rock, metal
Materials: wood, black and red acrylic paints, acrylic gloss varnish, 'silver' metal lock latch, screws
Add-ons: 1 white wax tealight (38x16 mm), 10 matches (48 mm long).
Size (cm): H4 x L6.8 x W6.9
More pictures: Google+ Black Boxes page
PayPal item name: Matchbox set
Description: This is the entire set including a small wooden box, 10 matches and a tealight so you can carry it all together! Moreover, I purposely glued a striking surface inside of the box instead of outside - once rubbed off, the box can still look pretty to be used for anything else. This match box can fit at least 50-60 matches. Fancy, sturdy and most importantly, useful! There are 4 the same matchbox sets available at the moment.


Chest boxes

Accepted payments
PayPal only. Find the Pay Now button on this page, pick an item of your choice from a drop-down list, then click the button to be redirected to the PayPal secure login website. If you're interested to purchase more than 1 item, please contact me and I'll estimate a shipping cost for such items (read below).

Shipping cost ($6.00 padded mailer only; Poczta Polska, first class, registered, airmail, worldwide) is for 1 item and is based on Polish Zloty to American Dollar exchange rate as seen on 01/15/2015. Please ask me about a current shipping rate before you buy (pricing & shipping may increase or decrease due these currencies exchange rate) (Contact Draconina: ).
Item(s) will be shipped as soon as your payment is registered on my PayPal and within 3-5 business days.
Every customer will be provided with a tracking number sent on their contact email address (the one used for a PayPal payment).
Item & shipping prices are not negotiable.

Additional accessories: None of above products is sold with additional accessories such as tealights, matches, jewelery etc. unless they are specifically listed in an item description. Such example add-ons may appear in pictures of chest boxes or tealight holders but they are not for sale together or separately. For complete sets see - Matchboxes.

Sorry, no returns. Detailed pictures show an actual look of items. All of them have been made with a maximum care and will be very carefully packed for the shipping purposes. I'm an experienced (auctions, +9 years) and reliable seller.

Other cool stuff:
Before and after pictures: here

Items list updated on: January 28th, 2015

Legal notices, copyright
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