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[Fabryka] Testimonials
I have read your review and am very impressed with the detail you went to and your insight into the song. Love how you drew on the story of the song by using the lyrics and pointing out that the song leaves you wandering whether or not the chase was real, was it a story of running from something or someone. You picked up on exactly what I wanted listeners to get out of it. Can't thank you enough, you have quite a talent.
Brett Rayner | 25.09.2013 | Song review

Edward Lafuentes
The review is wonderful and very descriptive, your wording is very unique from other reviews, a very MAGICAL way of putting things into a heavy metal perspective and yet for all to read. Very cool again, thank you.
Edward Lafuentes | 30.08.2013 | Album review

Xander Demos
It was an absolute pleasure working with NINa and Fabryka Magazine. NINa crafted thoughtful, interesting questions for my artist, Xander Demos, and posted them in an extremely timely manner. She also spread her post on social media, to ensure maximum exposure for my artist. I look forward to working with her again in the future.
Michael Stover (MTS Management Group) | 21.08.2013 | Interview

I've been truly impressed by the quality of your work; very helpful! thanks again!
Phil Glasses | 16.08.2013 | Song review

13 Shadows
NINa accepted our song for review and delivered a well written review in a very timely matter. The review was awesome, that was a pleasant bonus. Upon reviewing one song she expressed an interest in reviewing the entire album and has shown an interest in our music. Without a doubt she gets the 13 Shadows recommendation.
Denise Donahue | 26.07.2013 | Song review

Any one out there making music, submit your works to NINa, she's a wonderful person and empathic professional. Thank you for the accurate and fabulous review and for still keeping it all real. Love and life to you and your staff from UN-Reason. Looking forward to more reviews.
Giorgio Bormida | 18.07.2013 | Album review

Ghost Embrace
I am thankful to have contacted NINa here at MusicXray, she is a person that I thought had the right vibe to truly hear the music we created. NINa understands the emotion behind the music, the thoughtful insight of her discoveries within the music are revealing and positive. The review that she gave our music will be lasting, and will endure in the minds of the reader. NINa, today the artists and technicians of Ghost Embrace send you a heartfelt thank you!
Jerome Lee | 27.06.2013 | Song review

Division 1.1
NINa is a consummate professional and beyond easy to work with! It was apparent from her well-crafted and insightful review that she took the time necessary to absorb what she was reviewing lyrically and thematically, as well as musically and viscerally - not many journalists take that kind of time and effort and I think all artists would greatly appreciate the medium to a much greater extent if all zines/sites held themselves to her standards! Great job NINa!
Steve Ratchen | 26.06.2013 | Song review

Sergey Rybytskyy
Thank you so much for a great review! I liked your comparison with "a famous primadonna walking along a red carpet" especially :)) I appreciate your original author's manner :)
Sergey Rybytskyy | 26.06.2013 | Album review

Fake Empire
Thanks you for interviewing me! The questions touched on a lot of interesting topics and were fun to answer.
Scott Brown | 18.05.2013 | Interview

Celestial Fury
That looks really good, thank you very much! I'm looking forward to it being published!
Alasdair Cooper | 13.05.2013 | Song review

Thank you NINa for your Professional review. You have not only made all the hard work worthwhile but given me invaluable advise and motivation for future projects. I highly recommend anyone thinking about submitting songs for review to "go for it", you will not regret it ...I look forward to submitting further songs in the future.
Rhys Williams | 08.04.2013 | Song review

Joel Smith Project
The review is awesome and spot on, the lyrics are completely about the idea of religious hypocrisy and the absurdity of arguing that there's only 1 proper belief system in the universe.
Joel Smith | 19.03.2013 | Song review

Carved In Ashes
Thanks for the awesome review! It was very professional and thorough. NINa certainly has a good ear for detail!
Jani Lehtinen | 27.02.2013 | Song review

Theia Collides
Everything was correct. Thank you much for an honest & fair review.
George Stevens | 10.02.2013 | Song review

We had our demo reviewed by NINa few years ago and it really helped us with our band and getting the name out there. So when we finally came to release our official first release we knew we had to get a review done by NINa. The review was concise and picked up on points which I had deliberately left out of any press release. We will definitely be working with Nina again in the future for the next release.
Idene Roozbayani | 05.02.2013 | Song review
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