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64K [reviews]
Choke |64k, 2008|

Everyday, Moloch, Obey, Surplus, Take a Walk, The Lie Detector

First of all I tried to check out the meaning of 64k. To believe what Wikipedia says, 64k idea comes from a fascination of demo scene, 8bit, Atari or Commodore music etc. This term means an executive file should fit in 65.536 bits (65Kb), what’s impressive as for a high resolution video with music.

However 64k band songs have nothing to do with 8-bit music and this is not a direction they have been going to so far.
Jason Bazinet is one of the most talented and original artists on the electronic and industrial rock scenes, who besides of his main SMP project, has been involved into many other projects and remixes as well.
His rap influenced songs are mixed with samples and kind of danceable electronic music, interlaced with guitar riffs sometimes and that’s why it should be highly recommended to the listeners. This is how I got interested to 64k band and so my need for a review and exposure given to their third album came from.

Choke begins with a bit romantic song “Everyday” which gathers both new electronic and easy to remember refrains, followed by a song “Moloch” with a wider range of samples put to the background. That song, though could be considered as a long intro to the album, gets more dynamics but there’s still that dreamy vibe flowing through the whole song.
In the contrary “Obey” is a fast drive with glitch add-ons but the song itself isn’t guitar driven that much though instead could be compared rather to Unit:187 or FLA songs which made very aggressive songs without the main guitars use. Fading out at the end of the song doesn’t sound that modern but I believe it was a part of the song concept and it didn’t come out of a lack of idea.
There’s “Surplus” coming next and 64k takes an advantage of speed and dance rhythms expressed with a wall of beats and rapping lyrics. Very well done song fitting club parties.

If I like the song just right after the first listening it is sure it will stay that way whenever I come back to it again. I will remember it positively but it’s not clear to me why I am attracted to some songs so much and others don’t turn me on at all.
“Take a Walk” is one of those perfectly influential songs with a strong impact on my taste and crawling refrain which hits suddenly after a calm intro. Rapping lyrics surrounded by a variety of atmospheres which still keep warm yet aggressive vibes may be appreciated, moreover there are interesting samples from movies and old radio shows making the song full.
“The Lie Detector” it’s the last song on this short but very well mixed and produced album with distorted guitars in the background, based on the same rhythm appearing throughout the song.

64k isn’t a rock band so only its ‘industrial’ content is important for that review considering ‘industrial rock’ artists support. This industrial content becomes aggressive in 64k songs what also makes their songs very cool. Additionally he’s Wade Alin known from Skanalyzer or Christ Analogue who mixed Choke. Some of the songs from this album will fit podcasts or club parties what should rise an interest to 64k music which is definitely worth of any interest. ( Katarzyna NINa Górnisiewicz. Must not be used for promotional or commercial purposes. See a Legal Note for the copyrights below)

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