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Vein Cage - interview (2010)
2010-07-21| Katarzyna NINa Gůrnisiewicz and Marco Gariboldi | e-mail interview
NINa: So whatís the news? Iíve heard you put Vein Cage on hiatus just before releasing a new record? What was the cause for your decision?

Peter DiNardi: Time. Money. Getting pissed off at the record business. People downloading torrents of mine and othersí music.
Hey, throw a song or 2 on a CD for a friend of yours.. AWESOME AND THANKS. Download and burn my entire collection - or anyone elseís - and burn more copies. THANK YOU. But ya know FUCK YOU TOO. SADLY electricity, music gear and life experiences DO NOT grow on trees. But while your waiting for your download... go fill up your car and not pay for the fuel, go out to eat and donít pay.

Marco: Every time I read forums and social networks related to our music style... I always see the same "faces" that are mostly the same "insiders": artists, producers and so on. Do you think Industrial Rock/Metal is finished on a dead end street?

I think any genre is a dead end street. It comes up from whatever underground. It gets mixed with other styles of music. It dies in its pure form. Pretenders try again. It re-emerges. People rally and thereís a flash.. and a fizzle.. or it just lives in its momís basement next door to punk and other genres.

NINa: Exactly... It seems industrial rock is somewhat of an exclusive style of music, indeed to attract those fans who really understand its nature only. Whatís attractive about the genre for you?

I couldnít find players. I wrote it all.. I get to sing and play guitar.. and not muss with the other instruments once written. That is why itís an 'industrial whatever project'. I prefer live crews and mosh-pits to beep and boop and whine and moan.

Marco: You wrote, along with Mark Miller, the soundtrack for the independent short film "The Next Big Thing" (1996). What is the plot? Does it talk about Virtual Reality, a new digital world? Have you written new songs especially for this short film, or are you utilizing songs that have already been published?

Those were all written after talking to the the films creator, with some interesting rules. NO back beat was one of them.. The VR plot is fun and cool and tech has gotten to the point were you can jack in, and be anyone, anywhere.. (Yes, Cyberpunk utopia) So anyways. The protagonist has paid for a super long haul in his VR world and then ordered some optical upgrades. Anyways, he is living in his version of Heaven (17 circuit boarded virgins? Digital Unicorns? hehe) and itís time for whoís new super expensive optical. Implants. During the operation/upgrade it turns out his nurse is a junky and totally messes up his procedure and wrecking his eyes... virtual and real... so now he is blind and trapped and no one knows it... HELL basically. Been awhile since Iíve watched it.. but it was written as sorta a warning of the downside of man and machine.

Marco: There has always been a constant figure in your career: Mark A. Miller (Out Out). How was this friendship born? What are the three things that you most admire about him and his work? And the three things you can not stand? :)

Oh jeeze.. I met Markable Miller years ago in like Junior High school. We wound up playing music together cause Mark was the guy who had speakers and a keyboard. Anyways, it just kinda grew from there. Short version - 3 things most about Mark I admire: his production ear/skills/knowledge, he is literally one of the kindest persons I know and when ever push came to fight.. in whatever way.. he was there for me. Three things I like least Ďbout the man. If ya ask him what time it is.. he tells you how to build a clock. And 'his own ways' and I donít always agree. But in side note. There is no arguing his stance.

Marco: A little bird told me that you're also an excellent cook ;) If you could describe your music like a recipe, which ingredients would you use?

Thatís a family secret. Life experience helps.

Marco: Just to stay within the "culinary" theme, with the development of technology and the exponential increase in population over the past 50 years, our dietary habits have been distorted: from processed foods full of colorants, chemical compounds, flavor-enhancers to purple tomatoes, GMO... and so on. At this rate we will end up eating Soylent Green for real. So what is your opinion about Genetic Engineering applied to food?

Scares the crap out of me. Can see the benefits of it also. But there has GOT to be a balance between machine and nature.

NINa: I saw your picture of upside down growing tomatoes you had in your backyard last year that looked really cool. Whatís you favorite recipe for tasty vegetables?

OH lord... Salsa. Marinara sauce. Roast veg with garlic. Targon and balsamic. Simple roasted red peppers and olive oil. Mushrooms, pretty much anyway you can make em. OMNIVORE UBER ALLES.

Marco: One last question about food: the Rockefeller Foundation, Bill Gates and other giants have built in the remote Arctic Svalbard Archipelago (Norway) ( the Global Seed Vault ), where will be packed all the seeds of the world. Since all these companies have profits and interests with affiliates like Monsanto (leading producer of fertilizers, seeds, GMO), don't you think that having this monopoly in the hands of private societies is wrong?

Would the 'general public' have done this ourselves? So I guess.. nope. Their money. They can spend it on me or giant cryo-bunkers filled with...

Marco: The lyrics of your songs, talk about your emotions and your life, sometimes explicitly and others in a more implicit way. Have you ever had the feeling of being misunderstood in these regards? I have the impression that your music is really a "Cage" where you enclose your feelings. Is my interpretation wrong?

Whoís to say.. The name was picked out of a hat. The words were put in the hat for a reason. If I vented in other ways than music... well the body count... Anyways. Cage that sets ya free? Misunderstood..? Yeah, itís kinda funny. If ya know and talk to me and DONíT know Ďbout the music. People hear it/see me perform and literally are like WHAT THE FUCK DiNARDI.. thatís not you. Well, wait youíre a giant guy who wears a lot of weird clothes and huge boots... But no, you arenít that angry.. no one is... Ah well. Itís a well told story (the songs). More truth then fiction.. itís the well telling. And or some pretty harsh shit and wonderful (oddly enough) things.. And, well... next interview.

NINa: If you were asked to write a bestseller book these days, what would the plot be about?

A Cruise Line for pirate hunting trips? A tale about surviving.

NINa: Do you think swearing in the lyrics helps a song to become better noticeable or catchy?

I use it for emphasis. Always had. When I swear in mine.. thereís a reason for it. But I think a lot of musicians do it cause itís cool and helps sell with the PARENTAL ADVISORY sticker.

Marco: What do you think of this phrase attributed to Abraham Lincoln: "You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time"? Do we live in a big lie, artfully packaged?

I will counter with thereís people who talk and thereís people who walk. Iím not known for being chatty. And if we live a big lie.. then whatís the big truth?

Marco: You have entered some short clips, taken from your live shows, in the "Dying Days" videoclip. Do you have recordings and video's of your concerts? If so, are you going to publish this material in the future?

Thereís limited footage I have or Mark does. But nope, probably not.

Marco: Tell us about your musical roots, it's clear that your sound incorporates Thrash Metal and Hardcore of New York bands like Biohazard, Anthrax, S.O.D. and Prong. Which bands did you listen to when you were a kid?

I grew up hearing everything. Hating a bunch of the hippie crap acid rock ''heavy metalĒ. Much to the chagrin of people I know, hehehe. I heard the Sex Pistols at what age 6? The Stooges at 4 .. loved that stuff... and just kinda progressed. Grew up hearing literally everything going on at the time, and classical... long story short.. having had a bunch of things wrong with me growing up.. Spent a lot of time learning to move with co-ordination.. and spent a lot of the time.. banging out a four beat with the Moms so I could gain voluntary reflex control.. Lot of R&B. Yes, the evil disco. Jazz. Bigband. Swing stuff. And at like what age 10 found COLLEGE RADIO and ate up pretty much all the Hardcore. New wave. Punk. Goth etc. kinda stuff I could. And saw Agnostic Front and DitchWitch at CeebeeGeebees when I was 12.

NINa: Indeed, Iíve noticed your music includes much more hardcore and rap styles than any other band in the industrial rock/industrial metal genre. Iíd love to hear more bands playing this way because it seemed industrial rock got stuck for a while as it all turned to remixes over the last 2 years. I would call it industrial hardcore' with relief that thereís something new to give birth too. Besides a mixture of heavy metal with hardcore and a bit of industrial rock, it becomes a perfect mix thanks to the immense power of the guitars. How do you feel about being classified? Do you love it or hate it?

To me, itís my music. Whatever it comes out as. But people gotta call it something.. and Industrial Hardcore sounds a lot better then a lot of genres I reckon.

Marco: A few months ago we celebrated the memory of those fallen from the tragedy of 09/11/2001. Eight years have passed since then and the blood trail didn't stop, to the 3000 victims have been added over 100, 000 civilians and over 3, 000 U. S. soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq. The body-count continues everyday. You've proven to be very close to U.S. Forces, in your own small way, giving an advanced copy of "Tongue Through Cheek" to the U.S. soldiers. What do you think of what's happening in the Middle East?

OPSEC prevents me from saying (joke). Ya know.. I am not behind the war. Iím damn proud to be American. And well, their my friends (and other peoples family) so really ainít any kinda question bout backing any of them. Thereís a lot of good and bad going on all over the world. And I find it real funny that every one else gets away with a lot more then. Thereís a lot of right things that have to happen.. (Saddam.. not a nice feller) but for bad or wrong, incorrect reasons.
Bottom line. They have my blessing to do whatever it takes pretty much to come home alive. I think the Geneva Convention is great.. But letís all play by the same rules or there are no rules.

NINa: I think you like weapons. Whatís so cool about them?

Thereís nothing cool about them. And the second someone makes every weapon (spoon or chair or pencil) disappear and every one is nekkid, the world would be a better place. ĎTill then. Rather have them and not need them than not have them and need them.

Marco: Most religions see life as a passage to atone for our sins and then after death, if we are worthy, rising to a higher state of being, or reincarnation. Are you religious? What do you think awaits us after death?

Iím not religious, I canít and wonít believe in GOD or JESUS or ALLAH who is saying: ďHey... Go kill this guy over there cause he calls me BILL and you call me FRED...Ē Itís all pretty much the same (stolen) belief system.. I am spiritual. And well, either nothing or your just rewards.. (just please no unicorns).

Marco: I watched an incredible show called "Revelations" by one of the greatest American comedians Bill Hicks; unfortunately he died very young (here there's an excerpt). What's your point of view about drugs? Do you think that drugs like marijuana and LSD should be legalized?

Booze is far worse then weed. About as bad as LSD for the extreme of things going wrong.. SO why not.

NINa: Pot was legalized in Czech recently and they are afraid now there may be dope dealers trading pot with Polish teenagers since itís illegal to have pot in Poland. Donít you think pot destroys the brain slowly and also firmly prepares a person to take stronger drugs as a "Gateway" to the next step, or is it propaganda?

I think itís really gonna be up to the person. They will do it or not. They will be slow and stupid if they are slow and stupid. I donít think kids should smoke it growing up. Itís like booze.. gonna make ya tarded.
But like most things.. if youíre not stupid, your not gonna have a problem. If it becomes a crutch
vs. something you make a choice to do.. you got an issue.

Marco: I don't want to ask you anything about your break from music, because you were so clear on the RazorBladeDanceFloor forum, but I hope that "Tongue Through Cheek" will be published in the future, because it's AMAZING. Thank you for your availability, and if you want to remind our readers where they can purchase your music, this is the right opportunity ;)

Yeah I was wasnít I hehehe. And thanks Iím very psyched the few folks I sent it to enjoyed. Honestly I donít know. Maybe. Maybe not. Some doors once closed are better staying that way.

And if my life is chill and peaceful for the remainder... ya probably wonít be hearing too much if anything from me musically. It keeps me in check. And the bad things at bay. And personally I canít live there anymore.
If people are curious there is the veincage (at) gmail.com to email fine by me. Iím still doing creative /design for work (www.developmentanddesign.net) And recently done some musical productions for clients. But as for fielding a live crew, playing shows or going on tour.. Wonít so never. Should the circumstance present it self. Itís something I have chosen to walk away from. With my head up and not usually the kind to look back. But perhaps there will be something. Hard to say. Music is a need born from bad places. Iím trying to stay out of those darker regions. And itís a matter of time, getting ones life together. But might be doing some one of things here and there. Or perhaps in the future start a new project. Recently been asked to work on some 'evil techno' by route66promotions.com /link inactive/ , www.techno.fm, so shall see. And Iíd be lying if I said I didnít want to be playing guitar in a hardcore band. But right now and for the foreseeable future.. The musical guns are silent.

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Pictures come from Peter Dinardi's archive, all copyrights reserved by © their respective owners. Questions proofreading: Scott M. Owens.
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