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Cynergy 67 - interview (2006)
2006-01-06 | Katarzyna NINa Górnisiewicz | e-mail interview
NINa: What are roots for the band name and what that mysterious '67' means?

VX-5: The root of Cynergy is because my guitarist and I fired the membes of our old band and decided to start over. Being 2 of us left Cynergy worked perfectly. As for the 67, I hate to say but there is no special meaning to the number. It was a number that stuck in our heads and became part of the name.

Could you introduce the musicians please?

Well I am VX-5 vocals/synths/guitar. We have Evo-1 on guitar, Phoenix 4 on bass, Sinthetik on Drums and Tek on lights to make our show happen.

When did you get together to start the band?

I've been working on the concept for more years than I can remember. Its always something changing. Officially it became Cynergy in 2000.

Did you play in any other bands before Cynergy 67?

Evo-1 and I were in a band before this that was supposed to be like this but kept getting off course due to other members wanting to mimic the mainstream. We finally told them all to leave and the this was officially born.

I googled a lot and found many results for the band. You were noticed in the music scene for sure. Do you think UV active clothes accounted for the increase of the publice interest in the band?

I think the UV helped draw attention at shows in the beginning and catches the attention of new crowds. I never saw it as a gimmick. To me it's a version of me. Another personality. But if it catches peoples attention and turns them on to the music then I'm happy.

I hear some influences of Powerman 5000 music in your songs, you tour with them too. Did you hang out together after the shows?

Yeah we hung out with them afterwards. Great bunch of guys. It was definitely worth the memories. If all goes right we will be joining them for some shows again in mid 2006.

You seem to be infected with cyber punk culture. Some people say that William Gibson spreaded the culture wide world. What's your opinion?

To be completely honest I wasn't familiar with William Gibson before you asked. Though I have now looked him up and am definitely going to read some of his work. I have always loved the cyber culture before I knew it was a real culture. When I was young I used to make my own version of hairfalls and clothing just for fun. Once I learned of the culture I became even more immersed. But my influence has for the most part always been in my own mind.

They say that certain colours influence people's activity. It's clearly visible you are fan of the blue one. How does it influence you?

I'm not sure exactly how the color itself affects me though I know when I am wearing these clothes I feel more secure about myself. The blue and greens I think convey the image I'm trying to get across very well.

Your favourite movie and why Tron? ;)

Since I saw it when I was about 5-6 years old, I just loved the concept and the costumes and it probably helped influence my love for this look. Perhaps this is a subconcious way of living out a childhood fantasy.

The new record is coming out soon. Do you plan to shoot some video too?

Yes, we are actually in pre-production of a video for the first single "Make it breathe" right now. We will be shooting on breaks from tour. We are also shooting a video for a song called "Give me" as well. Both will be featured on the DVD we plan to release later this year which will include a lot of live and backstage footage.

You are going to have a tour in the US this month. How do people react for your music?

Most of the time we get a very positive response from every crowd we play to. The way we mix the electronic and rock styles seems to be just right to please people of all tastes. It's hard here in the U.S. to make all types of people happy with your sound, but so far it seems to have worked greatly and I will continue trying to blend the styles and keep our sound as original as it is now.

Is making music your vital issue or you do something else to earn money for living?

For the most part music is the main source of living but we still keep part time jobs to be sure of steady income. We hope this will be completely full time by summer 2006.

Any other opinion you would like to share with us?

I hope to keep making great music and building a huge fan base. I love the internet for it offering the opportunities to talk to people like you who are so far away. It's a chance that may not have come otherwise. We hope to see you all soon as we try to tour over in your area this year sometime. Thank you all for the support. We can't exist without the fans.

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