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[non-industrial] Andrew Appletree & The Neptune Riders - 59 To The End
Katarzyna NINa Górnisiewicz | Detailed or mini-review submissions: song, EP/album | Suggest an artist
Andrew Appletree & The Neptune Riders - 59 To The End (song review) |self-released, Dragonfly, 2012|

"59 To The End" is a song performed and recorded live at Zen Recording studio by Andrew Appletree (guitar,vocals, music, lyrics) and The Neptune Riders featuring Aimee Trachtenberg (vocals), Barry Waddell (guitar), Bryan Thompson (drums) as well as Stephen Paul Connelly (guitar piano, bass guitar).
It was released on the Dragonfly album in 2012 and is featured as the last track on the record.

First of all, the intro brings an atmosphere well suited to a live recording where the musicians are synchronizing before the performance of the song. You'll hear "Hold on!" calling for patience, followed by the sound of spontaneously touched strings, then drumsticks dictating the rhythm and somebody taking a deep breath. I believe this may have been left in the track on purpose to enhance the experience of the music. This song is deeply rooted in classic blues and rock styles. If you listen to a few other blues compositions, you'll notice it's almost a stylistic technical method which opens the track.

Secondly, well written arrangements include both solid rhythm guitar parts as well as soloing arrangements that transpire after passing through the middle of the track. Additionally, smoke filled bar-like moods are performed on the piano, which is such a specific instrument that it can steal the listeners attention as much as a saxophone, especially when utilized with rock music. When it comes to bass and drums, they give the song stable dynamics and never go upfront; both play their parts synchronized very well.

Thirdly, the vocals sound rough - the way we used to hear vocals performed in songs by Bob Dylan, Captain Beefheart or Tom Petty (yet not as harsh as those performed by Tom Waits). Thus, the vocals can be automatically associated with hard rock, blues and southern rock styles very well. There are also repetitive female background vocals reminiscent of what you would hear in music associated with the 1970s counter-culture.

Finally, if you are one to look at album covers first before listening to the tracks, you probably won't be able to miss the Neptune-related statuesque lady with a dreamy gaze which adorns this record.

"59 To The End" lasts a bit over 3 minutes in duration. Thus, you can think of many ways to use it, aside from just listening. This track would be a great candidate to be utilized in a radio set-list, movie soundtrack or also (based on the lyrics) for the long awaited "end of the world" as we shift from one year to another if you believe in the recently reported apocalypse that supposed to happen on 12/21/2012 (according to the sources of the crazies). Overall, "59 To The End" sounds like a great new musical discovery for the fans of i.e. Stevie Ray Vaughan or Van Morrison.

(Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz, Fabryka Magazine, November 23rd, 2012. Proofreading: Scott M. Owens)

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