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Out Out [reviews]
Assumed Outrivaling |Out Out/Brief Candle Music/ASCAP, 2008|

1. in::, 2. Lavaged Ionium Rusts, 3. Vulgar Stadium Noise, 4. Gusts Unveil Diorama, 5. Avid Orange Stimulus, 6. Glum, Sainted Saviour, 7. Virus Adman Eulogist, 8. I'm A Gun's Void Result, 9. Analogue Drums Visit, 10. Volts, Radium, Guineas, 11. I Am A Vulture's Doings, 12. Velutinous Diagrams, 13. And Give Lustrous Aim, 14. Smug User Validation, 15. Moving Radula Tissue, 16. I Am Dauntless Vigour, 17. Envious Guilt Dramas, 18. ::out

Out Out is one of these bands which has began playing in the late 80's and survived through the years putting out the albums constantly with a little hiatus in 1999. The activity facing the changing rules of music promotion and distribution during the last 10 years is certainly bound to the band founder Mark A. Miller's determination and talent. He's also an owner of Slaughterhouse Studio and small but thriving Radio Valkyrie record label. Mark has been working with other bands like Circus of the Dead Squirrels, Vein Cage as a music producer and sound engineer. There's also a remix (Fail [Swift & Concise Failure Mix] given for free as a promotional act for Everything Goes Cold's debut album called "Prepare To Be Refrigerated" (2008).

Out Out has been always more electronic than guitar driven band looking for new solutions and creative experiments inside of industrial electronic music. The band is not only about music but somewhat weird, experimental song titles, like on this newest album, f.e. Vulgar Stadium Noise or I'm A Gun's Void Result.

The album "Assumed Outrivaling" is much darker than "Virtual Sound Images" released in 2006, moreover it’s mainly instrumental. Such a dark side of electronic music should be accepted by the fans of such bands like Download, Front Line Assembly, Skinny Puppy or Numb but not these only of course. Music on the album is multi-layered, very well arranged and mixed. All of the compositions parts are in the right places and it's easy to notice the album was produced by an expert. However you won’t find any rhythmic songs or danceable beats because the spatial compositions are the better backgrounds for interesting animations or visualizations.

There are songs kept in the typical Out Out's vibe on the album like Virus Adman Eulogist, Velutinous Diagrams, Envoius Guilt Drama, Glum, Sainted Saviour, Analogue Drums Visit, but also more ambient (Smug User Validation) or downtempo stuff (I Am Dauntless Vigour), tho I still have a feeling there's some hidden exoticism interlaced. Avid Orange Stimulus reminds me some old video game soundtrack. The release seems like a concept-built album because its outro track interlocks with the intro.

Assumed Outrivaling is available to buy at CD Baby but you can get its free version (128 kbps) at http://www.radio-valkyrie.com, where you can find other bitrate and paid versions along with the CD. (Inactive website/NINa/2015)
Regarding the free version – Mark asks us for not sharing the album via PTP and other services that kind but the album should be downloaded only directly from radio-valkyrie.com website. He wants to have the clear statistics image of how many people were interested to download the album and how much of an interest the certain versions have risen up. Let's respect his rights! (Inactive website/NINa/2015)

(Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz. Must not be used for promotional or commercial purposes. See a Legal Note for the copyrights below)
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