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We Got This Far [reviews]
Blunt Force Volume |Spiralchords, 2009|

01. Breath Before The Plunge, 02. Like Dying, 03. Sedona, 04. Mistep, 05. Endgame, 06. Cave In, 07. Bludgeon, 08. Anywhere But Here, 09. So This Is Doom, 10. Someone Somewhere [Gary Zon rmx]

This Californian duo founded in 2007 by Jason Silva and Oliver Marsh has released only one 12" single Bludgeon (2008 r.) so far, so that Blunt Force Volume is their debut album. Additionally the band played several shows with such bands as 16Volt, Dismantled, VTG, Deathline International, Dawn of Ashes, Mankind Is Obsolete, or Diabolic Disciple through the last months what means a good start on the scene.

They are classified as an industrial rock band most often, however I would keep in mind they've crossed the borders of the style in a good manner. Their songs are full of non standard structures, missing repetitive parts and so the construction became wider, what let the band reach far beyond of what most of other bands of the style have made so far.

There's not much of guitars/drums provided aggression. Moreover WGTF sounds very ‘European' and bands using such complex songs structures can be found in Switzerland, United Kingdom, Portugal, Estonia but also, still in Canada known of its specific music scene and tendencies of entering the new sound grounds.

The opening song "Breath Before The Plunge" should become a nice surprise to the Polish music fans because the lyrics were sung in Polish. I guess WGTF recorded this song with kind regards to a support offered by Fabryka Industrial Rock Magazine (having Polish roots). A very good friend of Jason Silva, a former Astharoth leader and present Arcane Dimension guitar player, Jarek Tatarek sang the lyrics for the song.

If I had to compare WGTF music with other bands, so it could include such names as Stabbing Westward with their both ‘crying' but also noisy guitars and sometime with Nine Inch Nails (from Fragile to Ghosts with an exception for their pop songs as WGTF avoids them).

Music on the debut album is not danceable, however "Mistep" has a chance to become one. It's my favourite song on the album thanks to its dynamics of course.

"Like Dying" reminds me hardcore-industrial achievements of Slave Unit. "Sedona" and "Endgame" they are the two songs setting deep into the memory after repetitive listening, what also means a chance for the podcasters to make a wise use of them to bring out the new hits at their shows.

Blunt Force Trauma sounds like a trip into psychological aspects of the human nature without standard lyrics matched to fit the songs rhythm on purpose only. The band tries to make soundscapes with sometime recited lyrics ("So This Is Doom"). Oliver's timber voice sounds very good, somewhat 'gothic' as if he was one of those ‘suffering inside' artists.
"Someone Somewhere (Gary Zon rmx)" by Dismantled's founder finishes the album.

Finally, it's worth of a mention the album was mastered by that famous Tom Baker who worked with Ministry, Nine Inch Nails, Rob Zombie, Orgy, Static-X , [f.e.v.e.r.] etc.
The CD album will have two release dates: 08/21 for Europe and 10/13 for the USA but will be also available on iTunes and Amazon according to Spiralchords label news.

(Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz. Must not be used for promotional or commercial purposes. See a Legal Note for the copyrights below.)

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