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[Heatwave] Chapters briefly
A summary of chapters, newest to oldest. All copyrights reserved (C) 2010-2015 by Katarzyna NINa Górnisiewicz.
Images source - Internet. All copyrights belong to their respective owners.

Chapter 35

Ivo & Starship learn that the Canalmen trade computers stolen from Zoxi with Setin. Once he visits the Canals, he's told about new prisoners, then recognizes the two and bails them out from Pissfire. Setin then takes the couple into his Hideout (an old quarry) near TETA vault where he lives together with Tassi and a large camp of the Ash Sculptors. Tassi hires the couple and gives them a chance of living in the Hideout instead of being captured and sentenced by those who are looking for them outside. He gives them anti-radiation & clean-up medicine to search the Zoxi Plant for a better, more valuable equipment since they are already experienced explorers. They agree as they need to get into the place anyway, keeping their own purposes a secret, though. Once in the Plant, they finally find the missing software and successfully read data from the Discovery disk through Rossie's laptop's only special socket. They learn about the Heatwave's cause which terrifies them. When they leave Zoxi, the Heatwave hits again burning them to the ground and melting their fireproof briefcase with the laptop & the disk into the main gate's pillar. The item remains there unnoticed during the next couple of years.
To be continued in Heatwave II.

Chapter 34

Borrg wants to make a deal with the Ori Monastery but can't find a way in. He then learns from an ex construction worker and KAPPA's bio-experiments survivor that there was a tunnel built from a south-western harbor to Ori and hidden under the sea (currently under a swamp). Borrg sends Monti along with Salt'n'Pepper to the tunnel. There are seemingly inactive railways and comfortable roads. They also spot weird signs engraved by the Ash Sculptors in various places such as under a crashed plane's wing, a cliff-side fire camp, and inside the tunnel too. They find an abandoned camp in the end of the tunnel. A cyber-monk security kills Salt'n'Pepper while Monti runs away all way back to the entry. Monks turn the electricity grid on and send a train to catch Monti, but the grid overloads. Monti climbs a ladder towards the surface but is clubbed at the top and falls back into the tunnel. He however recognized a man who hit him in a split second but then became unconscious. Monks took him into the monastery's prison immediately.
To be continued.

Chapter 33

Ivo persuades Starship to steal the Discovery disc from O'Brother (all together reside in PSI), then to get the laptop, Xadir pills, anti-radiation suits and travel south to find an entry to the Institute in search for seemingly the last remained piece of the puzzle - an additional computer to study the complete data about a cause of the Heatwave. It turns out that there's still the 4th add-on needed - a software called Zoxi v.2 which will allow to decrypt and read the data. They then have to drive east to get into the Zoxi Plant but they are already short of Xadir and wanted by PSI, army and hackers for the Discovery disc thievery. The couple looks for a shelter in Canals but is then captured and held hostage by the Canalmen.
To be continued.

Chapter 32

Shrineville is a former prison, currently a house for a majority of criminals who survived both a riot and the Heatwave.
Due to a sabotage, prisoners blew out a furnace, the facility it was in and an administration building. When guards, police and other forces gathered to fight back, the Heatwave struck. Prisoners hid in The Canals which were build to desiccate Zoxi area. Some of The Canals ran below Shrineville but were purposely clogged with concrete so the prisoners couldn't escape.
Heatwave fires destroyed Zoxi and winds brought radiation over Shrineville. They had no choice but build an underground settlement in The Canals. One of old prisoners revealed the location of a luxury subdivision (which was turned into an automatically guarded vault during his imprisonment). A few prisoners risked their lives to go out, brought canned food to The Canals but died soon after due to radiation.
Worsening conditions which include lack of food forced the others to dig underground and find the best spot to leave the radiated zone so they could live outside. Once they did, they used junk materials taken from the ruined subdivision to build their own settlement near by. They also discovered an entrance to the ETA vault built under the old houses. They began digging towards the vault hoping to find a real treasure.
Men imprison prostitutes (who were brought to jail for the prisoners' joy before the sabotage) to make them pregnant and rise children. One day, the group led by Pissfire saw a helicopter (with Ivo and O'Brother on the deck).
To be continued.

Chapter 31

When a pilot, a soldier and Ivo fly over the cruiser, the helicopter begins malfunctioning then crashes into mud near the ship. Ivo manages to grab the black box into his bag before the crash. He leaves the chopper balancing on its propeller. He walks on the ship deck then goes down to the land. Ivo leaves the crash scene and a shipwreck but he surely contacts an exotic virus possibly brought by one of former passengers.
At a shore, Ivo meets Tassi, a local drug dealer who sells him a medicine. Tassi takes Ivo towards the Lighthouse as the drug dealer had to do a business there. They dropped Ivo near ETA vault and let him walk towards the Meadow Hole. Ivo gives O'Brother the disc. Highly rewarded, both return to PSI.
A helicopter takes them over a few important, still to be explored locations such as ETA vault, The Canals, Shrineville jail and Zoxi chemical waste dump.
After arrival, Ivo notices Starship moved into his room replacing his former roommate Steel who left with Rossi. Starship reveals that the laptop operating system requires a connection to another computer and the second hard drive to give access to all the data. They already discovered the other hard drive is the Discovery black box. Ivo didn't tell them he had found it but gave to O'Brother.

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