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Fabryka Magazine - transformation and ending
Since July 2016, Fabryka Magazine has turned into Industrial Rock & Metal Encyclopedia. All so far published articles, reviews, interviews, podcasts, photo galleries, free legal music, etc. will remain available on-line.
Since August 2020 Fabryka will not accept music for review or artists for interview opportunities.
The reason is that NINa is giving up on music as she turns to metaphysics and Tarot card readings. She's been skilled in that matter too and feels a need to align with her life path further. She offers personal readings and insight into various problems, blockages and situations (freelancing, work, love, Twin Flames, self-improvement, karma, soul & shadow work, etc. but not health related). You can find her new blog here (mostly in her native language, Polish).

A word from NINa: You probably met me on Myspace around 2005 or Twitter a bit later, as I held back myself from joining FB anytime ;) Making Fabryka was a mission I received from the Universe in early 2000's to collect everything related to industrial rock and metal music on one website. It was to create a little community joined by a common passion, to gather and share knowledge, to recognize who's authentic. The missions is a success but after 19 years of dedication the Universe told me it's time to close not just a chapter but the whole book and write another one. I've mastered what I was supposed to, and it's time to offer my skills, attention and knowledge somewhere else :)

I was able to experience music both as a fan and journalist, music reviewer, rarely a podcaster too. Yes, I was heavily impacted by Nine Inch Nails' music, thus the moniker, until like 2000 when the scene went downhill. I have put all my energy and professionalism into building Fabryka Magazine, its shape, form, uniqueness and especially the content with a strong focus on music reviews. This means many years spent on a chair, at home. Not very healthy but we do what we feel like doing, right? Same like YouTube gamers.
There were promotional parties organized in Poland, free promo CDs made & given to fans (always with an approval of bands), trips and talks with all kinds of musicians, free and paid services in the end. I approached making Fabryka with passion, as everything else. I had fun but I realized I put a lot of work too which I can only see after 19 years total. The quality was always more important to me than the quantity.

Lastly, please remember that we're all into this scene, from fans through musicians and press, to shops and distributors, and the money must circulate, we have to live somehow and at peace with ourselves. Please don't block it by requesting free support through somebody's hard work, blogging, podcasting, etc. You have to invest if you want to have something done for you too. That's what I have learnt and I encourage you to welcome such standards into your life as more and more journalists become freelancers, working from home during the Covid scare. Considering my new interest, there's a special Tarot card to meditate on which is the 6 of Pentacles for that matter - an equal give and take.
I hope you enjoyed the overall support. Thank you - musicians and artists, collaborators, magazine readers - for so many years of exciting adventure into the industrial rock/metal music scenes. Keep rocking!


Elitefitrea - Lethe - album review
[Electronic] Elitefitrea - Lethe [Review]
Nine Plan Failed - Father, Father - song review
[Progressive metal] Father, Father [Review]
Ghost in the Machine - Supernatural - song review
[Pop-chillout] Supernatural [Review]
Bruno Pittelli - Angels Without Gods - song review
[Rock] Angels Without Gods [Review]
No reviews on Google+ since April 2, 2019
Google has just announced that it'll delete all G+ personal accounts and sites since April 2nd, 2019. It's been several years I've been posting reviews also on Google+ which now turns out yet another social network cancelling their services similarly to Last.fm & Purevolume (bloggin), and Myspace. Therefore, Fabryka's reviews won't be published on Google+ since April 2019 and so far posted articles and links will be inaccessible. Reviews will still be hosted on Fabryka Encyclopedia, Blogger and Tumbler websites I manage.

Spookshow Inc. - Visions of the Blinded World pt. I & II - album review
[Electronic/metal/rock] Spookshow Inc. - Visions of the Blinded World pt. I & II [Review]
Retaliate of Anger - Final Echo - album review
[EBM/electro-industrial] Retaliate of Anger - Final Echo [Review]
Krebs - two EP reviews
[Electronic] Krebs – Blood and Stone [Review]
[Dark wave/electronic] Krebs – The Last Place on Earth [Review]
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