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[Fabryka] Testimonials
Unified Past
Nina - it's wonderful - so well written and the language creates such fantastic imagery. Really appreciate your feedback on our music and thanks so much.
Steve Speelman | 15.01.2016 | Review

Thank you for this great, well-detailed review and for all of the support you give to the scene with your excellent magazine. It’s always a pleasure to collaborate with serious and passionate people.
Aaron Sadrin | 05.01.2016 | Review

Larry Leadfoot
NINa has eloquently summed up exactly what I hoped any intelligent metal fan would have to say about the music and more. Her description is precise and accurately portrays what we set out to achieve with our sound. I could not be happier with her extremely professional service and would recommend her to anyone who wants a decent review of their craft.
Nick Parkinson | 28.12.2015 | Review

Ghost in the Machine
Thank you so much NINa for the wonderful, skillfully written interview and review of our new album Broken from Binary. It is not often such great care and detail is given to a writing. Her technical ear dials into the essence of her study and she really finds the best way to present her craft. I would instantly recommend and refer her to anyone in the industry. NINa - we will be back to work with you again!
Ghost in the Machine | 22.12.2015 | Review | PR interview

Ghost Embrace
Thank you so much, I enjoyed reading and the "must have for 2015", made me cry. It was a long road and lot of hard work. I appreciate your time and effort. Ever so grateful.
Anne Freeman | 15.12.2015 | Review | PR interview

The Abstract Flower
NINa has given me invaluable information from the perspective of an outsider with a very well trained ear.
Adriano Gattabuia | 25.11.2015 | Review

Gus McArthur
NINa is amazing to work with and an incredible writer! Her musical knowledge and expertise of hard rock as well as metal comes through her reviews flawlessly. Our experience working with NINa was very delightful and 100% professional! I would recommend her reviews to any band in the industry looking for an honest non-biased review of their music. Thanks again NINa, you rock!
Gus McArthur | 18.11.2015 | Review

NINa is intelligent and detailed in her review. She does her homework and finds out who the artist is as a whole. What a breath of fresh air that is! This was well worth the submission fee. I can’t wait to do the next one with her.
Darice M. Kannon | 9.11.2015 | Review

NINa has done a few reviews now for my new Album songs and they have all been valuable assets to me to go along with the promotion of that song. She has a very good knowledge of music and understanding of how its structured so you feel safe in knowing she will get it, how ever obscure your piece of art is. She breaks the song down to the core of its meaning and this is hard to find with a lot of press these days. A lot of thought gets put into your review and it honest. Thanks Again
Ben | 31.08.2015 | Review

Beer Killer
Thank you so much for your review!! We really appreciate your feedback. It was a real pleasure. NINa you are wonderful.
Beer Killer | 31.07.2015 | Review

In Virgo
Working with NINa was truly a wonderful experience. Her album and song reviews are insightful, detailed, and entertaining to the reader, while also being enlightening for the musician. It is obvious that she takes every song very seriously, and spends a lot of time listening and interpreting the material. Her interviews go deep, and she asks very thoughtful questions that are relevant and refreshing. Aside from her inspirational prose, what really elevates NINa above other reviewers are her ears... she hears the details and subtleties in a composition that others easily miss, and can easily put even the most esoteric elements of a song into words. If your band is looking for some top quality press and insight from a true music connoisseur, you simply can’t go wrong with NINa and Fabryka Magazine!
Chris Egert | 15.04.2015 | Review | Interview

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