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[Fabryka] Testimonials
Kimmo Savilampi
NINa's review of my EP feels very real and honest. She got the small details in that even I did not think about. A very easy to understand and professional review, spot on in my opinion. Thank you very much NINa & Fabryka Music Magazine, you rock!!
Kimmo Savilampi | 22.01.2013 | EP review

Alex Von Z
NINa provided an excellent review in a timely manner. She was great to work with and assured I was satisfied with the results. I plan to use her services again - thanks NINa!
Alex Von Z | 28.12.2012 | Song review

We love the review everything looks great we appreciate it very much.
Matt Bird | 18.12.2012 | Song review

File Transfer Protocol
NINa wields words like a finely honed weapon in the hands of a master: with grace, elegance, and deadly accuracy. Her review of my music was spot-on and frankly, I was a little surprised how deep she drilled into the true meaning of my work. Everybody is a "reviewer" these days, but few have the experience in the industrial rock genre that Fabryka does, and even fewer take their craft as seriously. I highly recommend NINa and Fabryka Reviews.
Sean Rieger | 18.12.2012 | Album review

Brilliant work! These two words I had in mind when I was reading the review. NINa describes very well and accurate, the song, the music skills of the musicians in our band and she catches the "spirit" in our music. We are very glad that we worked with her.
Tsvetan Karabov | 10.12.2012 | Song review

Andrew Appletree & The Neptune Riders
Nice review. Thank you for looking into my music. You are the 1st to start seeing some of the hidden meaning message in the music & art work, lot more than meets the eye & ear.
Andrew Appletree | 25.11.2012 | Song review

We think you captured the essence of the album in your words. Very glad you reviewed it. Thanx.
J. Bergman | 22.10.2012 | Album review

Prophets of War
Once again NINa has given us a very professional & detailed review. It's clear she did a lot of research on our band & the song. We'll certainly be back for more reviews. Thanks again NINa!
Roger Menso | 18.10.2012 | Song review

Win The Day
NINa, thank you so much for helping me on my journey. Your ears were able to pull things from my song that were invisible to most listeners. To artists considering a submission for review, I would highly recommend it!
Charlie Gathe | 22.09.2012 | Song review

It is very thoughtful and I enjoy the way you explain your impression of the album. It's cool that you can explain it in visual and aural terms simultaneously as well as treat it like an experience you are having. I really appreciated you listening to the album and taking the time to write the review! I can't wait to share it.
Jake Alejo | 07.09.2012 | Album review

Excellent to work with! Professionalism at it's best. The review was well written with great detail. Thank you for your time and a great review.
Vaughn Pokrzywa | 24.08.2012 | Song review

Phobos Corp.
Thank you ever so much for your review!!! It was awesome to read and much better than other so-called "reviews". I appreciate the in-depth info and details you included, along with your beautiful writing style!! It was a pleasure to work with you :)
Spyros Papadakis | 22.08.2012 | Song review

Punch Drunk Monkey
Thanks for the great review, I'm glad you like our music. I was really impressed with it & thought I'd get you to review my main band's work. We're a prog death metal band from Australia looking to get a bit of exposure overseas, especially Europe.
Roger Menso | 18.08.2012 | Song review

Rusty Salvo
NINa was very easy to work with and I recommend her highly. I was seeking some outside objective comments on my track and that's exactly what I got. NINa thoroughly deconstructed my song and provided valuable and actionable feedback; including where my music would most likely be best received and the kind of listener I should target. She was very helpful.
Quinten Schmit | 15.08.2012 | Song review

Dead Animal Assembly Plant
We at D.A.A.P are thoroughly pleased with the professional and completely objective album review done by Fabryka Industrial Rock Magazine. The meticulously detailed review truly peeled apart the thematic layers of the album to reveal the meaty core. We can't wait to have future albums reviewed and would recommend it to musicians of all ilk.
Z.Wager | 10.08.2012 | Album review

Your the first professional to give me a review and I love it. Yes everything is correct. Reading it fills me with hope and is a real confidence booster. (...) You've been a big help (...) Thank you for what you said about my video, because I straight up did the filming and the editing by myself and it was the first time I had done anything like that.
Belt | 07.08.2012 | Song review
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