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Ministry [reviews]
Animositisomina |Sanctuary Records, 2003|

Animosity, Unsung, Piss, Lockbox, Broken, The Light Pours Out Of Me, Shove, Impossible, Stolen, Leper (instrumental)

Besides the title it's a way cool record made in that old style, heavy and stiff Ministry vibe. It connects music appeared before Filth Pig album and that sound what came with The Dark Side of the Spoon.

Layered and disturbed vocals, metal guitar riffs, feedbacks... There is this insanity, which I lack on the albums released after 1996 and which dragged a lot of people to Ministry music. It's radical that after The Best Of and a live record we got such a good album. It's the first time Ministry included the lyrics in the booklet.

We got 10 predatory songs where I found two the best: The Light Pours Out Of Me related to the punk spirit and the cold wave music from the 80's plus some additional Hendrix-like guitar solo plays. It's not a mistake because The Light Pours Out Of Me it's a cover version of the song made by Magazine band in the 80's. It's not a surprise either because Jourgensen and Barker were listening to lots of new wave and punk rock music earlier.
The second kicking ass song is 'Shove' where simple sounds generated by bass guitar meet gloomy voices. It should be also mentioned that Ministry changed a record label to Sanctuary Records where Pitchshifter released a record as well.

(Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz. Must not be used for promotional or commercial purposes. See a Legal Note for the copyrights below)

Houses Of The Mole |Sanctuary Records, 2004|

No "W", Waiting, Worthless, Wrong, Warp City, WTV, World, WKYJ, Worm, Psalm 23 (Bonus Track), Walrus (Bonus Track)

Great! After a few soul-torturing records Ministry released an album reminding their earlier music which let them stay the pioneers of aggressive industrial rock/metal genre. The same atmosphere is present on Houses of The Mole. Just listen to No W, Waiting, Worthless or Wrong. 99% of the song titles begin with W, but ironically the first is 'No W' :D
There are also less predatory tracks like World or Worm. To sum up = lots of anti George W. Bush irony.( Katarzyna NINa Górnisiewicz. Must not be used for promotional or commercial purposes. See a Legal Note for the copyrights below)

Rantology |Sanctuary Records, 2005|

No W (Redux), The Great Satan, Wrong (Update Mix), N.W.O. (Update Mix), Stigmata (Update Mix), Waiting, Warp City (Alternate Mix), Jesus Built My Hotrod (Update Mix), Bad Blood (Alternate Mix), Animosity, Unsung (Alternate Mix), Bloodlines, Psalm 69 (Live in Paris), Thieves (Live in Seattle), The Fall (Live in London)

No worries, there are a few changes to the rest of Ministry music only.
Rantology it's a record with remixes as well as a collection of the songs Ministry released during 25 years of their music activity. Punk spirit mingled with guitar riffs and industrial ventures. There are no music related to either With Sympathy or Twitch releases tho. There is even no connection to The Land of Rape and Honey but... there are two new songs like 'Great Satan' which will be included into the forthcoming album and 'Bloodlines', recorded in 2004 for the purpose of Bloodlines RPG game.

There is an interesting accent as the live version of The Fall was re-arranged. Maybe the song doesn't fit to all Rantology stuff but as for the comparisons to the original songs, the changes are clearly hearable there.

(Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz. Must not be used for promotional or commercial purposes. See a Legal Note for the copyrights below)
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