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[11/17/2010] New review - Cubanate "Cyberia" (1994)
Cubanate - Cyberia |Dynamica, 1994| ++++

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[11/17/2010] The Skatenigs reunited for a benefit show - December 11th, 2010, Austin, TX [CONFIRMED]
The Skatenigs will reunite for a benefit show at Scoot Inn in Austin, TX on December 11th, 2010. Other bands performing: Babydick and Oklahomos, both based in Austin, TX.

Interview with Phildo (2006) and The Skatenigs album reviews

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[11/16/2010] FIX: The Ministry movie in theatres March 2011
Looks like the incoming FIX: The Ministry movie may be played in theaters around March 2011. The official movie website has recently published Director's Tour Diary.

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[11/09/2010] New review - KMFDM "Wurst" (2010)
Wurst |Metropolis Rec./KMFDM Inc., 2010| ++ and a half

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[11/09/2010] New review - Society Burning "Internal Combustion" (2010)
Society Burning - Internal Combustion |Audiocomm Intl. Publishing, 2010| ++++

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[11/06/2010] SMP releases new album "Coda"
Seattle industrial-rock band Sounds of Mass Production releases its sixth original album Coda. The short and not-so-sweet album clocks in at just under 36 minutes. It features eight tracks of unapologetic industrial-rock that draw influences from old-school punk, hip-hop, and Wax Trax!-era industrial music.
Coda was produced by Wade Alin (Christ Analogue, iScintilla) and features guest appearances by Ned Kirby (Stromkern), Dee Madden (Penal Colony), Mike Ostrander (64K) and Chris DeMarcus (Stiff Valentine), as well as guitar and drum work by Dan Miura (The Crills) and Juan Gomez, respectively.

Coda follows the 2007 SMP release The Treatment and is the result of the meltdown and rebirth of the band. Band leader Jason Bazinet announced that the band was finished shortly after the release of The Treatment and released the digital remix album Pissing on the Legacy to punctuate the end of an era. [Read More for extended news]

Official | Last.FM | Discogs

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[10/30/2010] Patrik Wirén (Misery Loves Co) on the stage with Man.Machine.Industry - video
Former lead vocalist, Patrik Wirén, of Grammy winning industrial metal act MISERY LOVES CO made a guest performance on stage with MAN.MACHINE.INDUSTRY when the band supported Sonic Syndicate in Karlstad, Sweden in Oct.
Patrik joined MMI on stage performing the song "Almost Gone" which he also sings and have co-written with the band on their latest album "White Trash Devil In a Jesus Christ Pose" released on GMR Music in April 2010.
It was several years since Patrik sang industrial metal on stage and he found it exhilarating and was quite happy doing so.
Let's hope this trigged a re-union of his band Misery Loves Co and if not perhaps more shows with
Man.Machine.Industry in the future.

Watch the live footage | Facebook | Myspace | YouTube

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[10/27/2010] New review - Obszön Geschöpf "Symphony of Decay" (2010)
Obszön Geschöpf - Symphony of Decay |Twilight, 2010| +++

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[10/23/2010] NIN to release "Pretty Hate Machine" re-issue on 11/22/2010
Well, that's probably a starter for a series of NIN re-issues as well as Trent Reznor's need to have his own music (released by various labels in the past) serviced under his own - Null Corporation. The refreshed version of PHM doesn't seem to include any bonus tracks and will be released on 11/22/2010.

Original album mixes were re-mastered by Tom Baker whose input sounds reasonable for that release since he tuned up the sound of the NIN best releases: Broken, Fixed and The Downward Spiral in the 90's and who has been desired by many bands for his mastering skills as much as Neil Kernon or Rick Rubin.

Fabryka Magazine has covered a variety of albums mastered by Tom Baker so far including names like Skrew, f.e.v.e.r., The Skatenigs, Acumen Nation, Ministry, Methods of Mayhem, Scum of The Earth, Haloblack, Prong, Stabbing Westward, Rob Zombie and many others.

NIN Official | Review of the albums mastered by Tom Baker
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