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[Fabryka] Testimonials
Electric Moon
I think it's very flattering, and we're very happy to have it. Thanks again for your time and effort. I look forward to working with you again soon.
Jake Gordin | 30.07.2012 | Song review

Everything looks good.
John Spangler | 05.07.2012 | Song review

Mike Drazka
Thank you sooo much for the fantastic review! It is very honest and well written. I agree with you that some of the tracks would work really well with a vocalist. Unfortunately I don't sing and I didn't want to ruin a good song with bad vocals. If you happen to know any singers who might be interested in collaborating please let me know.
Mike Drazka | 18.06.2012 | Album review

Music Xray
NINa is an excellent individual to work with and her marketing know how and capability to execute make her a valuable resource. She always took the extra time needed to work with the various artists at Music Xray and the staff always enjoyed working with her. She is very knowledgeable in the music industry and has a GREAT set of ears when it comes to new music. NINa knows a good artist when she hears them and is also there to help in areas where the artist needs further improvement. Highly recommended and all around great person to work with.
Bert Hartmann (Chief Operating Officer at Music Xray until 03/2012) | 05.06.2012 | LinkedIn profile

The review was outstanding and greatly appreciated! Thanks a million!
Eric Broxton | 26.05.2012 | Song review

Message To The Machine
I like it a lot. I've waited ages to hear someones thoughts about my music. You know, instead of just hearing: "yeh cool''. I have read it twice and I am happy with the review, very interesting. Now I finally get to add a 'press' section to my Reverbnation page :)
James Orez | 25.05.2012 | EP review

Mike Drazka
Thank you so much for the great review. You really went above and beyond reviewing the song. Everything is correct in it. I have an album that I'm hoping to release in the next 3 weeks or so. I would love to have you do a review of it. It has the song "Angels of War" on it and the other songs are similar in that style. I will be sure to tell people about you, the magazine and your reviews. Thank you again.
Mike Drazka | 16.05.2012 | Song review

The Seas
It was a pleasure working with Nina! We were thrilled with the review of our debut album. She kept in regular contact and delivered exactly as promised. Not only is she a very skilled writer, but her musical knowledge and emotional connection to music makes her reviews that much more powerful. I would highly recommend her to any band looking for a solid, honest review of their music.
Michael Sliter | 01.05.2012 | Album review

Hello NINa! Thank you for your wonderful review of our song. We could not agree more with your observations and opinions of our band and our music. (...) Thanks again for the opportunity to present our music to you and ultimately to your fans. We will certainly submit more of our songs to you through MusicXray as we go through the process of completing our new album.
Mike, Nik, Rick and Chris | 17.04.2012 | Song review

Fall of Eden
Hey, Awesome! Thanks so much for the great review! (...) It looks great, and thank you so much for the positive words! I of course will leave you positive feedback!
Russ Knöbel | 11.04.2012 | Song review

Sit Kitty Sit
Hi Nina, This is great. Thank you SO much.
Gun Horse Records | 02.04.2012 | Song review

Thank you so much - I love it! I totally agree about the vocal side of things, this is very much an area I am developing in (...) Really appreciate your time on this, please let me know where I can submit feedback for your excellent work.
Pete Baughan | 30.03.2012 | EP review

Your review was spot on. I wouldn't change a word and I do appreciate what you had to say. Thank you once again for the insightful review.
Christopher Lee Compton | 26.03.2012 | Song review

Brian Ailport
How great! Thanks so much.
Brian Ailport | 26.03.2012 | Song review

It's good! Thanks so much!
Veilside | 16.03.2012 | Song review

I have read the review. It's OK! Things you write about lyrics are perfect! Our message has been understand very well!
Stefano Massari | 12.03.2012 | Album review
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