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Country: US
Founded: 1988
Disbanded: -
Members: Johnathan Case, Zach Wager
Albums: The Way Back Down (2006), The Opposite of Myself (2009)
Reviews: The Opposite of Myself, Less Than Perfect (single), The Way Back Down
Interviews: -
Downloads: Free albums
Bio: Bound in Oblivion is an industrial band based out of Portland, Oregon. Johnathan Case was a member of 16volt (engineered and recorded Let Down Crush album and performed with the band during their live shows). Along with Zach Wager, Eric Bergen (NVEiN), Vex March (Particle Son) and Travis Geny they've been playing in a new band called Dead Animal Assembly Plant since 2009.
Associated acts: Dead Animal Assembly Plant, NVEiN
Date Added: 01/06/2008 Visits: 833
Country: US
Founded: 2001
Disbanded: -
Members: Nathanael Mathias Weiss
Albums: Afear (2007), An Exit (2008), 3 - Appendix (2009)
Reviews: Afear
Interviews: 2008
Bio: Bullets boasts a deep catalog of music, including the epic 2007 debut album, Afear. Afear covers a wide breadth of material, from childhood to adolescence to adulthood, on to the cusp of transcendence. With strong driving beats, this "Genius in schizophrenia" (NINa, Fabryka Industrial Rock) slides easily between lyrical poetry and heavy metal rock melody. In 2008, Bullets followed up with An Exit, an EP loaded with experimental challenging remixes.*
Source: http://bulletsburning.com/about
Associated acts: -
Date Added: 08/05/2012 Visits: 758
Country: US
Founded: 1993
Disbanded: 1995
Members: Chris Bradshaw, Sean Beavan, Mick Cripps, Charlie Clouser
Albums: The Frozen Lies (2006)
Reviews: The Frozen Lies
Interviews: Burning Retna (2006), Sean Beavan (2006)
Bio: Formed in 1993 by former LA Guns member Mick Cripps. Based in Los Angeles, the original line up consisted of the aforementioned Mr. Cripps (Guitar and Keyboards), Chris Bradshaw (Lead Vocal) and former Weirdos Drummer Nickey Alexander. Nicky soon left to join The Cramps and Charlie Clouser was recruited as his replacement (drums and programming) with Sean Beavan (bass, vocals, and additional programming) joining shortly thereafter. With its new line up complete, Burning Retna continued to record extensively throughout 94 and 1995, before work commitments forced Sean to leave the project in order to concentrate on his career as a producer.
At this point, Mick's fellow LA Guns colleague Kelly Nickels joined on bass and whilst the new line up continued to write and record new material, Burning Retna decided to unleash itself on an unsuspecting world and numerous live shows in the LA area shortly followed. The project eventually evolved into television soundtrack production and ambient scores, however Retna was to disband later that year as Charlie left to join Nine Inch Nails. (Myspace)
Associated acts: Nine Inch Nails, Sean Beavan, Charlie Clouser, LA Guns
Date Added: 01/06/2008 Visits: 932
Country: US
Founded: 1999
Disbanded: -
Members: Scott 'Klayton' Albert
Albums: Celldweller (2003), The Beta Cessions (2004), Soundtrack For The Voices In My Head Vol. 01 (2008), The Complete Cellout Vol. 01 (2011), Wish Upon A Blackstar (2012), Soundtrack For The Voices In My Head Vol. 02 (2012), Live Upon A Blackstar (2012), Transmissions: Vol. 01 ‎(2014), End Of An Empire - Chapter 01: Time (2014), End Of An Empire - Chapter 02: Love (2014), End Of An Empire - Chapter 03: Dreams (2015), End Of An Empire - Chapter 04: Death (2015), End Of An Empire (2015), Transmissions: Vol. 02 (2015), Transmissions: Vol. 03 (2016)
Reviews: Celldweller, The Beta Cessions
Interviews: 2007
Bio: Celldweller is a Detroit, Michigan-based industrial rock project that was created by multi-instrumentalist Klayton who was a former frontman and songwriter for the bands Circle of Dust, Argyle Park and Angeldust (with Criss Angel).
Celldweller songs have frequently appeared in movies, trailers, television shows and video games. He's recorded a lot of remixes as well as he encouraged his fans to remix Celldweller songs. Klayton turned to electronic, trance, drum'n'bass and dupstep styles of music in late oughties expressing his departure from guitar driven music.
Associated acts: Argyle Park, Circle of Dust, Blue Stahli
Date Added: 10/28/2016 Visits: 955
Country: US
Founded: 1994
Disbanded: -
Members: Jeff Bellew, Scott 'Klayton' Albert, John Stewart, Mark Salomon
Albums: Despite (1994)
Reviews: Despite
Interviews: -
Bio: CHATTERbOX was one of the first bands to release an album on Tooth & Nail Records back in 1994.
Associated acts: Celldweller, Circle of Dust, Argyle Park
Date Added: 08/05/2012 Visits: 888
Country: US
Founded: 1989-1997, 2004
Disbanded: -
Members: Jared Louche, Marc Plastic (Oliver), Jason Bazinet, Wade Alin, Phil DiSiena
Albums: Burn Out At The Hydrogen Bar (1993), East Side Militia (1996), Oxidizer (2004)
Reviews: Burn Out At The Hydrogen Bar, Magnetic Fields Remixes + 10 Ton Pressure, East Side Militia, Machine Age, Oxidizer, Rock Whore Vs. Dance Floor
Interviews: 2005
Bio: Chemlab is a coldwave and industrial rock (or “machine rock”) band formed in Washington D.C. in 1989 by Dylan Thomas More and Jared Louche with the help of short-time member Joe Frank. Influenced by the pioneers of the industrial genre, such as Throbbing Gristle, Chemlab brought a rough, experimental approach to their music. Their first album, “Burn Out at the Hydrogen Bar”, recorded at famed Chicago Trax studio, is considered to be one of the top ten most influential cult Industrial records. Chemlab broke up in 1997 and reformed in 2004 with Jared as the only original member.
Associated acts: SMP, Filter, mindFIELD, Ministry, My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult, Pigface, The Final Cut, KMFDM, Acumen Nation
Date Added: 01/06/2008 Visits: 879
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