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V/A Hordes of The Elite [reviews]
Glitch Mode V/A - Hordes of The Elite |Glitch Mode Records, 2006|

01. Speech Text Slutzorz - Glitch Mode Squad is the Squad*,02. Cyanotic - Order out of Chaos 2.0 (demo)*,03. Sinddady vs Drukore - Panties (in a bunch mix)*,04. Carbon 12 - Worthless,05. Empty - Castrated*,06. 16 Volt vs Cyanotic - American Porn Song (Glitch Bitch Mix v1.0)*,07. Apidocere - Mechanical Asphyxia*,08. Left Spine Down - Hang Up,09. genCAB - Perish The Thought (alternate demo)*,10. Bound in Oblivion - The Other Side,11. ManufraQture - FriQtion,12. Skullduggery - Violent Reaction*,13. Darque Science - Obsoletist (demo edit)*,14. Iammynewt - Lousid*,15. Encounter Box - Ammunation,16. Ad-ver-sary - Number Nine (mix of truth)*,17. UCNX - Desperation*,18. Rabbit Junk - Industrial is Dead (demo)*
* = exclusive track

Glitches, glitches everywhere... Glitches falling down and going up like in a spectrum analyzer. Glitch Mode, a new and promising label collected several bands and musicians who follow against popular patterns and create music by their own a real elite should act alike. Thus the list of bands include Cyanotic led by Sean Payne and Iammynewt/Trozoc, both of them are deeply involved in spreading this style of music worldwide with a great merch and "the art of self promotion" ;)

The collection of tracks varies from clear electronics to drum'n'bass driven songs with heavy guitar riffs. Personally I was shot at once by the song of ManufraQture called "FriQtion". Blasting strightforward guitars with a dirty background say "No mercy!" to me. Another masterpiece worth of memory is "Ammunition" by Encounter Box with Puff Daddy-like rap vocals and heavy sampled guitars.

Hailing from Australia musician called Empty made a dancefloor killing song "Castrated" with deep rooted drums and trance rhythms but for the fans of harsher sounds is recommended "Desperation" by UCNX. 16volt known well from the 90's and now resurrected with incoming album "FullBlackHabit" made a cooperative effort along with Cyanotic in a dynamical, rhythmic composition enriched with cool sampled guitar riffs and angry tunes. Left Spine Down song reminds me the latest Pitchshifter's ventures with doubled dense drums and short cut guitar riffs. Darque Science with their "Obsoletist (demo edit)" goes similar path. Skinny Puppy seemingly influenced genCAB so they put the fascination by SP into "Perish The Thought (alternate demo)". Thanks to modern glitches and cool tuned drums it's not yet another copy of SP.

There is also a song by Bound of Oblivion, (Johnathan Case, a former 16volt musician who since a few years runs his own effort along with Zach). An incoming album will be released soon but up to that time you can enjoy a song "The Other Side".

There are also several much noise-experimental tracks like these by Skullduggery and Ad-ver-sary and if you like SiNDADDY's ventures there is also something new - Panties (in a bunch mix) made with Drukore.
The album finishes with Rabbit Junk band sailing between digital hardcore style with cool addons which you rather won't find in any other band's music. Original, angry and worth of memory.
And now I'd rather get back to "FriQtion"... and... thanx, I'm addicted :]

(Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz. Proofreading: Scott M. Owens. Must not be used for promotional or commercial purposes. See a Legal Note for the copyrights below)
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