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NINa's woodworking - chest boxes and tealight holders available now
I've been making unique tealight holders (themes: rock/metal, occult, various), chest boxes (themes: royal, Victorian, Goth, rock/metal) and useful wooden matchboxes (includes matches & a tealight) since April 2014. They can be seen and purchased now, so don't hesitate - check them out, buy (worldwide shipping), tell your friends about them!
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-NINa (Fabryka Magazine CEO)
Professional music review with a bonus interview - rock, metal, industrial
Update 2: MINI-REVIEWS: I offer 600-1000 character-long mini-reviews, which you can use for promotional and commercial purposes based on a non-exclusive commercial license. Unlike full reviews however, the mini-reviews are not published on Fabryka Magazine's pages, blogs or social networks.
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Update 1: BONUS: If you submit 1-2 albums (must be between 11-20 songs max) for my detailed music review, I can also do a promotional interview inc. 3 original questions (via email). Both will be published on Fabryka Magazine and major social networks (Last.FM, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Blogger, Tumblr). Required music genres: metal, rock, guitar driven industrial, dark ambient. More info about this bonus. Example interviews: click.

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Catchy industrial tunes from Horifice - a debut
Horifice is a new project from Australia. They've recently released a brand new track called "Supermarket DJ", inspired by, guessing right, specials announcement in a local supermarket. This hooky song will be released on War Against All Odds album and is kept in vein of industrial vibe as best known from KMFDM and older Ministry tracks. Listen to this song on SoundCloud or click 'Extended News' to launch a player.
Beer Killer - What Else - song review
[Hardcore/punk] What Else [Review]
Cerakai - Against It - song review
[Punk/British rock] Against It [Review]
Unit:187's Tod Law passed away on June 21, 2015
From From Unit:187

It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that we have learned of the passing of our friend and band mate Tod Law last evening (June 21st, at 10:10pm) after an extended battle with Leukemia. He wanted us to keep everything private, and we were optimistic that he was going to pull through and come back as strong as he always was, but sadly this was not the case. Tod was the the driving force behind Unit:187 for over 20 years and loved industrial music and being a voice and presence on stage, always making our shows great. We ask that you take a moment to put on a 187 track in his Honour. He will be truly missed.
Johnny, Chris, and Ross.

Source: Facebook
Discography: Discogs
Ronan Le Barbare debut album review
[Instrumental metal] Ronan Le Barbare [Review]
Tengger Cavalry 'Horseman' song review
[Mongolian folk metal] Horseman [Song review]
N17 - latest show footage
A new video of N17 performing some of their best tracks - 'Grip' & 'B.A.A.L.' live at Club Red west theater on April 4th, 2015.
Click Extended News to watch the video or go to YouTube.
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Thousands of years separate us and still we face the same internal demons. We're not so different after all. SkumF***erz could be a metaphor for doing the things you need to do even when others around us don't agree with that stand. A tough son of a bitch who isn't afraid to get their hands dirty. Marazene (2006)
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