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Darragh J O'Hehir (REAL) - Power & Corruption - short song review
[Rock] Power & Corruption [Reviews]
Malicious Wonderland - Wasteland - short album review
[Dark ambient] Wasteland [Reviews]
Process Void - Dreams of Departure - EP short review
[Post-punk/goth] Dreams of Departure [Review]
Personal collection of gemstones
As one of Dragons, I always enjoy collecting something. Minerals and gemstones captured my attention in mid-1980s then they ended up in a box, abandoned. After 30 years I returned to this hobby since minerals are so easy to buy online, and cheaply thesedays. Thus I've extended my collection which now includes almost 150 rough & tumbled pieces. I'm progressively adding descriptions and healing properties (just as I feel their vibration) to a page dedicated to said collection which you can see here. Picture dimensions vary between 400 - 750 px, so if you're on the phone, give it some time to lead please. Thanks for watching!
Update: I've added a few new stones to the collection on 07/07/17 - kunzite, danburite, tanzanite, green calcite, strawberry quartz and rough sodalite.
3hree Handed Magic - Warrior! - song short review
[Rock] Warrior! [Reviews]
3hree Handed Magic - Steal The Show! - song short review
[Rock, electronic] Steal The Show! [Reviews]
Sonny Hunter - three short song reviews
[Rock, jazz] You Want Attention, Anxious, Times In Life [Reviews]
Interview with Malice Machine (2017)
Malice Machine - interview (2017) - read it here.

Ammo & Sepsis: When we finally pulled our project together, the genre moved away from potential commercial success by morphing into various sub-genres which also divided the unity of cultural identity.
Commit Samantha - The Fallen - song review
[Alternative rock] The Fallen [Review]
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[non-industrial] Gianluca John Attanasio - Beyond2Doors
Elitefitrea - Lethe [review]
[Non-industrial] Nine Plan Failed - Father, Father
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Retaliate of Anger - Final Echo

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