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[non-industrial] WUNTS & THE MMMPS - Are You A Girl Or A Boy? & PS!
Katarzyna NINa Górnisiewicz | Detailed or mini-review submissions: song, EP/album | Suggest an artist
WUNTS & THE MMMPS - Are You A Girl Or A Boy? & PS! (song review) (self-released, single, 2011)

This band originates from the United Kingdom - the land of major labels, where new born trends as well as the biggest music revolutions in history have undoubtedly made a world-wide impact. This has held true for artist from Great Britain for decades, although the United States had stolen the spotlight through grunge and nu metal during the 1990's and early turn of the century. Still, the U.K. music scene seems to be an affectionately small sized community that is thriving with well known musicians. These artist often cross paths, play in several bands, perform different styles of music, interchange line-ups, produce albums for their peers and integrate guest appearances for live shows as well.

The name WUNTS & THE MMMPS stands for Jimmy Wunts and his collaborators: three musicians named Mark Fletcher - drums, Mark Ramsden - saxophone and Mark Evans – bass, as well as Paul Harvey on guitar and Steve French on piano. Jimmy Wunts also plays in a band called French & Regal under the moniker of Gray Regal. Paul Harvey is known for performing with Then Jericho, who knew fame in the 1980's. Paul was also featured on Gary Numan's Outland album while supporting New Model Army during the mixing and engineering process for three of their songs in the 1990s.

The track "Are You A Girl Or A Boy? & PS!" emulates the feel of 1960's blues influenced rock 'n' roll through a wall of non-pushy and well crafted drums that are combined with a Leslie organ. Mark Ramsden is a virtuoso on the saxophone as he overlays the rhythmic counterpoint with strong jazz influences. The saxophone provides an identifiable, yet distracting melody that stands out to consume the listener. Moreover, the saxophone has historically been a predominant element in music of this nature, which most of us have heard utilized on many albums and movie soundtracks. It seems that the motion picture industry has an adoration for the saxophone since it brings vigorous, contrasting and experimental moods with it into the music.
The guitar offers a few solos that are underlined in the ending of the track which give the song a 1970's rock genre touch that encompass the spirit of famous guitar players from that era.

A comedic feel that is deeply rooted in the track "Are You A Girl Or A Boy? & PS!" is expressed though lyrics that are rhythmically spoken with a male voice saying: "I'm feeling pretty horny, wouldn't it be corny to find her cheek is thorny not smooooth." In addition, the band claims this to be a true story.

This song may be a perfect match for avant-garde motion pictures, but this is an overall evaluation that is not only due to the saxophone parts. If WUNTS & THE MMMPS is looking for exposure, I recommend they target the film industry first. Although the song may sound old-school to some younger listeners, it may be greatly appreciated by lovers of jazz as well as 1960's/1970's blues influenced rock 'n' roll. This music is timeless, as can be heard through some of 'the best of' music charts spanning the past several decades.

(Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz, Fabryka Magazine, August 16th, 2012. Proofreading: Scott M. Owens)

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