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State of Being - interview (2003)
Feb. 2003 | Katarzyna NINa Górnisiewicz | e-mail interview
NINa: The fourth record of SOB is produced by Andy Kubiszewski. He's well known from the cooperation with Stabbing Westward, Exotic Birds, Prick, NIN, The The, The Crowded House and others. Does he keep the influence on your music, or just give you some pieces of advice how to do something?

Christopher Foldi: Andy's production definitely goes beyond advice... He knows how to take our ideas, explore several arrangements, and end up with the direction that makes the songs work best. He pushes us to work harder and explore more ideas.

Were there any other known producers ready to support you in the studio?

No. In the past, we've done it all ourselves. We had never really considered having a producer before... We didn't know what we were missing!

Which of your records you could describe as the best one?

This next one, definitely! Before that... I'm pretty tied between "Implosion" and "Static in My Brain".

What relaxes you more: recording music at a studio or giving a show?

Hmm... that's a tough one. Originally, I was more into the recording side of things, but since we've been playing live, that has become an equal, if not greater passion.

SOB gave the best show in:

I think our show opening for Thrill Kill Kult in Cleveland a few years ago was one of our best... But I hate to look back. I'd rather look forward to our next show, and make it our best.

Would you like to give some show in Poland?

Sure! Again, looking forward...

Your favourite bands are:

David Bowie, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Pig/KMFDM, Chemlab, Prick, Voodou

Could you recommand me any movie with harsh industrial atmosphere and a good screenplay please?

Nothing in particular... I enjoy societally inspired Sci-Fi movies with a good story line.

In my opinion industrial rock isn't dead yet beacause it contains too much variety of sounds and a harsh taste to make it get rip of rock market. What's your theory?

I definitely agree with your point... I've always felt that when rock music leverages the use of synthesizers and other electronics, it makes for a fuller and more diverse sound.

Who's responsible for making characteristic shape of the industrial rock music: Ministry, Skinny Puppy, Throbbing Gristle or maybe bands like DAF or Kraftwerk..?

The definition of "Industrial" music is so ambiguous... I try to maintain the context that many different musical styles today constantly influence each other. While Ministry and Skinny Puppy have definitely made a huge impact on modern Industrial Rock, I think the genre owes just as much to Metal, Synthpop, and Gothic Rock. Even elements of Classical and R&B have found their way into "Industrial" soundscapes... It all depends on your interpretation of the genre (which of course, keeps things interesting).

Are there any big & new labels which are interested in publishing industrial/gothic rock?

It seems like the main ones are Metropolis and Invisible... also DSBP. Personally, I'm a big fan of the old WaxTrax! label stuff. There's an organization here in town (not really a label) called SynthCleveland that has put out a few compilation CDs. Their newest, "Foundation: Cleveland Electronic 2003" will be released soon, and we will have a track on it. More info at synthcleveland.com /link inactive/. Members of this organization have also remixed one of our songs, "Red Frontier". A remix CD will be available in March or April...

What are State of Being's plans for the nearest future?

Putting out the "Red Frontier" remix CD. Finishing the new full-length CD! We have just added drummer Randy Blaire (ex-Queue Up, Urn) to the band, so we're rehearsing and plan to start performing our new material in mid-April.

Pictures by Christopher Foldi, all copyrights reserved © by State of Being.
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