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Kx (Marinho Nobre) - interview (2009)
2009-04-13 | Katarzyna NINa Górnisiewicz and Marco Gariboldi | e-mail interview
NINa: You were the driving force behind the New York based band Kx. The highest rated album was 'Tales of Agony' released in 2000. Of what I know you've considered a comeback of Kx recently. What is it that has turned you on to this idea?

Kx played a few very good shows, made some awesome music and was becoming a rather strong voice in the Industrial Metal world. Will I bring it back ? Can't say for sure. I never say never, so who knows one day? Currently, besides being pretty busy scoring films and producing other acts, my musical world is a bit distant from that one. I have spent a good deal of time studying composition, orchestration, orchestral conducting as well as learning a chunk of ethnic instruments.

There is a different musical challenge and satisfaction by writing film scores not only with classical music, but on several styles (including industrial) at times all blended. I'm also about to release a World Music CD soon and I am very proud of what is coming out of it. But since industrial and metal are pretty much in my blood, you never know...

NINa: I really enjoyed listening to the previews of "Unpipe"," Rainmaker", "Diver's Dance" and the almost southern rock or blues song "Good Time" which gave me an idea about the diversity of the songs included on the album. What other songs brought a following to 'Tales of Agony' released 3 years after the debut album? Why did the band quit later on?

We actually recorded the entire follow up for that CD, called "DNA". It was completed right after Sept 11 2001 (hence the American flag with the Bug on the cover) and shortly before Kx disbanded. Labels expressed some interest but nothing really went forward after that. Although I was getting ready to pursue an indie release, back then it wasn't as simple as it is today, so it ended up never happening. Also, politics and corporate manipulation began right then and there turning the entire music scene into the pathetic little circus it is today, another noble reason for not going forward, at least for the time being.. I really do miss the stage, the vibe and the crunch. Just don't miss the political crap nor the cookie-cutter approach on how music is being handled at the present day...

As far as the break up there were personal problems and differences involving myself and one of the band members, who at the time besides being a very close friend, was also becoming a very important figure in the line up. Those events lead him to leave and since then, we have never spoke. Sad. Psychologically for me, it was the perfect turning point to take a break, and since I was already pretty much involved with composing for film, I ended up devoting most of my time to that, along with some other cool projects from time to time.

NINa: 'Tales of Agony' features a guest appearances of Biohazard's Evan Seinfeld. Where did you meet the very first time, and what was the deciding factor for him to make an appearance on the album finally?

Evan is the coolest. We met each other just by hanging out in the scene, since both of our bands were active and playing out. Around that time, the metal scene was burning with life in NY... Some of my greatest years ever in this town... One of the bands that always did it for me was Biohazard. Along with Sepultura, they were it (and still are...) I knew all the guys in the band and Evan came to live in Astoria (my neighborhood to these days) for a while. One day, hanging at his apartment, I mentioned to him about this new industrial/rap/epic song I was putting together and asked it to give it some thought as far as collaborating on it. Some time went by and I did not hear from him. Then one night, after cutting a rough dub, I called him and played a portion of it over the phone. He was in bed with his girlfriend and there was a high winter blizzard dusting NY outside. We hang up and I forgot all about it.

About half an hour later my doorbell rang, I opened the door, and there he was, mounted on his bike with a snow frost on his moustache holding a small piece of paper with some lyrics scrabbled on it. I never forgot that image, it was so surreal. He trimmed up his portion of the lyrics right then and there and in about 3 takes delivered a blast performance, which is pretty much (other than some very small editing) what you hear in that song now. A pretty amazing session, with a pretty amazing dude. We haven't spoken in a real long time. There was also the presence of "Rebble Dainja" a great rapper from Staten Island on that song and I could not dear to omit it... He was pretty awesome and another great artist I haven't seen in quite sometime as well. Many great musicians from that era have gotten busy with other affairs and went their own separate ways. Kind of sad..

NINa: If you decided to make the new album under Kx flag would it be a concept album including your music scoring experience, or just sheer hardcore/metal/industrial tunes?

That's a great question... It would definitely be a concept album, following the heritage of both "Tales of Agony" and "DNA" albums. They both basically expose a real shitty world covered with hypocrisy and use sarcasm throughout most of it's lyrical content. Musically I believe there would probably be a great leap in evolution, I guess a plain influence of all the new things I have learned since then... I would definitely not put any barriers as to what could become a blend and by default that would give Kx's music a nice facelift.

Marco: I’ve read that you've composed several sound libraries. Are they for your personal use or for sale?

Just mine. The reason I come up with them is so I won't sound like others and others won't sound like me. I like it like that.

Marco: Are you more at your leisure writing music as result of your own inspiration, or following a script as in the case of soundtracks?

My first priority when it comes to that is to serve the vision of the film director through my music. By knowing his vision and where he wants to go with the music, I then adapt it to what I do and get to work. I have been extremely lucky with most of the filmmakers I work with, as most of the time, they give me a hint and pretty much give me carte blanche to do whatever I want. It became their knowledge that I am able to bring the intensity needed to their work through my skills and there is a great deal of trust from both ends.

Marco: Brazilians have a unique quality in the world: they transmit joy and happiness, even in moments of difficulty they don’t abandon faith and hope. In your home-page there’s a suggestive picture that says “Marinho Nobre World Citizen”. Have you ever suffered of Saudade now that you live in New York?

Some of the greatest people in the world indeed. So much heart, so much love. I am however, a Brasilian who will only smile when I have a reason. More power to everyone else... It bothers me a little that we have such an image of happy dancing paradise birds who do nothing but dance and fuck. The media paints a very false picture of what the reality of the people in Brasil is like today. There is hope in form of faith, but not all smiles, not all joy I'm afraid. Pele, Cafe, Carnaval... Samba... Futebol... Sooo beautiful... All those great slogans to bring tourism, money, and sell a completely fake saint's image of it's management to the rest of the world...

In the mean time, poverty, violence, corruption and massive unemployment all supervised by a disgustingly sold out government who basically couldn't give a rat's ass about the poor and needy. They cause the lives of millions to be in constant suffering while the media promotes their "we'll be fine" hypocrisy on TV sets nationwide. Evil dictatorship with a green coat. Just like the paradise birds... I mean, watch the Amazon territory going into the void over the greed of politicians and lobbyists. These guys, yes... Ohh... yes, those... They are all smiles... They will certainly fill up a room with joy!

Do I miss home? Yes!!! Haven't been there in over 3 years. Miss my family, my friends, my country of birth, the great food and friendly people in the streets. I plan to head back for a nice break when work allows me, which hopefully should be sooner than later...

"World Citizen" is my upcoming world music cd and there is one song called "Saudade" (hey, are you a psychic?). LOL! It's an entirely instrumental record, it will bring works with several of my influences. From techno, rock, Middle Eastern, African, Brazilian, Oriental and Celtic music styles as well as some music coming from my dark little world. (Yes, that Kx very depressed part of me...) A real salad of music that is. I'm playing 12 different instruments on it and having a true musical blast. (now Smiling...)

Marco: Let’s talk about an exceptional artist, that has influenced the lives of countless people with his wonderful books, who doesn't know of "O Alquimista"? Obviously I am speaking of Paulo Coelho. What do you think of his works? Did they inspire you?

Paulo is a genius and unlike some other people, he makes me very proud of my heritage. His book "The Alchemyst" has made a landmark in my life. Although I might deny it unstoppably, it probably had a serious retroactive impact on a couple of tracks on my new CD. We are connected on Myspace and every now and then exchange some cool thoughts. It's interesting you have brought him up, he turns out to be one of my favorite writers. (yes you are a psychic!)

Marco: Do you think that this major current global crisis is the result of greed and human ignorance, hence an indirect result of our failure, or is there a design behind it? Is this crisis desired to achieve a particular target (objective)?

This crisis was entirely created by the governments, banks and the media in order for them to do what they do best: rip the world off and come out as heroes. In the account of that vanity and sadly, many heads are gonna roll... Heads of good honest hard working people who have never done anything wrong to anyone.

No, none of that is a result of our failure. Why are we to blame, since we are still doing what we always did and only now the shit has hit the fan?? This is all a result of the insane greed and unquenchable thirst for money that bankers and politicians have caused. A minority in power which is basically devastating in every manner a planet which belongs to all it's people,turning it into a real crappy place to be. "Lot's make little so a few can make a lot". Does that sound familiar ?

Marco: In the past you've worked with Sepultura on the "Nation" album. I am a great admirer of this band and I think that "Roots" is one of the most interesting albums of the 90’s, with his perfect mix of thrash metal and traditional music of the indigenous Brazilians. Have you ever thought to produce an album with a similar sound, combining your Brazilian roots with heavy guitars and electronic sounds?

They are one of my favorite bands. Friends with the whole band for years and hardcore fan. Andreas is an incredible musician and composer. He has such a guitar playing style and influenced thousands of new guitar players all over the world. We have played together a few times and I look forward to the day we get to fully collaborate on a new musical work. As far as doing the ethno techno metal blend, sure I do, I've been doing pretty much that with my music, including on some film scores, except that I do not restrict the ethnic portion to be just from Brasil, but from all over the world.

I thought of coming up with something on the harder side, and still might, but will only get so close to what that is. See, Sepultura already did that, and they did a heck of a job!! My goal is to create trends and not to follow them.

NINa: Is New York still the right place for hardcore bands as Texas seemingly is for the industrial metal scene?

New York is a great place to be, even though much of the nostalgia, rock vibe and pretty much most of the great clubs are now gone. With that and very sadly, many of the hardcore bands as well. (Yes, them bankers and politicians...)

I support and when time becomes available between film scores, produce many bands and solo artists that work from here. There is so much talent, not just in industrial or metal but on all it's variations,as well as other styles of music. I heard Texas has a great scene, as well as Arizona. I normally travel to LA, Canada and other states in order close film scoring work, then bring it home. Something with New York that keeps you here... Even with greedy bastards hicking smokes at $10 bucks a pack ! LOL!!!

NINa: Any work that resembles what you did with Kx lately?

I will be starting a score this summer for a Hollywood sci-fi feature film called "The Human Race" by director Paul Hough from an indie studio called Tripod Pictures. Paul is an avid Kx fan and it all looks like the score may take much of that direction. The soundtrack CD along with my world music CD "World Citizen" and Kx's second album "DNA" will be out late this summer on iTunes and 15 more outlets.

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Pictures come from Kx archive. Pictures of Marinho Nobre by Jade Callahan. 2009 © All copyrights reserved.
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