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V/A Komposi 003 Positron! Records [reviews]
Komposi 003 |Positron! Records, Inc, 2005|

01. Amish Rake Fight: Artist With A Thompson, 02. Milkfish: Shame, 03. Bounte: Going Nowhere, 04. Micronaut: Quartz Clock, 05. Chris Randall: Be There Tonight, 06. s.sturgis: euphondisson (micronaut reassembly by Chris Randall), 07. Atomica: Airways, 08. Aizome: Terminal, 09. Scanalyzer: Culture Shock, 10. Graphic: The Things You Do, 11. Sister Machine Gun: Sink

The third Komposi collection coming from one of the most promising labels - Positron! Records - brings us eleven songs with a wide spectrum of music. Begins with trumpet driven Amish Rake Fight song. The jazz vibe is replaced with so called "click & cuts" style of Milkfish in the second song. Lots of well composed glitches. Bounte with "Going Nowhere" sounds catchy. The refrain "going nowhere" really sticks in the memory and a rich in electronics background prompts for taking a trip to nowhere ;) Micronaut as a collective project of Chris Randall (Sister Machine Gun, Scanalyzer), Miguel Turnazas, Wade Alin and an appearance of Mike Fisher (Machines of Loving Grace, Amish Rake Fight). Chris Randall in "Be There Tonight" seems to feel perfectly in a male version of a exclusive bar diva tempting us with his Elvis-like voice and the 70's guitar riffs Hendrix' style. Then Scott Sturgis known from Pain Station and Coverter gives us the idea of his new vibe which is modern electronics with no shadow of heavy and dark music he used to play in the projects mentioned before. To note the song "Euphondisson" was reassemblied by Chris Randall on this collection.

A trip hop Massive Attack-like composition by Atomica should find listeners among all those looking for sensitive piano sounds and gentle female voices. Aizome "Terminal" is an ambient track with repetitive phrases and a way cool leitmotiv. Scanalyzer alives the atmosphere with a bit more dynamical rhythm and industrial add-ons.

Graphic is a project of Eric Powell (16volt, Ringer) who brings more rock vibe even the song "The Things You Do" contains no guitars. If you learnt Eric's voice from 16volt albums you will recognize it here easy too. The album finishes with "Silk" by Sister Machine Gun. The band released their latest album (Influence) in 2003 so seems like the new song might give us the idea of SMG future aims. What's more "Silk" has this characteristic sound what the British duo Underworld developed on their several albums so it will be interesting to observe where SMG path would direct this time to.

To sum up Komposi 003 includes a variety of songs to make you relaxed whether you are working or having free time. There are no noises, no heavy music just clear modern electronics and a bit of new jazz introduced by Amir Rake Fight.

(Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz. Must not be used for promotional or commercial purposes. See a Legal Note for the copyrights below)

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