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Pain Station - interview (2000)
2000 | Katarzyna NINa Górnisiewicz | e-mail interview
I took into my hands an album called 'Disjointed' in the end of April this year. A band PAIN STATION was unknown to me then. So when I saw an email address in the CD insert I decided to ask Scott Strurgis, the initiator and the only one band member for an email interview. I received his answers with his photo attached as early as (on) the next day.
NINa: Hi Scott. I got your PAIN STATION. It's incredible&amazing album! I was listening to that almost on my knees :-) It's avaliable in Poland where I live. I got used to listening to Skinny Puppy, Download, NIN, Ministry's etc. albums, but now I'm deeply impressed.

Scott: Thank you very much, Kate. I'm very glad you like the CD so well!

I write articles about industrial music for a rather young magazine called "Trans". This is the magazine about gothic, dark wave, EBM and industrial music. I made up my mind to put an article about PAIN STATION to the forthcoming issue (in May 1999) but ... I realized I know hardly anything about your band.

Well thank you for considering me for an article in the magazine! Please find the answers to your questions below... I'll answer them as best I can.

Where are you come from?

I'm originally from Michigan, but now I live in Cincinnati, Ohio USA.

What are your musical influences? Have you got any favourite industrial bands?

Right now I'm not really influenced by much musically. I'd have to say that some influence from the power noise area and some dark electro has rubbed off here and there, though. Right now a few of my favorite acts are Imminent Starvation, Noisex, Suicide Commando, Merzbow, Brighter Death Now... there are probably some others I'm forgetting.

Is that album your first one?

No, 'Disjointed' is my second CD. In 1996 I released my first CD called 'Anxiety' on Decibel Records, but it was released only in the US.

Since when PAIN STATION started?

I created PAIN STATION in about 1989, when I bought my first keyboard and started writing "serious" music. I stopped working on it for a while, then started into it again in 1994 when I recorded a demo tape that eventually got me a record deal with Decibel.

Did you play in any band before PAIN STATION?

Yes, I worked with others in some bands between 1991 and 1993, but nothing serious. This was more a period for me to learn my equipment and build some writing ability.

Is your following album supposed to be similar to 'Disjointed'?

I'm not sure yet. I just started working on it a couple weeks ago. There will probably be similar elements in the new CD, but it won't sound exactly like 'Disjointed.'

What are your views about that: after techno madness there may come industrial boom in music?

I think that if that is true, it would be a great thing. I'd like to see industrial make a comeback, as long as we're not flooded with a bunch of horrible bands. Industrial music is in the midst of another step in its evolution; it's growing again into yet another form of music. I think it's definitely time again for the industrial bands to come back stronger and make more of an impression on the public.

What would you like the "Trans" readers to know more about you, your work...?

Well, I also have another project called CONVERTER on the German Ant-Zen label. CONVERTER is less electro and more industrial than PAIN STATION and may appeal to fans of harsher music. Ant-Zen will release a full length CONVERTER CD called 'Shock Front' in May as well as an LP called 'Coma' on their Hymen label.
I have web sites for both PAIN STATION and CONVERTER for those who have internet access. Both sites have sound clips of many tracks as well as artwork and other info. Also, I have an email mailing list that can be subscribed to. This is a way for me to send updates directly to my fans and create an open forum for discussion of both projects.

Thank you very much Scott for your answers.

Thanks very much for the interview!

Converter | Converter at Myspace

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