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Midi Ghetto Tour 05/28/2010 Hi-Dive, Denver, CO [gig review]
Midi Ghetto Tour 2010
May 28th, 2010, Hi-Dive, Denver, CO, USA
16Volt, Chemlab, Left Spine Down

by Tempest (June 6th, 2010)

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Every dedicated concert goer experiences an epic journey. Live music provides a tangible element coveted by those in need of the drug like euphoria that can only be inspired by a few powerful songs.
Through the conundrums of love, hatred, pain and happiness, music moves people in a way that no other media can possibly accomplish. There are still artist pushing the boundaries, riding the razors edge and refusing to let us diminish our capacity to allow music its most potent primal quality. On a rare occasion, this confluence of artistic impact and determination brought itself to fruition against all odds. There are still epic adventures and the Midi Ghetto tour of 2010 was one of them.


The night before the Midi Ghetto tour hit Denver I contacted Duffy Laudick from Razor Blade Dance Floor Podcast. There were no more V.I.P. Tickets available, but Duffy gave me a hint to bring a bottle of Jack Daniels Green Label for the bands. This whiskey is not very easy to find. I spent all night tracking it down and finally picked up a bottle at an old liquor store that only had two in stock. After sending out text message pics of the bottle and babying it all day, I picked up my six string sidekick Josh and he babied the bottle too. We headed down to the show and parked a few blocks off the main drag in a secluded spot near the venue so we could do some shots of Wild Turkey 101, drink some 40's, smoke some weed and be ready for 16Volt.

Showtime started edging up on us, so we split for the club not wanting to miss Left Spine Down. We walked over a mile to where we thought the venue was before noticing we went to the wrong address and forgot where we parked the car. Josh and I spent another 90 minutes running up and down streets for a couple of miles wasted and drunk as fuck looking for the car. We finally decided to take a bus to the show and find the car later, then walked another couple miles to the bus stop. Just as we get there, I hear a fucking crash of glass. The Green Label Jack was all over the pavement. I about freaked the fuck out! I wasn't about to hit up Midi Ghetto without that bottle after all that shit we went through to get it.

We stabbed out back into the neighborhood on a mission for the car, fucking pissed and arguing the whole way. Josh and I walked another couple miles completely lost and ready to give up. I looked to my left where about 25 people were having a barbeque on their front porch. Just as I look to the right I see Josh come out of nowhere screaming “Fuck it, fuck this fucking tree”, along with a “Snap, Crack” as he started punching it and kicking it, then trying to battle ram it in half. The tree was in the front yard of the people having the barbeque. Needless to say, the next thing I know we have 8 pissed off assholes in our faces ready to throw down, calling us cocksuckers and asking us what the fuck our problem was. Undeterred, Josh jumps off the tree, shoves his fingers in all their faces and screams “Fuck you, I'll kill all you motherfuckers!”. I thought we were fucked. I turned to crack my knuckles and get ready for some shit when about a block away I spotted the fucking car. Pulling Josh away from the mob was like breaking up a lopsided dogfight, but we made way towards the car. We floored it back to the liquor store, hitting 75 on side streets and swooped in to pick up that last bottle of Green Label Jack before screeching to a stop at Midi Ghetto.

Once inside the show and backstage hanging out with Left Spine Down, I was on the lookout for Eric Powell and Jared Louche so I could hand off the Green Label Jack before anything else happened. From out of the shadows came Jared Louche of Chemlab. I handed Jared the Green Label Jack while making introductions and asked him for a photograph with the bottle. It wasn't until a few days later that I realized what are rare picture of Jared I had gotten exclusively for Fabryka Magazine, considering that he has been sober for many years after almost being pronounced dead twice. This was all a mere prelude into what was fast becoming the psychotic and cerebral wickedness of the Midi Ghetto Tour ripping through the city of Denver.

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