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My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult (Charles Levi) - interview (2005)
2005-11-26 | Katarzyna NINa Górnisiewicz | e-mail interview
If I ever get an email with no sender and words in the body typed style like that: ",,,,(words),,, (words)...~~~**(words)!!!!" it would certainly mean it was from Levi Levi :D Because of that special typing style I decided to put all the answers in the original shape. So.. let's move to Levi now :)

NINa: How many years have you been playing the bass?

Charles Levi: Well I started playing very late in my life,,,I'll say 20yrs. The only family music influence was "Sam Cooke"and by that,,i never really meant to be a muscian at all,,most were all broke!!

Do you have your favourite bass manufacturer?

My favorite Bass is a really,fully loaded/Fender~JazzBass,,but these days i use Shecther Guitars/Bass'es!!They set me up with endorsement agreement.So there you have it,actually i'll play any Bass if it works!!

Are you the bass guitars collector?

As a collector,,,,,Ummm not really,,,,but i would Love to!!Maybe when i marry,,,and retire,,,,

Your playing style is very much funky what gives the songs more tempting and dancing vibes. I read you were influenced by such legendary bass players like Jaco Pastorius, Paul Simon and I do believe you've been listening to lot of music styles. Have you ever seen any Jaco's live show? Have you ever entered for any bass workshops as a teacher?

My favorite is Jaco,,,,I met him hung for 2days,,,he play with,,,Herbie Hancook & The Headhunters,,,but thats another story so lets move on,,,,I have givin lesson's{beginners)and pretty good at it!! I have met many upcoming Bassplayers and many have said,,,that i was a big influeince and it really scare's me sometimes. i never imagined ever being a musician,,,let alone an artist!!,,,

Let's talk about Wax Trax! the best known Chicago label releasing dance industrial music with the "legend" status now. It seems WT is releasing albums with the name "WTII", while the old catalogue has been bought by TVT? What are your memories concerning the cooperation with WT, have you ever visited their HQ? Have you ever heard funny stories about the bosses or musicians involved? Any story you'd like to share about the label?

Wax-Trax,,well from my prospectives,,,it was just a record shop that was just cool to get hard to find music.The owners,,Jim & Dan were very personal and were great friends to have but some times(being a native Chicagoan)the localband scene wasnt always all about WaxTrax,,,hype,,many local acts that were really good but never got any waxtrax support!!So you ask me how i feel,,,,well i'll tell ya,,,with the begining of Tkk national attention as well as Ministry,,,and some other geniue Bands & artist,word got around!!~It's more to talk about in just a interview but threw my eye's ,,,your getting things from my perspective~ So i'm not going to give you any glorified story.People that have had WaxTrax success,,,other than say GroovieMann,Al Jourg. BuzzMcCoy,Jim & Dan Themselves,,most that hung arould then basicly rode on the coatails of these people that i named,,,You asked,,well i'll tell!!Waxtrax was what it was.Now this WT2 thing is ran by Bart.and some others.If they wanted make a surge,,I'd sign some really good acts or leave it alone!I hate indy label hustle!!!It sucks ass!!!So ,,being a no nonsense guy,,,i am very much avioded by certaintys!And at times over looked!So thats it!

What are your memories concerning the cooperation with WT, have you ever visited their HQ? Have you ever heard funny stories about the bosses or musicians involved? Any story you'd like to share about the label?

I Loved Jim & Dan,,they were cool with me but a lot of their,,, staffer's would sabatoge demo's /and would wear this air of,,,,,,arrogance that i to me really sucked,,,it was what they thought was cool that would dictate the faith of an hard working dreamy eyed artist,musician,or band!!,,,I'm done here!!

I was completely struck by a new project you are involved in, I mean Project .44. This is next 'superband' which was founded by a few people deeply experienced in industrial-metal music: Louis Svitek (Ministry), Martin Atkins (everyone knows, no place to list all of his projects!) and Seibold (Hate Dept., Super Sport, AmeriClone) in the production. I hope you will not quit after releasing only "The System Doesn't Work" album... The Project .44 official website doesn't contain many informations and I hardly found any more news about you. How did it happen that you found the band together?

Project44,,,is Chris Harris~a southside Chicago native that had a legitmate influence from my fellow cronies,,,his(Harris) is that of Ministry!!We (Harris) met when i was offered a remix which eventuallywas asked to play with them,,then after taking my advice and introducing him to my good friend LouisSvitek~(guitarest/Ministry/M.O.D/Mindfunk) on releaseing his secound one"The System DoesntWork",,it was Louis is the person That put and produced80% of that album aside from the fact that he (Svitek)and i played ,recorded,and inspired,did videoas well,,,,,the album stands strong!!Martin Atkins doesnt really have the,,,artist best of interest,,,i know,,,that's why i'm not on his label!! The very reason i help Project44 is the fact that i know that for as long as i've known and worked with Martin(Pigface,Damage). He is out for one thing!!!His own Self!!!I swear i can tell storys that you would Swear that i was lie'ing!!!So if not for my live,,,,input You probably wouldnve ever heard of P-44/at all,,,!!!

You know, Jared Louche wrote me that he would like you to play in Chemlab again. What is your attitude to that point?

Chemlab,,,,Jaret(/akaNew York)Is the Mick Jagger,Iggy Pop,,Of the Industrial Music World!!!!He is my very good friend !!!!! And with that,,,However whenever and if him & me had any cash or label/$$Backing support we 'd be in the thick of things!!Again Martin Atkins lame attempt to release the last & Latest Chemlab Release was a stellar effort!!!So that evert has slipped into limbo! So your answer is,,,Other than TKK,,,I'm all about giving my best interest toward Jaret & The Chemlab Club my Truest Support!!!

MLWTTKK, Chemlab, Die Warzau, Halobalck, H3llb3nt, KMFDM, Mescaline, Pig, Pigface, Sister Machine Gun and Project .44. Correct me please if I omitted something but the question is, which cooperation did you like the most?

Thrill Kill Kult is My Life and Family,,,,I am very Protective of that and that's that!!!It's all good in our neighborhood,,,,We stand alone in this thing we call RocknRoll!! We stay true to what we do and our view's in life and our Music! We dont set trends,,,we just live our Live Original!!!No Hype!!

Did MLWTTKK had any technical troubles playing live in St. Louis in 1997 or 1998?

Gee,,,StLouis,,,,is just one big Mistake anyway,,,plus out of all the times i've played there ,,,shit a problem with any shows to me aint' worth remembering,,,probably some over analyzing twit!

Are there any rumours about you?

Rumors,,,Awwwhell yes i have plenty and ya know if anybody wants to confront me on what i've said can step-up and try me !! Let me start,,,,Newest member of Sheep On Drugs is a Shit head idiot,,,name/Scott Diablo aka Diablo Syndrome,Hanin from Atari Teenage Riot is a complete Dumbass!!If she is your friend i'm sorry,,i call it as i see it!!!

We have contacted via Myspace.com, which gives the musicians an opportunity to present their music. Myspace is a place for dateing as well. I see your status is single. Do you flirt a lot there? ;)

Now as far as Myspace and how i,,use it,,,well i dont or ever used it to hook with(Flirt) for dates!!!!!! I'm a Blunt person so if i like someone i will let them know what i want and where i'm coming from!!I will lay down my profile now!!
I'm single /Black/Artist,songwriter,love sports,travel,romantic,6'3in/tall 230lbs.Love all music,Love affection,martini's,women,&Honesty,from Chicago,born in the Ghetto,,,and Yes would love to get married soon!!,,,I'm not rich and i'm a older(by society)but i am forever young threw Music!!I'm not seeing anybody now so yes i've been known for my sexual appitaite*(i'm a Thrillkiller!!We are Sex) I know i'll be very happy seeing only one Woman!!!!!!

It's all good!!!LeviTkk~

[EDIT: Charles is involved in Bangalore and The Urban Soundtrack bands now so you can check the songs he did with
them at Myspace ]


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