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NINa's woodworking - chest boxes and tealight holders available now
I've been making unique tealight holders (themes: rock/metal, occult, various), chest boxes (themes: royal, Victorian, Goth, rock/metal) and useful wooden matchboxes (includes matches & a tealight) since April 2014. They can be seen and purchased now, so don't hesitate - check them out, buy (worldwide shipping), tell your friends about them!
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-NINa (Fabryka Magazine CEO)
Professional music review with a bonus interview - rock, metal, industrial
Update 2: MINI-REVIEWS: I offer 600-1000 character-long mini-reviews, which you can use for promotional and commercial purposes based on a non-exclusive commercial license. Unlike full reviews however, the mini-reviews are not published on Fabryka Magazine's pages, blogs or social networks.
About mini-reviews | examples

Update 1: BONUS: If you submit 1-2 albums (must be between 11-20 songs max) for my detailed music review, I can also do a promotional interview inc. 3 original questions (via email). Both will be published on Fabryka Magazine and major social networks (Last.FM, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Blogger, Tumblr). Required music genres: metal, rock, guitar driven industrial, dark ambient. More info about this bonus. Example interviews: click.

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N17 - a reunion show and video interview
Phoenix based IMTelevision did an interview with N17 on the very day of their reunion show in April 2015. You can watch it here along with the concert footage (or click Extended news to launch a player).
Related news.
In Virgo - interview
In Virgo - interview (2015) - read this interview here
Chris Hodges: Performing for the wounded warriors at Camp Pendleton was one of the highlights of my musical career. It was a special moment, because a lot of them had just landed back in the states from Iraq, and they were so excited and welcoming to us. I got to meet some very brave soldiers who lost their limbs only two weeks prior, but the energy and passion they brought to the show with them was unforgettable.
Chris Egert: Although many of the songs are musically very high energy, they all echo the lyrical themes very closely. (...) As a result, the album undulates between light and dark, and the songs evoke a wide range of emotions and feelings, from hauntingly beautiful to dripping with anger and animosity… all the while being driven by a huge rock sound.
In Virgo - debut album review
[Industrial rock/metalcore] In Virgo (2015) [Review]
Man. Machine.Industry 'Box of Horrors' new album
After the five week tour supporting Raubtier, producer/front-man J. Bergman and his MMI have recently finished recording the up coming new album Box Of Horrors due to be released fall of 2015. According to J.B, it is "the heaviest but yet, most melodic album I have ever written". As always J.B produced and wrote the album himself but had some help with a couple of chorus lines from producer/songwriter and friend Erik Mĺrtensson (Eclipse, W.E.T). J.B plays all instruments on this new album but for the purpose of a few songs he also invited several guest musicians such as Anders Sevebo, Mattias Johansson, Anders Plassgĺrd and Karin Westerberg from the TV show Sĺ Ska Det Lĺta who is playing piano on one track.
Source: Killing Machine Productions | Facebook
Maximum Sexy Pigeon in Carmageddon: Reincarnation
Everybody knows what's karma and what it can do to humans. Then, everybody is also aware of the powerful word Armageddon. Mix the two and you'll get Carmageddon - a brutal, freeform racing game which was released for MS-DOS in 1997, followed by two sequels (1998 & 2000). Carmageddon: Reincarnation is the newest version (a reboot) of the game.
The gaming industry is finally about to pay attention to Fabryka Magazine's favourite industrial metal act from Sydney, Australia - Maximum Sexy Pigeon thanks to having their original songs featured in the game. The first Carmageddon tracklist contains instrumental versions of Fear Factory's songs from their Demanufacture album and also tunes by Lee Groves. This time, since the game is an indie self-published title, the developer had decided to go for independent bands - MSP and Morgue (UK). Click Extended News to listen to one of MSP's tracks for the game and to watch a game video trailer.

Moreover, MSP has been working on their new album called Refinery which is almost completed, according to Yok Rzeznic (songwriting, vocals, bass, guitar). Yok and his long term collaborator A.D. (songwriting, vocals, guitar; in bands Flood Of Rain, Viral Millennium) put together a few remakes off their first EP, a number of tracks from Carmageddon: Reincarnation soundtrack, and some songs you've never heard yet.
Read NINa's review of MSP Unfit For Human Consumption EP v2 EP and an interview with the band (2013).

Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, the game will be finally released on May 21, 2015, according to the developer's (Stainless Games) recent news.
Sekten7 - 'Burn The Sky' new music video
Sekten7 posted a new music video for the song 'Burn The Sky'. You can watch it on YouTube or click Extended News to launch th player.
Sekten7 reviews on Fabryka Magazine.
N17 - a video from their latest show
The legendary industrial metal band N17 (November 17) hasn't released any new music since 1999 but if you're lucky and living in US, you can catch them on stage sometime. One of the latest shows was at Club Red Theaters, Arizona on April 11th, 2015. Thanks to Damon17 and Rudy T Reilly, we've got a video! Click Extended news to watch it.
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