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Hendrik Jan Vermeulen - Krieg
[Spoken word, in memoriam] Krieg [Review]
Horifice releases 3 new videos against the war in Syria
Australian electronic/experimental duo Horifice has released 3 new music videos related to the war in Syria: 'Syria 2016', 'Walk', and 'You Cannot Be Syrias'. The latter was written, according to the band, as a 'shout-out of solidarity and compassion to all the Metalheads of Syria, to all the Metal bands that can't exist in their own country or have split up, been made refugees, or even killed'. It's because 'before the war, Syria's Metal scene was very much alive and kicking' as the duo stated on the video page. You can watch the vids on Horifice's YouTube channel. Click Extended News to watch 'You Cannot Be Syrias' music video single.
Syrian metal is a topic of a documentary video by Monzer Darwish - an article about it was published on The Atlantic magazine 2 years ago.
Horifice on: SoundCloud | Twitter
Two short reviews - Super Monaco EP & Hendrik Jan Vermeulen's song
Super Monaco Super Monaco EP, 2016, melodic rock, 80s pop-rock, hair rock; Hendrik Jan Vermeulen 'Brüder', 2016, rock
Find them here: selected short reviews
Toby Poynter - The Comeback - song review
[Alternative rock] The Comeback [Review]
Two short song reviews - Shadows & Mirrors and Artphixia
Shadows & Mirrors 'In The Dark', 2016, electro-darkwave, dance; Artphixia 'An Artificial Heaven', 2016, industrial, horror
Find them here: selected short reviews
Dumb Hole - Bravest of the Galaxy album review
[Alt-rock] Bravest of the Galaxy [Review]
Moon Pigeon - So Far - song review
[Alternative rock] So Far [Review]
Interview with Darice M. Kannon (DMK)
Darice M. Kannon - interview (2016) - read it here.
Darice, a writer and musician, had an interesting concept of merging both of her interests. She wrote a book titled Condemned and illustrated the emotions of the book's characters through songs, gathered on an album with the same title.

Darice M. Kannon: Find your authentic voice no matter what anyone thinks and build the empire behind you. Also, outline your story. Without a spine to follow, it's possible to quit because you lose your voice and begin to question yourself.
Interview with David Arkenstone
David Arkenstone - interview (2016) - read it here.
American composer & multi-instrumentalist David Arkenstone paints atmospheric landscapes and thus, he's frequently present in movie and video game projects. Games such as World of Warcraft, Lands of Lore 2 and 3, Earth and Beyond, and Emperor: Battle for Dune (to name a few) already include David's scores. Having released over 45 albums and several soundtracks for film and TV, he also received three Grammy nominations for In the Wake of the Wind (1992), Citizen of the World (2000), and Atlantis (2004).

David Arkenstone: I believe I have a gift that I work on cultivating every day. I am a vessel that music pours out of. At times I can direct it, other times it feels like I have no control over it. I have received many communications from people who claim to have had spiritual awakenings through my music, so I can say that to some degree, I believe I am a messenger.
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