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Adam Pask (P45K) [reviews]
Remixes And Other Oddities /For NINa/ |Posthuman Productions, 2006|

Train by In Progress (Pask Mix), Something Good DJ Mix by Nude, Something Good (Pask Mix), Dead Heros by Human Factors Lab, Dead Heros (Pask Mix), Suffocate by The Crucifiction (of) Rose, Suffocate (Pask Mix), Spectral by Pask, Precursor: stage01 by Pask, Coma (non-album track) by Pask

It's a collection of Pask's songs and remixes made by Nude or Crucification [of] Rose. There is also a song by Human Factors Lab remixed by Pask for Myspace competition. Among a variety of different tracks there is one what could become a dancefloor killer. Something Good by Nude with female voices Siouxie Sioux or Peaches-like and dynamic, strong bassed track background seems to work well for the party. The original is a modern drum'n'bass version with a groovy rhythm and a mixture of cool samples. Nude added a rebelled spirit to the original tho.

Suffocate by Crucification [of] Rose it's a guitar driven song, too much gothic and too much dying, I felt tired on the whole. The fact is the original Suffocate by Pask has a classic guitar riff as a leitmotiv included but thanx to the awesome intro hits the counter up. Human Factors Lab created a remix for Dead Heros with their well known powerful voices and contrasty vibes drilling the ears. [They should make video games soundtracks indeed...] Dead Heroes original by Pask reminds me partly some of Chemlab songs but sounds a way cool.

Train song is remixed by Pask this time because the original is made by a band called In Progress. It's an interesting piece full of industrial and electronic samples plus an awesome vocal part. The song is just rad and shows Pask's awesome remixing abilities. There are also Spectral and Precursor: Stage 01 songs originally released on the album Where Life Ends This Begins. The collection finishes with Coma composition what is one of the best Pask's ventures I have heard so far. Long, dark ambient soundscape drives a mind to create illusions.

There are two hidden tracks on this collection as well - both include George W. Bush preaches cut and sampled and both are driven by war thrilling minds of people all around the world. The first of those hidden songs contains a typical Arabian trumpet leitmotiv. The second could illustrate some press shots of the war shown in the TV including jeeps with soldiers driving crazy with tones of overweighting guns.

Pask's music demands a hearing. A very careful hearing thanx to a complex songs structure and an amazing compositions. His attitude to composing is very professional. The songs quality is a high one what makes the listening process very comfortable. If I was asked to compare Pask's music to somebody's else there will be the only one composer to match Pask - Charlie Clouser. Both of them have abilities to build song structure in a way they attract an ear thanx to intriguing samples and know-how of musical software. ( Katarzyna NINa Górnisiewicz. Must not be used for promotional or commercial purposes. See a Legal Note for the copyrights below)
PS. I guess it is a working album title... ;)

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