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[non-industrial] Tooms - Disgraceland
Katarzyna NINa Górnisiewicz | Detailed or mini-review submissions: song, EP/album | Suggest an artist
Tooms - Disgraceland (song review) |Industrial Strength Records, Disgraceland, 2013|

"Disgraceland" - the brand new single by Tooms is an in-your-face answer to the current mainstream metal music promoted through high budget advertising campaigns. This composition breaks through these unoriginal metal songs, which are represented by initially aggressive riffs that fall into soft, tendentious melodies. Instead, Tooms have made their composition angry, for a reason.

When it comes to audio values, "Disgraceland" carries fervid sonic madness brought by punching drum beats, memorable enhanced guitar riffs and censorious, fighting vocals. Passionate throughout, the track is rowdy but remains solid Hardcore. The vibe continuously probes into listener's ears.

Tooms musicians, Karl Pryor (drums, programming and production), Idene Roozbayani (vocals, programming and production), Phil Van D (guitars) and Eddy Liddle (vocals) have been well known for mixing a variety of dynamic music genres such as Crossover, Hardcore, Drum'n'Bass and Metal. Therefore, not only does "Disgraceland" sound innovative but remains as belligerent as a guitar driven metal song should.

This track is supported by a self-made but professional quality video. It fits the song motif very well with a rollercoaster styled montage and visuals that are kept in black, blue and orange color tones.
When you visit either the Tooms or Industrial Strength Records YouTube channels, you'll spot the "Disgraceland" video single featuring a heavy-toothed green monster that searches across a city and brings a night-scare. The video also includes riot-ready men wearing skull-like masks. Don't get me wrong, the musicians that make up Tooms are young and angry tattooed activists just like the 70's/80's British punk frontmen. However, Tooms make it clear that they could take the fight to the front line and that you should say 'No!' instead of nodding submissively.

Beyond their imagery, Tooms’ lyrics are also used to illustrate current issues and the failure of institutions which according to this British band, have been causing harm and motivating people to leave their homes to fight back through violent street protests: "Heading on out into a dark age, Rampage is how we trade, Broken Britain it never existed Caused by the hated institution inflicted".
Not only is ACTA/SOPA Internet censorship mentioned but so is the worldwide economy crisis, impoverished poor and middle classes, corruption and rigged elections, enormous education fees and many other manipulative systems being revealed every minute in every corner of the world.

Undoubtedly, "Disgraceland" is a direct call for action. At some point, we're all dependent on other people’s decisions. We must not allow others to lead us towards any imposed alternatives. The rebellious and rousing message behind the song may be summed up by the lyrics: "We've had enough of this nightmare, Took it out on the streets of England, We think that’s fair, Locked up frustrations left to rot inside, We won’t rest tonight".

The Disgraceland EP also includes four remixes made by the biggest names in Hardcore Techno and extreme Electronic Dance music. Artists include GRR, Lenny Dee, Lowroller and Dirty Fingers Licked. Furthermore, the EP had received support from the legendary US Hardcore label, Industrial Strength Records based in New York and it will be released via digital download on 02/15/2013.

(Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz, Fabryka Music Magazine, January 28th, 2013. Proofreading: SanDeE)

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