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[non-industrial] Chopp Devize - Seperate Ways
Katarzyna NINa Górnisiewicz | Detailed or mini-review submissions: song, EP/album | Suggest an artist
Chopp Devize - Seperate Ways (song review) |Numinous Productions, Illegal Aliens, 2012|

Creating hybrids of a few different styles of music seems an ideal way to get the attention of a lot of different fans.
It may also become a chance to gain further exposure. If one style doesn't reach a particular audience because it's not quite popular at the moment, a song or an entire album can be arranged with pioneering styles that bring it to the attention of fans of other genres. Additionally, it's a far more interesting format for presenting music rather than making remixes, which in fact doesn't bring anything new to music because the process is not about making new songs, but re-doing original versions.

"Seperate Ways" is a song which defines itself with the specific sound of motion that seems to flow out of Californian rock music mixed with strong rap influences made by musician and actor Chopp Devize. Hailing from Denver, CO and living in Florida for the past couple of years, Chopp is best known from a variety of hip-hop and rap music collaborations. However, this hybrid song that is to be released on the new album by Chopp Devize called Illegal Aliens in 2012 sounds like a serious step towards extending his talents to a new group of listeners.

The strength of hip-hop resides in building connections between artists so they can cross-promote each other. This broadens their music to new markets and gives their name further recognition. On the contrary, rock is a style of music chosen by individuals, polarizing between rockstars and cockstars, who either cooperate or compete. A conjunction of guitar driven music (rock, metal) with rap or hip-hop seems to be a good answer to the temporal ‘death' of the styles. These genres hold very similar dynamics, so mixing them correctly can bring astonishing results. To make this happen successfully, one needs to have serious ‘know-how' about the specific arrangements of the above mentioned styles of music.

The initial rhythm in "Seperate Ways" gives a foretaste of the dynamics available across the entire song. A nice guitar riff joins the beat next, then Chopp's vocals recall styles of Eminem. It almost gives the listener the sensation of jumping on a wild animal. The choruses have hooks that are sure to compel listeners to memorize them at once, moreover, the core rhythm will stay with them long after the song stops playing.

This rapcore track is filled with syncopations among the choruses along with hooky, rock vocals. It has all the chances possible to become a major hit, either on radio or television. Positive atmospheres, good performance and production along with simple, but effective ideas make this song really attractive.
If Chopp Devize hasn't recorded a video for this song yet, he should make it happen as soon as possible and promote "Seperate Ways" in a visual format on-line. This song needs a fantastic video.

Chopp Devize has a passion for singing and public performance as well as a very social attitude. This will definitely go a long way to draw the attention of proper collaborators as well as a strong fanbase. With new rap and rock orientated songs, Chopp Devize may join a circle of well known bands such as the Beastie Boys, Methods of Mayhem or Limp Bizkit. Listening to such a well written song that includes awesome guitar riffs simply makes you want to hear more.

(Katarzyna NINa Górnisiewicz, Fabryka Magazine, January 26th, 2012. Proofreading: Scott M. Owens).

Official website | ReverbNation | Facebook | YouTube

PS. This is not the official album artwork yet but a random Chopp Devize's illustration. No public preview of this song is available yet but keep checking out the above links.
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