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Kx [reviews]
Tales of Agony |Warhog Records, 2000|

01. Hatred, 02. Brushing My Faith, 03. Rainmaker, 04. Diver's Dance, 05. Welcome, 06. Hollow, 07. Good Time, 08. Eye's (...of a Kind), 09. Unpipe, 10. Echoes, 11. Y2K (True Revelation), 12. Turtle Passage

Kx it’s my quite unexpected discovery. Sadly Kx exists no more, but its founder Marinho Nobre has taken a lot as a musician to create high-quality soundtracks, which of course doesn’t mean that Nobre cuts off from heavy music. As far as demand grows we may hear the new material of Kx sometime in the future.

The most often sold Kx record is "Tales of Agony" with its twelve songs kept in the style of industrial metal mixed with the New York hardcore. What strikes immediately is the absence of widely used melodic rhythms and arrangements, so often used by the current bands of this style of music. For a long time I’ve believed that the future of industrial music lays on 'industrial-hardcore' combining hardcore with guitar driven industrial rock and metal. This field has not yet been sufficiently explored and recognized, so the bands which had gotten into this so far. They still seem to be counted on one hand fingers, for example such American groups as Slave Unit or Vein Cage already known to Fabryka magazine readers.

I found "Tales of Agony" originally in American Rhapsody service where all the songs were available for listening. But for the Americans only. If you enter the site from f.e. Poland, the service shows that this country is not supported. The case for Brussels. I searched online more and found other players with Kx music so got really interested after the short previews. However, Marinho was willing to send me both "Tales of Agony" and "DNA" for reviews because of an offer of the interview to be read at Fabryka.

Kx was founded in New York at the end of the 90's as a solo project of Marinho Nobre after a break up of his former group Wrekage. For the purpose of the live shows, his new band was joined by Jose 'Yoggy' Gray, Eddie Weber (he was a bass player in a hardcore band Overdose for 5 years), Billy Moreira, and John Macaluso (ex-drummer for TNT and Yngwie Malmsteen, joined Kx in 2001).

Some of the songs are pretty rough ( 'Brushing My Faith', 'Y2K',), but some vibrations fit the dance floors ( 'Rainmaker', 'Diver's Dance', 'Unpipe'), although they still retain a pugnacious nature with edgy guitars in the foreground. The song 'Y2K (Revelation True)' may be interesting to the fans of Biohazard as Evan Seinfeld, its former bassist and vocalist took part on the recording.

Multi-instrumentalist Nobre (who also took part in the recording of Sepultura’s "Nation" in 2001 as an additional sound designer) focused on creating music for movies (for instance 'Left For Dead', 'World Citizen', 'Secret Game', 'Al Qarem') during Kx hiatus, which let him earn both movie and music awards. The premiere of the latest science fiction movie "Human Race", with music scored by Nobre should be announced in autumn this year.

(Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz. Proofreading: Scott M. Owens. Must not be used for promotional or commercial purposes. See a Legal Note for the copyrights below)

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