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[10/23/2010] NIN to release "Pretty Hate Machine" re-issue on 11/22/2010
Well, that's probably a starter for a series of NIN re-issues as well as Trent Reznor's need to have his own music (released by various labels in the past) serviced under his own - Null Corporation. The refreshed version of PHM doesn't seem to include any bonus tracks and will be released on 11/22/2010.

Original album mixes were re-mastered by Tom Baker whose input sounds reasonable for that release since he tuned up the sound of the NIN best releases: Broken, Fixed and The Downward Spiral in the 90's and who has been desired by many bands for his mastering skills as much as Neil Kernon or Rick Rubin.

Fabryka Magazine has covered a variety of albums mastered by Tom Baker so far including names like Skrew, f.e.v.e.r., The Skatenigs, Acumen Nation, Ministry, Methods of Mayhem, Scum of The Earth, Haloblack, Prong, Stabbing Westward, Rob Zombie and many others.

NIN Official | Review of the albums mastered by Tom Baker
[10/20/2010] New review - V/A "Hellfire" (Van Richter)
Hellfire V/A |Van Richter, 2010| ++

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[10/13/2010] A new Society Burning CD promo video
A short home made video for a new Society Burning "Internal Combustion" CD which arrived today.

Watch it here | Buy the CD here

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[10/13/2010] Interview with Man.Machine.Industry
J. Bergman: I mean if the Jesus-freaks want us to see their Christ, they sing it to us in psalms and hymns and if I want people to believe in themselves instead of a fictional character, I have the same right to sing about it in my songs.

Read the interview here

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[10/10/2010] Society Burning newest release - Internal Combustion CD on October 12th, 2010
The newest album of Society Burning Internal Combustion contains fifteen brand new industrial rock tracks + two remixes featuring the electropunk talents of Produkt & UCNX. Limited run with hand numbered digipak artwork will be on sale at http://societyburning.com since October 12th, 2010. Don't miss it!

Last.FM | Discogs | Myspace | Tumblr

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[10/08/2010] Ministry releases the Greatest Tricks, KMFDM puts out Würst and Greatest Shit
Both Ministry and KMFDM seem to reach out to their die hard fans only.

Cleopatra Records released Every Day Is Halloween: Greatest Tricks (Anthology 2010) on October 5th. This is a collection of the best Ministry tracks including two new mixes.

The other long-running industrial rock band KMFDM released Würst which contains mixes of previously released songs and Greatest Shit, a 2CD collection which includes the mixes from Würst as well as set of other popular songs of the band.

Official website

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[10/02/2010] New review - Engines of Aggression "Inhuman Nature" (1994)
Engines of Aggression - Inhuman Nature |Priority Records, 1994| +++

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[09/30/2010] New review - Mephistosystem "Construction Site" (2010)
Mephistosystem - Construction Site |Error Music, 2010| +++

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[09/30/2010] The Return of Marazene Machine (former Marazene)
From De Los Santos Productions:

Word from the streets of the Windy City and the worldwide web is that October 2010 will herald the long-awaited return of Chicago’s Marazene Machine (formerly Marazene).

The Machine-Metal Mavens, now fully embracing their distinct Electro-Metal Revolutionary tendencies, will hit the studio in the coming weeks to hammer out the final tracking on songs expected to be appear on an as yet untitled new release and have opted to once again self produce.

The band will also be re-teaming up with JEFF VEREB (SMASHING PUMPKINS) for the final mix. Vereb was the mix engineer behind the ‘MachiNation’ album as well as the tracks that appeared on THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS and RECALIBRATED box sets.

The principle songwriting tandem of producers DIETRICH THRALL and NIKK SKUM have largely kept a low profile since the tragic loss of co-founding member KRISTOPHER “KRISTOV” KEMP in early 2009 to a three year battle with colon cancer. In recent months however the members have been dropping hints as to demo progress while putting the finishing touches on the follow-up to 2007′s critically regarded ‘MachiNation’ album.

[Read more for extended news]

Source: Marazene Machine

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