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Country: US
Founded: 1996
Disbanded: -
Members: Eric Recourt
Albums: Db9d9 (1999), Something To Cry About (2003)
Reviews: Db9d9, Something To Cry About
Interviews: -
Bio: DB9D9 performed a lot during the 90s period, playing in Los Angeles as well as opening for Metallica and Mötley Crüe. Recourt began networking to get DB9D9 music into movies and television. His ambition paid off and several projects used music from the album Db9d9.
Associated acts: -
Date Added: 09/14/2012 Visits: 783
Country: US
Founded: 2010
Disbanded: -
Members: Johnathan Case, Zach Wager, Eric Bergen, Vex March, Travis Geny
Albums: Niblets 'N' Giblets / Strip Off Your Skin EP (2010), All My Heroes Are Dead (2012), All My Remixes Are Dead (2015)
Reviews: All My Heroes Are Dead
Interviews: -
Bio: Founded in Portland, OR, Dead Animal Assembly Plant is inspired by a fictional horror story set up in the XIX century about a once successful German butcher who had gone bankrupt by the name of Wilhelm Schröder. The musicians who comprise DAAP wear the ominous clothes of a butcher with bloody meat-esque painted faces and prosthetic torso coverings which make their live shows quite a disturbing experience. Johnathan Case and Z. Wager were in Bound In Oblivion band before they created DAAP.
Associated acts: Bound In Oblivion, NVEiN, Particle Son
Date Added: 03/21/2015 Visits: 751
Country: France
Founded: 2001
Disbanded: -
Members: Krank Nox_ (Jean-Baptiste Dropsy), Noisynism_ (Denis Malbrancke), Ersatz_ (Erwan Ropars), Liv A.Bioskop_ (Olivier Pesquié)
Albums: Demo Dexy Corp_ (2002), Jigger EP (2003), Fragmentation (2008), Uchronopolis (2010)
Reviews: Fragmentation, Uchronopolis
Interviews: -
Bio: The band name comes from a slangy description of amphetamine (dexy = speed) and 'corporation' with an additional underscore which is related to the computer language that simulates an awaiting execution. They played shows with such bands as Punish Yourself, Alec Empire, Ambassador 21 or Alien Sex Fiend.
Associated acts: -
Date Added: 08/06/2012 Visits: 771
Country: US
Founded: 1991
Disbanded: 1997
Members: Marc Jameson, Kevin Marburg, Pat Toves, Vince Montalbano, Phil Biagini, Dennis Morehouse
Albums: Needle - demo (1989), Therapy (EP) (1991), Nothing EP (1992), Ultracide Junkyard (1996), Diatribe (1996)
Reviews: Therapy, Nothing EP, Ultracide Junkyard, Diatribe
Interviews: 2007
Bio: Diatribe was an Industrial rock group from San Jose, California which was active in the 1990s. They had a sound similar to 16 Volt and Chemlab, integrating synthesizers and vocal samples with more traditional rock instruments. Their song "Therapy" was used in the film Strange Days but does not appear on the official soundtrack album.
Associated acts: -
Date Added: 08/06/2012 Visits: 815
Country: US
Founded: 1987
Disbanded: 2011
Members: Jim Marcus, Van Christie
Albums: Disco Rigido (1989), Big Electric Metal Bass Face (1991), Engine (1995), Convenience (2004), Vinyl88 – Not the Best of Die Warzau (2008), Borghild (2009)
Reviews: -
Interviews: 2005
Bio: Founded in Chicago, US in late 80s. Big Electric Metal Bass Face included contributors from Chris Vrenna and James Woolley (Nine Inch Nails) while Chris Randall (Sister Machine Gun) appeared on Engine. Die Warzau "Hole In the Ground" song is listed on SMG album Burn.
Associated acts: Jim Marcus: GoFight, Sister Machine Gun, Björk, Pigface, Pansy Division, The Swans, Haloblack, Chris Connelly, KMFDM, Skrew, Machines of Loving Grace, Stabbing Westward, Gravity Kills, Everplastic, Screaming Rachel, Dessau, Chemlab, The Final Cut, Testify, Mindfunk. Van Christie: Die Warzau, Eco-Hed, Final Cut, Oxygiene 23, Pigface.
Date Added: 01/06/2008 Visits: 822
Country: US
Founded: 1997
Disbanded: -
Members: Edsel Dope, Virus, Angel Bartolotta, Derrick Tribbett
Albums: Felons and Revolutionaries (1999), Life (2001), Group Therapy (2003), American Apathy (2005), No Regrets (2009), Blood Money p.1 (2016)
Reviews: Felons and Revolutionaries, Life, Group Therapy, American Apathy, No Regrets
Interviews: -
Bio: Formed in NYC, US in late 90s.
Associated acts: Genitortures, Murderdolls, Team Cybergeist, Static-X, Wednesday 13.
Date Added: 10/28/2016 Visits: 834
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