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[05/24/2011] DreDDup new album for streaming now
Serbian industrial band dreDDup returns with their self-titled LP dreDDup. Sixteen songs from this release are available for a streaming at Deezer.

Official website | Facebook | Myspace | Last.FM | Discogs

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[05/16/2011] Left Spine Down announces a new album "Caution" (out on 08/23)
The newest album of Left Spine Down entitled Caution includes 10 songs produced by Dave "Rave" Ogilvie (Skinny Puppy, NIN, Marilyn Manson). It will be released on August 23rd, 2011 worldwide through Metropolis Records.
According to the LSD, this record finds the band taking their songs to a new level, with a heavier rock sound yet still maintaining their electronic hooks. Fall tour plans and a new music video are in the works with details to come closer to the release date.

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[04/26/2011] New review - Be My Enemy "This Is The New Wave" (2010)
Be My Enemy - This Is The New Wave |Bit Riot Records, 2010| ++++

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[04/25/2011] Fabryka Magazine reviews are paid as of April 26th, 2011
Fabryka Industrial Rock Magazine review service will be paid service as of April 26th, 2011.

We have offered free, extended, honest and professional music reviews for the last 10 years in both the Polish and English languages. However, we have been getting review inquiries from bands we could not match to the magazines demographic (which has been specialized in the best guitar driven industrial rock and metal music since the beginning). Fortunately, this does not mean you will lose an opportunity for a professional review.

We are happy that we helped to offer many artist free exposure through our magazine as well as promote tours and sell albums since 2001. This is the reason why we believe many artist appreciate our involvement and plan further cooperation based on these new conditions. We are ready to work with artists, labels and distributors as well as on-line stores (including auctions).

Read more and make a submission.
[04/08/2011] Treponem Pal returns to their 90's sound with a new album
Treponem Pal (France) has recorded over 16 brand new songs to be released on their incoming album. The tracklist includes such songs like "Evilution" (recommended by Fabryka Magazine!), "Cinema", "Carnival" and "Riot Dance" amongst all.

According to Marco Neves (voc.) the album (which title is unknown yet) is supposed to be more psychodelic, groovy, industrial and still guitar driven but less rock'n'roll (compared to their latest release Weird Machine). The band is looking for new labels and publishers to develop this new opus.

The demo I've listened to gives me a glimpse of a return to their 90's vibe when they released their best albums. The sound of the new album is a mixture of industrial with guitars, groove, punk rock, funky and a bit of reggae. More news - soon.

Myspace | Last.FM | Discogs | Facebook

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[04/08/2011] Switch is working on a new album
Industrial rock/metal band Switch (Philippines) has been working on their second album The Maleficent. Updates will be posted soon.
Watch a video from their debut album.
Source: Myspace

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[04/08/2011] Interview with File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
I spend a lot of time getting to know my fans through social media, and I spend a lot of time responding to them. I think that’s incredibly important. I want to know their faces. They take their time to know mine, it’s only fair that I do the same. Recently, I had a very thoughtful question come in over Twitter that I couldn’t answer fully in 140 characters or less, so I answered in an entire blog post. It only felt right. That person took the time to reach out to me, the least I can do is respond in a thoughtful manner, as well. Artist’s who view fans as numbers… well, I think they just don’t get it.

Interview text includes a link to download "This Machine" - a brand new song by FTP exclusively for Fabryka Magazine. This free song was also added to Fabryka Downloads
Read this interview HERE

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[03/26/2011] Drown re-releases their back catalogue + B-sides and bonus tracks (downloads only)
Drown has re-released and re-mastered their albums that include: "Hold On To The Hollow" (now called "The Hollow Years" with additional previously unreleased track "Embrace"), "Product Of A Two Faced World" with bonus material, "Throwing Away The Demos" (B-sides) and a remix album "Remixes From The Hollow" (feat. Dave Ogilvie, Joseph Bishara and Anthony "Fu" Valcic).

Hold on The Hollow review | Myspace

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[03/26/2011] Jim Marcus (Die Warzau) comes back on the news
The news is not music related... It's about sex this time!
I assume most Fabryka Magazine readers recall the electronic rock act Die Warzau. The band is based in Chicago and we did an interview with the lead singer Jim Marcus in 2005 r.
The same Jim Marcus, a reformer, graphics designer and socialist was making headlines once again, however not in terms of Die Warzau, but an event which has been amplified to the size of a sexual scandal by international tabloids and television networks.
[Click Read more for full text]

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