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U.S.S.A. [reviews]
U.S.S.A. |U.S.S.A., 2007|

Dead Voices, Autumn Flowers, Blue Light, Cruel Beauty, Middletown, Summer Endless Summer, Forget Yourself, Cab Ride, Peculiar Thing, Sugarwater, Wasteland.

It's a very new American band while the line-up consists of not that unknown musicians. The band founded by Duane Dension, previously known from Jesus Lizard and Tomahawk who plays the guitar in U.S.S.A. and Paul Barker, one of the most characteristic bass players known the best of his 18 years spent in Ministry but also in bands like Revolting Cocks, Lead Into Gold, Pigface, Lard, PTP, or a producer of an album by I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness. There are also new musicians like a drummer Johnny Rabb and Gary Call who sings in the band, both adapted to cooperation with better know musicians mentioned above. Gary's way of singing reminds me David Bowie's, Nick Cave's, Peter Murphy's and also more juicy singing of Scott Weiland (Stone Temple Pilots).

A general sound of U.S.S.A. could be described as a mixture of rock music with European new wave of the 80's (The Cult, Bauhaus, New Model Army) but also British rock music of the 90's with very American guitar riffs sound and occasional 'industrial' add-ons similar to those used by Godflesh and Neurosis - check out Wasteland song on this album to get the main idea.
What does create such a mixture? Well, a very interesting result. Are you familiar with Stone Temple Pilots? Queens Of The Stone Age? Fantomas? The Melvins? U.S.S.A. can be placed easy amongst them and will attract attention of new fans but also those who love bands mentioned above.
U.S.S.A. has also a slight vibe of earlier Ministry, which Paul left in 2004 and along with Al Jourgensen worked out the vibe for the band what finally led it to stand for 'cult' status regarding Ministry as one of industrial rock music initiators. Such similar tunes mostly thanx to guitars and bass can be heard in songs like Middletown and Cab Ride.

My favourite tracks is Blue Light, very much in Stone Temple Pilots vibe. Another song is Middletown, mysterious, rising up, full of tension because of repetitive guitar riffs, including some brighter moments as well. An interesting track is also full of controlled emotions Summer Endless Summer with well matched guitar, simple & clean bass and drums sections enriched with awesome Gary's vocals. Worth of a check out is Cab Ride as well, one of the songs you should remember after auditioning with all of its half mysterious-half psychedelic vibe and very interesting, a bit distorted bass line. There is a ballad-esque song called Peculiar Thing on the album too.

The debut U.S.S.A. CD is kept in one key, with no unnecessary surprises and weird add-ons some other bands try to use to make their albums more remarkable. The U.S.S.A. main sound and ideas accomplishment are uniformed, stable and interesting enough to draw the listeners' attention so the album should become one of the most interesting releases of 2007 if promoted well.

As a final note an explanation is necessary. Please don't consider this album as 'industrial' because of reviewed in Fabryka Magazine. I'm always interested in other ventures of musicians known from 'industrial' bands (in this case Paul Barker) so that's why the review was written.

PS. Artwork unknown to me yet as I got a promotional CD so I temporary used a picture grabbed from their Myspace profile. ( Katarzyna NINa Górnisiewicz. Must not be used for promotional or commercial purposes. See a Legal Note for the copyrights below)

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