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[non-industrial] ClosedHandPromise - [iam] Nemesis
ClosedHandPromise - [iam] Nemesis
Rating: 5
Reviewed by Fabryka Music Magazine on .
"[iam] Nemesis" is a short, stimulating track clocking in at slightly over 3 minutes. The dynamics and the flood of arrangements change within the composition, keeping the song absorbing, both to your ears and brains.

[non-industrial] Closure - Closure EP
Closure - Closure EP
Rating: 4
Reviewed by Fabryka Music Magazine on .
Some bands create original songs when they reach their artistic limit in structure and complexity throughout their compositions, but only if the arrangements are thought out and performed very well. Others, like Closure prefer to focus on building their instrumental songs through simplified songwriting with enchanting moods.

[non-industrial] Cofein - Never Give Up!
Cofein - Never Give Up!
Rating: 5
Reviewed by Fabryka Music Magazine on .
It should be noted that "Never Give Up!" along with other Cofein arrangements which were created for songs such as "Addicted to You" and "Superdangerous" have hit potential and have also been perfectly written to give the songs on the EP both claws and catchiness.

[non-industrial] Commit Samantha - The Fallen
Commit Samantha - The Fallen
Rating: 4
Reviewed by Fabryka Industrial Rock & Metal Encyclopedia on .
'The Fallen' is a multi-layered track with many instrumental parts placed in sync, which are wisely distributed within a less complex composition. Fans of Godsmack, Tool, Alice in Chains or Stone Temple Pilots (but not only) should get in gear with this vibe right away.

[non-industrial] Consinity - Sea of Lonely
Consinity - Sea of Lonely
Rating: 5
Reviewed by Fabryka Music Magazine on .
The majority of the composition is based on catchy motifs and a chorus that will not leave your ears for the next few hours past the first listening. The intro interlocks with the ending part very well. Both the musical theme and the voice remain haunting. What we're given here is quite convincingly a potential hit.

[non-industrial] David Arkenstone - Beneath A Darkening Sky
David Arkenstone - Beneath A Darkening Sky
Rating: 5
Reviewed by Fabryka Music Magazine on .
The songs smoothly connect with each other on the whole album, so it's not really important which song you choose to start with – you will always tap into the album's atmospheric leitmotif with any composition. David's tracks are produced, mixed, and mastered extremely well. Thus, many aspiring sound designers could learn a lot from him. He has also mastered techniques of manipulating the volume (for the illusion of distance, spaces, and dimensions he can pave new passages through), and operating both weight and harmonic contrasts through darker and brighter tones.

[non-industrial] Dead Day Revolution - Children of the Night
Dead Day Revolution - Children of the Night
Rating: 5
Reviewed by Fabryka Music Magazine on .
"Children of the Night" has hit potential as well, since it is repetitive but by no means boring. If you're looking for music similar to what's been offered by Green Day, Billy Idol, PIL or Smashing Pumpkins, you should give a listen to Dead Day Revolution too. Their music will not only fit your personal playlist, but college radio stations as well.

[non-industrial] Dead of Day - Sick and Twisted
Dead of Day - Sick and Twisted
Rating: 4
Reviewed by Fabryka Music Magazine on .
"Sick and Twisted" does sound catchy in its own heavy way, thanks to a lively dialogue between choruses and responsive guitars. They fit in the groovy background created by bass and drums very well.

[non-industrial] Division 1.1 - Submission
Division 1.1 - Submission
Rating: 5
Reviewed by Fabryka Music Magazine on .
The song is an excellent piece of collaborative music. It includes progressive, hard rock and neo-classical instrumentation enriched with interesting prog vocals, an almost 'aerodynamic' set of time signature changes and a rocking rhythm. It's easy to notice that the quartet must have spent years on honing their musical skills and gaining the necessary experience as a band.

[non-industrial] Dumb Hole - Bravest of the Galaxy
Dumb Hole – Bravest of the Galaxy
Rating: 5
Reviewed by Fabryka Music Magazine on .
Bravest of the Galaxy is an emotionally charged album set within an uplifting, dynamic atmosphere, usually aimed at listeners in their 20s and 30s. No composition on here will make listeners feel like saying 'damn, we're doomed!' despite the song topics. The tracks were composed to trigger listeners to stand up for what their hearts resonate the best with.

[non-industrial] EB11 - System Breakdown
EB11 - System Breakdown
Rating: 5
Reviewed by Fabryka Music Magazine on .
"System Breakdown" has hit potential and should be targeted for radio airplay rotation since the song is a great addition to any alt-rock music collection. The composition sounds very solid from its almost acoustic beginning to the intensified end as it contains both hooky verses and melodic choruses.

[non-industrial] Electric Moon - Thunderclap
Electric Moon - Thunderclap
Rating: 5
Reviewed by Fabryka Music Magazine on .
“Thunderclap” includes a variety of contrasting elements which solidify it's impact on the listener. Brian Ritchie on bass along with drums by Michael Ryce build solid, non-detachable structures for all parts of this composition. Notable guitar riffs by Jake Gordin recall the styles of Hendrix as they scream and cry in high octaves. Lastly, Stuart Parker utilizes piano pirouettes like a ballet dancer on top of them all.

[non-industrial] Emblema – Keep Out From Me
Emblema – Keep Out From Me
Reviewed by Fabryka Music Magazine on .
Every track from the Keep Out From Me album is deserving of radio play. The music may fulfill the expectations of indie, guitar driven pop and alternative rock listeners. These compositions are kept in a well known, soothing, classical vibe that is devoid of many experimental sounds and unexpected moments. Thanks to this, the album has a chance to get through to a majority of people who are not typically interested in listening to abstract musical solutions, but prefer solidly arranged yet easy listenable songs.
Rating: 4

[non-industrial] Ethan Pell - The End Is Now
Ethan Pell - The End Is Now
Rating: 4
Reviewed by Fabryka Music Magazine on .
The song may seem purely instrumental in the beginning, but vocals appear after the track's fourth minute. The voice is distorted, as if the vocalist was only a shadow or suffered from radiation illness in the post-apocalyptic world. The vocals are skillfully transmuted into noise (or wind) at the end.

[non-industrial] Fall of Eden - Wargasm
Fall of Eden - Wargasm
Reviewed by Google+ Music Reviews on .
"Wargasm" is a composition that dominates in mood. It is strongly animated and filled with heavy, rough, yet smooth virtuoso guitar riffs. Because of this, many fans of metal music will be convinced to reach out for The Warrior album, which is available at most major on-line stores.
Rating: 5
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