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Particle Son - interview (2006)
2006-11-30 | Katarzyna NINa Górnisiewicz | e-mail interview

NINa: So there's a lot of rain in Portland?

:[dust]: We get our fair share but it’s much preferred to the sun in my opinion.

There is a note in your bio that you lost your music due to a computer failure. What happened?

:[jared]: The backups were destroyed and when I was about to make more, the hard drive actually had a mechanical failure and could not be repaired. I was sick to my stomach for a month. I Make backups once a week now. damn that sucked!!!

:[dust]: I got my mojo going and they had their mojo going and suddenly we had cross mojo-nization and they’re heads starting blowin’ up.

If any Portland locals would like to meet you personally, is there any place such as a club, you spend your free time in?

:[dust]: I don’t go out much honestly, I’m not much for the public eye, I don’t deal well in crowds and when it comes right down to it, the mass minders of our society are a drain on my patience. Each drive down the street affords me every reason I need to embrace misanthropy BUT in the rare occasions I am caught outside, Sabala’s and Hawthorne Theatre are great venues.

Particle Son has opened for Mankind is Obsolete, Psyclone Nine, God Module, Abby Vain (Ex-Nocturne members) and Consectum. Do you prepare your shows to let the guys remember not only your music but also a scenography or your stage image?

:[dust]: As intrigued and fascinated as I am with a bands appearance, I personally have never gone out of my way to seek out such theatrics. I’ve been known to use fake blood and contacts and such before, but it’s all so over done and very much played out. I write lyrics with undertones of controversy and current events which I believe people have turned a deaf ear to so my hope is that people actually listen to what we’re presenting. Conversely, I’m not just going to stand in front of the mic and be deadpan either, we’re not fuckin’ Orgy, I mean those guys were one of the most boring bands I’ve ever seen live, I get into what I do, once I hit the stage I rarely quite moving.

:[jared]: Exactly, we don't have any gimmicks on stage, we just be ourselves. I personally just try to get really psyched and harvest the anger and frustration in order to prepare it as a release.

A little bird told me you’re about to play a show with Cyanotic and Spyder Baby. When is it gonna happen?

:[jared]: Since when did birds talk?

:[dust]: *laughs* Ya know, not so funny story is that the Spyder Baby show was cancelled, word through the grape vine is because the promoter dicked over Wednesday 13 and Spyder Baby caught wind of this and cancelled for fear of getting fucked over. The show with Cyanotic is a different one entirely, one including Terrorfakt, Otto Von Schirach, Assemblage 23 and many others but is currently up in the air since the promoter has fallen off the face of the earth.

Would you ever decide to publish your music for a free download?

:[dust]: I feel like such a fucking hypocrite in regards to this subject, I’m not opposed to downloading music, I’ve done so in the past but stopped a couple years ago due to personal moral conflicts. I couldn’t justify my right to download music with my adamant opposition to offering my own work up for free, which stems from my belief that one should support the bands they like. Lets face it, as much as we oppose being in the business for the money, it’s not free for use to produce what we do.

Have you ever remixed any other band's music?

:[jared]: Yeah we did a remix for Tyske Ludder from Germany that should be seeing the light of day soon.

It is said that Jared Scott was creating instrumental industrial music and two albums were completed before Particle Son was founded. Has he ever considered composing music for movies or given live shows enriched with proper visuals?

:[jared]: Actually I have done music for a short movie entitled 'Six Pack' published by Mad Monster Films. I also just finished a backing track for a promotional college video for recruiting students. I would like to incorporate video at some point in our live shows. I just think some bands over use visuals and mask their boring stage presence. We would need to find balance between visuals and a good performance.

:[dust]: There’s a video floating around of me as a child singing nursery rhymes in the bath tub, that’s uber embarrassing, but I don’t like to talk about it.

Are you looking for a record label? What label would you like to see the band end up on?

:[dust]: One that will allow us to do what we want to do: Live, eat, breath, shit music without the requirement of personal artistic sacrifice. I would give up any deal if it meant we had to change what we do, I don’t feel a label has the write to creatively change the artist. At the risk of sounding cliché, I would personally love to see us on Metropolis, Wax Trax II, Positron Records, something of that nature but I could also see us being on a label such as Road Runner (a label I’ve had immense respect for, for many years).

Do you send friend requests just to increase numbers, or do you find suitable people to stay in touch with to network for longer?

:[dust]: I’ve never been one to add for the sake of adding, far too many bands have forgotten where they came from and who made them. Without the support of our fans, we wouldn’t be and our myspace fans can definitely attest to this, ask a good number of people and they’ll tell you I’ve contacted them with personal messages. I made it a point when I started the page to pay closer attention to our fans, I want them to know that we respect and appreciate them for showing us support and admiration.

You released an album, "Re:vision", in 2004 and are now making songs for forthcoming effort called "Amerikkkan Genocide". What tunes will it include?

:[dust]:I’m really very curious where got that information on the forthcoming album *laugh* remind me to kick Mr. Backlash for releasing it.

:[jared]: All I can say is that I have about 4 songs in the works right now. Expect to hear more breakbeats and faster, more aggressive tracks. Of course there will always be a floor stompin club track. Also, we have a new guitarist that just replaced.

:[nathan]: So you will be hearing a bit of a change in sound from the previous album.

:[dust]: More to the point, we brought on :[gl1tch]: as the new guitarist, and he hails from a local synth rock band by the name of Railer so the new disc should be a really interesting mix. The overall message of the disc is that of shedding a new light on the idea of innocence, that innocence isn’t something thought of in society as being young and carefree but rather, if looked at from the angle of Lolita, it’s very manipulative and destructive. I then plan on tying that in with the evolution of America and that our youth are being raised as a sub-standard model of the human race, I mean fuck, look at our government for fucks sake, the mongoloid we have in office is breeding a nation of fucking dumbed down automatons and THAT is suppose to be foundation for the future? More like the structure of extinction, and the album will be that of a play, each song an act, building one on top of the other to show how our youth will ultimate be the downfall…hence, “Amerikkkan Genocide”.

Are there any thought provoking questions in your minds watching America's developement (or maybe a regression?) through all those years of its existence?

:[dust]: America today makes me fucking ill, our government makes me want to walk into the oval office with automatic weapons and open fire. Congress couldn’t legislate itself out of a paper bag and what’s worse is that the American populace is bending over and letting this country get fucked. It’s unfathomable to me that Americans from coast to coast haven't risen up against Dictator Bush, that man scares me more then Hitler. Bush’s own cabinet won’t even back him 90% of the time yet nobody can tell me why then he’s still in office?? If the republican party can’t trust him, how the fuck is the whole of humanity suppose to take him seriously? I look around and see “Bush 04” stickers and think, “Bet you’re sure glad you voted him in again you fucking fascist, thanks for another 4 years of religious tyranny, moral oppression, and creative cleansing.” The problem lies in an old adage of “if you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the problem” and it’s no truer then it is today. Our society is virtually worthless, granted there’s an increasing number of those who are waking up but it’s going to take the driving force of the mass majority to illicit change but that’ll never happen as most are passive aggressive and so content to lead their sheltered lives behind their SUV’s and materialistic bullshit lifestyle. My point is, for all you people with “no war in Iraq” or similar bumper stickers, what’s your solution since saying that proves nothing and does nothing, you can’t protest without first having a better solution then what’s currently in place.

What aspect of your band would you like people to pay the most notice to?

:[dust]: Our message, nothing pisses me off more then a band who says nothing, like pop or Nu Metal, it’s fucking garbage. I see the Britney Spears and Usher’s of the world with humanity licking their shoes for a piece yet they do nothing with it, the lack any sense of a soul. And I would give my left arm for 1 hour of that fame. I listen to shit like Drowning Pool and get sick to my stomach, like how did those three chord, no talent, fucking hacks get a record deal “let the bodies hit the floor, let the bodies hit the floor” fucking shut up for fucks sake, at least he did the world a favor and died.

Myspace - "a place for friends". Could these friendships be stable and long termed?

:[dust]: Depends on the person behind the keyboard really, if they’re true to their word and are a real person, I talk to people on a daily basis that are just amazing people that I hope to someday meet in person.

Particle Son at Myspace | official website

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