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[non-industrial] Surety - songs review
Katarzyna NINa Górnisiewicz | Detailed or mini-review submissions: song, EP/album | Suggest an artist
Surety - random songs review |self-released, 2012|

1. Tempered, 2. Ransom, 3. I Am The Influence, 4. Few and Far Between, 5. Desecrated

Surety is a heavy metal band located in Florida that was founded in 2012, however the musicians - Joe Page (vocals), John Page (lead guitar) and John Jones (drums) are by no means novices to the metal music scene. Their previous band which was formed in 2004 was called Metal Reign. They self-released a full length album entitled 8 Fingers of Whiskey and played a lot of shows in South Florida during that time.

A random selection of five Surety tracks were recorded during their recent live shows. You may notice great, predatory vocals which are underlined by high energy and a mean atmosphere amongst the songs. These aspects are spiced up with matching guitar, bass and drum arrangements that are not only characteristic for metal, but also hardcore sub-genres. Musical similarities may point to bands such as Pantera, Testament, Crowbar or Madball as well as representatives from the New York hardcore scene that are best known for their heavy and powerful sound.

The song entitled "Tempered" is filled with rebellious moods. You'll discover thrash metal riffs, but also fiery screams. Vocals and instrumental parts match together very well, however there's also elements of high tension and restless dynamics rolling on throughout the entire composition.

When it comes to "Ransom", this track sounds somewhat dangerous and brings an atmosphere of hunting for something. You may first think of a leopard sneaking around, then running at full speed with conviction towards a chosen victim. You may also visualize street fighters or gangsters who are solving 'this little problem' with guns and machetes. The drums and bass play a main role in this composition, but edgy vocals and guitars are not hidden either. The track sounds memorable and has hit potential as well.

Tough, heavy guitar riffs open "I Am The Influence". This in-your-face composition brings solid arrangements with amazing vocals, chunky guitars and smooth soloing which tightly fill in the track. These aspects equally match the technical styles of Pantera, although Surety left no room for wonder, just motivation and the joy of being carried away due to the overall pugnacious vibe.

"Few and Far Between" begins quite innocently, but later becomes as brooding and raw as the music of Drown which is notable and remains heavy until the very end. This song doesn't lack metal hostility. John Page's guitar soloing brings well known hard rock staples into the mix which compliments an interesting echo effect that was utilized on a few of the vocal parts.

The last composition, "Desecrated" showcases the brilliant cooperation between all the musicians of Surety. The track sounds passionate, although undiluted fury maintains control as much as a raging boxer delivers spot-on blows. Leveled guitars are accompanied and strengthened by the drums which create a connection that sounds indestructible. "Desecrated" seems to be the kind of a song that major metal labels should become interested in if they still wish to deliver high quality angry music instead of promoting wannabe-metal bands.

All of the above tracks are available for free download at the bands official website. It should be noted that Surety has decided to avoid releasing any albums. Alternatively, the musicians will provide their fans with a few new songs released every several months and presented on their official website. Since they are not dependent on the resolutions of any record label and prefer DIY, they don't have to work under the pressure of time constraints or deadlines. Surety would love it if new listeners checked them out on their official website, communicated with them via social profiles as well as watched a comedy channel known as OMG!Beer which is dedicated to alcohol.

(Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz, Fabryka Music Magazine, January 15th, 2013. Proofreading: Scott M. Owens)

Official | SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | OMG!Beer
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