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[non-industrial] Barefaced Liar - Mind Over Matter
Barefaced Liar - Mind Over Matter
Rating: 5
Reviewed by Fabryka Music Magazine on .
'Mind Over Matter' has a lot of well-knit hit potential for listeners of all ages, and doesn't sound boring after giving it a few more spins. Moreover, this all-embracing track should be a good match for all kinds of media opportunities ranging from ads to series.

[non-industrial] Beer Killer - What Else
Beer Killer - What Else
Rating: 4
Reviewed by Fabryka Music Magazine on .
The intensity and dynamics run high through the entire track and hit listeners like a tornado mixed with a twister. It should be noted that Beer Killer has a very skilled and convincing drummer - Manuel plays like a well-oiled machine on this track!

[non-industrial] Below The Sun - Katharsiss
Below The Sun - Katharsiss
Rating: 4
Reviewed by Fabryka Music Magazine on .
When it comes to genre classification, it's stoner rock with elements of hard rock (string instruments) and psychedelia (keyboards). Make sure you listen to the entire track since it begins with an innocent nostalgic piano and that doesn't truly express the core sound of the composition once it reaches its peak point.

[non-industrial] Brian Ailport - The Stink
Brian Ailport - The Stink
Reviewed by Google+ Music Reviews on .
Although it's no secret that shredding and other soloing techniques may sound a bit too raw when unaccompanied by background music, Brian has taken care of this aspect as well. "The Stink" is a full sounding song where everything can be found in all the right places. The spectrum of compositional placement ranges from dense bass lines to a well programmed drum machine.
Rating: 5

[non-industrial] BROBST - Life Of Gypsies
BROBST - Life Of Gypsies
Rating: 4
Reviewed by Fabryka Music Magazine on .
This highly melodic track carries a lot of hit potential, since it’s instantly memorable. This is possible thanks to a balanced apportionment between inspiration drawn from both Depeche Mode as well as dark wave and electronic rock styles.

[non-industrial] Bruno Pittelli - Angels Without Wings [New]
Bruno Pittelli – Angels Without Gods
Rating: 4
Reviewed by Fabryka Industrial Rock & Metal Encyclopedia on .
This is an album which favors a classic approach to the guitar as an instrument over innovation; thus its most appreciative audience are probably fans of classic rock music. It lets you relax, but also teaches how to express feelings and tell stories through utilizing as many strings as possible. The song dynamics reflect the ebb and flow of life with changing emotions.

[non-industrial] Bruno Pittelli - Emotion
Bruno Pittelli - Emotion
Rating: 4
Reviewed by Fabryka Music Magazine on .
Passionate and repeating light riffs flow smoothly. If you like a neo-classical approach to guitar solos, you will totally enjoy Bruno's guitar play.

[non-industrial] CalatrilloZ - A Glimpse At A Fool's Destiny
CalatrilloZ - A Glimpse At A Fool's Destiny
Rating: 5
Reviewed by Fabryka Music Magazine on .
It's a complex symphonic composition, where metal & progressive rock influences are splashed with abstract art. To me, this song is begging for a music video. (...) Whether or not Jesus Christ Superstar is the most famous work that kind, the next piece about Lucifer may become even more successful with CalatrilloZ' involvement.

[non-industrial] CalatrilloZ - Lords of Misery
CalatrilloZ - Lords of Misery
Rating: 5
Reviewed by Fabryka Music Magazine on .
The core of "Lords of Misery" sounds as if it was living its own life. Yet the musicians keep the composition within a certain frame, so the soundscape does not spread in too many directions.

[non-industrial] Carved In Ashes - Lupus Homini
Carved In Ashes - Lupus Homini
Rating: 4
Reviewed by Fabryka Music Magazine on .
The song is atmospheric and melodic enough to make you like it after the first listening. At the same time, it was not written with the typical verse and chorus structure. It's an ambitious composition with plenty of layers, perfect for listeners who prefer complexity over monotony.

[non-industrial] Celestial Flesh - Suspended Motion
Celestial Flesh - Suspended Motion
Rating: 5
Reviewed by Fabryka Music Magazine on .
There are listeners, like me, who are looking for passion, intensity, might, emotions and soul cleansing locked all together inside sound, yet expressed with heavy guitar driven arrangements. Suspended Motion by Celestial Flesh is a perfect choice to fulfill such a desire.

[non-industrial] Celestial Fury - We All Float Down Here Pt. 1
Celestial Fury - We All Float Down Here Pt. 1
Rating: 5
Reviewed by Fabryka Music Magazine on .
Both Djent and its close neighbour, Progressive Metal need skilled guitar players to make it significant. Alasdair, 20 year old guitar player from Glasgow, UK sounds like the one, judging by the way the composition evolves it’s many peaks and bridges. The guitar roars, spins and cries in his hands.

[non-industrial] Cerakai - Against It
Cerakai - Against It
Rating: 4
Reviewed by Fabryka Music Magazine on .
"Against It" blooms from the very beginning with open dynamics provided by accented drums and high-pitched guitars, followed then by the bass and straightforward, shouted vocals. The mood and performance are as spontaneous as the punk attitude requires.

[non-industrial] Cerakai - I Feel
Cerakai - I Feel
Rating: 4
Reviewed by Fabryka Music Magazine on .
If you're looking for an extremely memorable track here's one which is pretty short and has massive hit potential. "I Feel" talks about the importance of understanding the world around you with your heart and soul, not just with cold logic.

[non-industrial] Chopp Devize - Seperate Ways
Chopp Devize - Seperate Ways
Reviewed by Google+ Music Reviews on .
Chopp Devize has a passion for singing and public performance as well as a very social attitude. This will definitely go a long way to draw the attention of proper collaborators as well as a strong fanbase. With new rap and rock orientated songs, Chopp Devize may join a circle of well known bands such as the Beastie Boys, Methods of Mayhem or Limp Bizkit. Listening to such a well written song that includes awesome guitar riffs simply makes you want to hear more.
Rating: 5
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