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Heresy23 [reviews]
Heresy23 - The Paradigm EP |self released, TBA 2012|

1. Distance;virtue, 2. Criminal Faith, 3. Broken Doll, 4. Weight of Motion

If you're into electronic or industrial music, seeing a name like "Heresy" will most probably appear as something linked to Nine Inch Nails in your mind and yes, you would be thinking in the proper direction. Heresy23 is the musical brainchild of Pete 'Sprog' Baughan who established the band in Portsmouth, UK in 2010. He admits NIN has been one of his major influences aside from Ministry, Filter and Stabbing Westward, however some specific examples from NIN songs can be heard here and there (in comparison to the content of Pretty Hate Machine and The Fragile). Some artists copy NIN directly to quickly receive the attention of their fans, although not everybody has Reznor's shrewd business sense. Artists like Pete utilize and extend the works of their idols in their own ways while learning something new and finding their own personal style for self-expression based upon their influences.

The first song on the tracklist titled "Distance;virtue" begins with an intriguing ambient intro, then turns into a dynamic song composed with samplers and computers. The vocals and bass dictate the rhythm as well as a melody accompanied by Gibson guitar riffs and beats. Then a piano comes in which gives the arrangement a subtle flavor with a fadeout and silence in the ending.

"Criminal Faith" sounds almost like a tribute to Nine Inch Nails, so fans of their music that was released after 2001 may enjoy the song. The bass line is reminiscent of songs by Joy Division. Pete toys with the bass and samplers a lot in this track. His vocals sound more affectionate which is a good thing. There is also an awesome vocal effect which Pete could have utilized in other tracks as well.

"Broken Doll" starts with a leveled piano which is then joined by vocals later into the progression. The entire song expands through great sampling and catchy, yet dark atmospheres. It could have been amplified to the decibel ratio of the sound of a tornado since the song has hit potential.

After such a tasty musical dish you're in for a glass of bubbly champagne next. "Weight of Motion" is as smooth and intriguing as NIN's "Just Like You Imagined". The song is led by piano, samplers and gentle beats that grow bigger and bigger in dynamic moods. This is an intriguing and catchy track that will allow one's imagination to sail freely across the boundaries of the mind. It's the best song on this EP.

Pete's programming skills are noticeable. You could possibly associate his tunes to the music of Gary Numan since the sound can be cold in moods and repetitive in nature. Some atmospheres are also reminiscent of those by Charlie Clouser thanks to rich arrangements that bring forth a variety of sorcerous dimensions. Typically the beginning and the end of songs are the most difficult parts of the composition to create, but Heresy23 has overcome this problem extremely well.

On the other hand, Pete should practice up on his aggressive vocals. All these songs hold clear and dominating vibes, however the vocals sound too affable at times and miss some rock wildness. He should try to express himself openly through shouting out loud, snarling and threatening to release his energy while letting the testosterone flow. Especially, since he admits to be driven by hate and rebellion. He could also mix his voice a bit below the layers of guitars and samples so his tracks would become better adjusted to his songwriting. This may allow him to get the necessary power of expression his music deserves to operate like a claw. Last but not least, he could always just opt to keep the songs instrumental.

The Paradigm album will be out in November 2012 followed by live shows in December. Make sure to check out Heresy23 music on-line, including many darker and heavier songs such as "The Paradigm", "Penitance", "Landslide" and also "This Corrosion" - an industrial cover of the Sisters of Mercy's anthem.
Heresy23 is not found on Last.fm for some reason, but hopefully this will be fixed upon the release of their new album so fans can scrobble these songs frequently which will give the band appropriate exposure.

(Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz, Fabryka Magazine, March 30th, 2012. Proofreading: Scott M. Owens)

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