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Halo In Reverse - interview (2008)
2008-09-24 | Katarzyna NINa Górnisiewicz and Marco Gariboldi | e-mail interview
NINa: Finally there's a full CD filled up with your older and newer tracks both refreshed and ready for sale. The sound improvement is really noticeable. What exactly have you corrected in your tracks?

Josh: Well I added some stuff to the songs, mixed them completely differently using some new gear. The correction is really in an upgrade in EQ's and Compression, and obviously the mastering tools I was using. Everything is really just kinda right in the pocket now. Big difference in sound quality, including the release of an instrumental track Acubens, the last track on the CD.

Marco: You are an independent artist so what is the best way to promote your project? After the Internet revolution are record labels still important in 2008? Are you looking for a contract or do you want to manage your career by yourself?

Josh: The best way I have found is to promote through Myspace, it's become a huge tool for promotion. Record labels are definitely still important, the problem with labels these days is most of them have their heads up their asses. Unless your already doing EVERYTHING on your own they don't want to be bothered investing the money in you. Which is a real shame. The music industry has changed for the worse, they don't invest in talent anymore. They want an act that already has everything so they can turn a quick buck. If I can find the right deal then yes I'm looking for a contract with a label, as long as it's not completely one sided and they try and own me or my music for all of eternity. Some of these guys are real crooks and think yo, the artist, are just a complete moron and will readily sign anything.

NINa: You've been following and improving this predatory guitar driven type of industrial rock music which has been associated to NIN's Broken EP release. Do you remember your thoughts on that album after the very first listening?

Josh: I loved the Broken EP, best thing they ever did.

Marco: You did a couple of cool remixes for Claus Larsen's main project Leather Strip. Are there any other songs that you want to manipulate with?

Josh: Yeah I'm up for remixing anything I'm actually into, I can't remix anything I'm not feeling. Hell though if there are any good acts out there that want some remixes done, I love doing them its a lot of fun.

Marco: You're collaborating with an interesting band The Malice Note as a co-producer and mixing their E.P. Do you feel at ease as a producer? Will you produce other bands or you're going to stay focused on your solo project only?

Josh: Yeah I feel completely at ease as a producer as long as it's music I enjoy. If I enjoy the music it's a piece of cake producing and mixing it. I'm completely open to producing other bands projects, it's just a matter of them approaching me to do it, and of course if I'm into what they are doing. If I'm not into their sound or what they are doing, I'm not going to do the best job for them.

NINa: Are you going to sink into remixing job as other bands of the style have been doing these days? What's your opinion about the remix releases put out instead of completely new albums with original tracks?

Josh: Like I said I'll do remixes, I love doing them. I think the remix albums are always interesting. I like it when those doing the remixes take the songs and make it their own, using only the original vocal tracks and making all new music. That becomes interesting to listen to. I can't stand remixes that are all the original tracks that are just reorganized, that's completely and utterly boring.

Marco: I've read that your songs were used in various soundtracks. If you were given a chance to write your own soundtrack what kind of movie should it be for?

Josh: Hehehe what kind of movie would it be. It would be a movie about a person struggling with themselves and their own inner demons. A person with principals who enjoys things he knows aren't good or right but can't help indulging in them, later struggling with the fact that he feels like a complete hypocrite, and is disgusted with himself even more so for that reason. He knows the right things to do, but struggles with them on a daily basis, to the point of self destruction.

Marco: Since your music sounds so emotional I?m wondering about what your studio room design looks like? I mean are there any paintings, lights, books, or other furniture that inspire you?

Josh: Haha no actually it's pretty simple nothing artistic around at all, I like things simple in my environment. My inspirations are things that happen in my life and my own personal struggles.

NINa: Subscribers of your blog were informed about your father's health state weekly and his final death at the beginning of 2008. Was he interested in your music or did he plan any other future for you?

Josh: My father was %100 supportive of my music, he believed in me with everything. He always said to me: "You will succeed in music, it's just going to take the right person to discover you". He always told me it will happen just be patient. He always pushed me to do better though.

NINa: You are an American living on a dangerous ground these days. What are the differences you have noticed for the last couple of years in your daily life?

Josh: The differences in my daily life over the years..... I've noticed the misinformation and half truths presented by the mainstream media here in the US. MSNBC, NBC, ABC, etc. Its completely slanted and it disgusts me. The misinformation and agenda's pushed by the mainstream media scare the crap out of me, and I think it's really quite dangerous. I see so many of them with their heads so far up Barrack Obama's ass I think they could sneeze and hit his lungs. They take sides and disgusts me, there is no fair journalism anymore from supposed "journalists". It's become Democrat against Republican instead of voting for the person and holding both candidates feet to the fires TRUTHFULLY.

The shit in this country is going to hit the fan real hard and real soon. I see attacks against Gov Palin's 17 year old daughter by the major media, yet no one has questioned Obama on his 20 year relationship with a known terrorist William Ayers, leader of the weather underground. A group that bombed the state capitol 30 years ago. When questioned about the bombing Ayers stated "We didn't do enough". Obama when asked about him replied that he is "respectable and mainstream".

The Weathermen have been described by Ayers as "An American red army." In 1969 the Weather Underground issued a formal declaration of war on America. And by the way, America is spelled A M E R I KKK A. Sound familiar? Is there anybody else in Barack Obama's life that has described U.S. of KKK A? They attempted to incite white student radicals to engage in terrorist activities that would provoke a race war in America, spelled with three Ks. White radicals would shed their white skin privilege to aid third world peoples in plundering the ill gotten wealth of the United States. Ayers summed up the ideology as, quote, and I quote William Ayers: Kill all the rich people. Break up their cars and apartments. Bring the revolution home. Kill your parents.

This is the man Obama has been friends with for 20 years and began his campaign when running for senate from his home. Yet nobody brings that up in the news.

I am living on dangerous grounds these days, and unfortunately it seems to be coming from within my own country going completely ignored by the press. Instead they would rather focus on Sarah Palin's 17 year old daughter or make accusations of her being a homophobe. Common, give me a break. Why is that? Why is it that a person after only 2 weeks of being nominated the republican VP candidate, is attacked by the media so harshly and falsely, yet Obama who has been running for president for nearly 18 months now has yet to be questioned about his relationship with a home grown terrorist, with firm beliefs in socialism and communism. I just don't get it.

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Pictures come from Halo In Reverse archive, all copyrights reserved by © Halo In Reverse.
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