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Update 2: MINI-REVIEWS: I offer 600-1000 character-long mini-reviews, which you can use for promotional and commercial purposes based on a non-exclusive commercial license. Unlike full reviews however, the mini-reviews are not published on Fabryka Magazine's pages, blogs or social networks.
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Update 1: BONUS: If you submit 1-2 albums (must be between 11-20 songs max) for my detailed music review, I can also do a promotional interview inc. 3 original questions (via email). Both will be published on Fabryka Magazine and major social networks (Last.FM, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Blogger, Tumblr). Required music genres: metal, rock, guitar driven industrial, dark ambient. More info about this bonus. Example interviews: click.

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Al Jourgensen - new project Dubweiser, divorce
According to Blabbermouth, Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen has announced he established a new project called Dubweiser to record a debut album called King Of Dubs. No details were enclosed yet.
He also relocated to Southern California and gotten divorced from his wife Angelina Lukacin (12 years together, she's a co-founder and the driving force behind the 13th Planet record label).
Bile - new project
According to industrial metal band Bile, their members have formed a new project called The Prime Time Losers and will be performing their first show at The Delancy NYC on July 4th. (the show has been canceled)
Cybertoyz - Undo.Exit album review
[Metal/electronic] Undo.Exit (2014) [Review]
Ricktor Ravensbrück (Electric Hellfire Club) joins Skrew
According to industrial thrash metal band Skrew:
SKREW is proud to announce the addition of Ricktor Ravensbrück on guitar! Herr Ravensbrück is a member of industrial metal gothfathers Electric Hellfire Club and he also leads his own blackened band of demon worshipers Wolfpack 44.
Skrew will have their newest Universal Immolation album out on July 4th, 2014. More on this topic in the news.
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult releases a new album
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult has a new album called Spooky Tricks with 12 songs on the tracklist. Click Extended News to launch a music player.
Methods of reviewing music - article
I wrote an article about reviewing music, how to do it and what should be avoided. It is based on the latest 13 years of my experience with providing bands with reviews. Read it here.
Be My Enemy - new album release date
According to the UK based industrial rock project Be My Enemy led by Phil Barry (ex-Cubanate), the newest The Enemy Within album will be out on 06/18/2014 (CD and digital download).
Interview with Spookshow inc.
I think what is important for all of us, is to try to rise the level of consciousness and awareness - to talk to our inner self rather than catch up with and follow the tempo of "progress" and madness of the modern world in general. It is a big market place out there: the system really got accelerated. I mean we get offers to put on and try out new stuff - be it glasses (what about these Google glasses – do we really need it?), political and media campaigns, whatever. During one single day that is sick.
Read the entire interview: here.
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