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[03/26/2011] Jim Marcus (Die Warzau) comes back on the news
The news is not music related... It's about sex this time!
I assume most Fabryka Magazine readers recall the electronic rock act Die Warzau. The band is based in Chicago and we did an interview with the lead singer Jim Marcus in 2005 r.
The same Jim Marcus, a reformer, graphics designer and socialist was making headlines once again, however not in terms of Die Warzau, but an event which has been amplified to the size of a sexual scandal by international tabloids and television networks.

On February 21st, 2011 Jim and his fiancee Faith Krall entered into a live performance which took place at Northwestern University, Chicago. The University was established in 1851 and belongs to the top 10 universities in the United States. Northwestern University is also revered for science and research as well as their private ownership status.
The live performance was organized by Professor John Bailey as one of his lectures about human sexuality. This time the students were to watch and discuss a female orgasm. A video directly showing the above topic was displayed to around 600 people in an Auditorium.

A group of invited guests listening to the lecture as well as their friends from Weird Chicago Tours (guiding, amongst all, through the sexual corners of Chicago; from red light districts, through hooker's corners and other historical sexually charged, peculiar and taboo outposts) decided that the lesson was not realistic enough. They then suggested a “practice lesson” to take place after the main lecture. Approximately 100 students had decided to stay in the Auditorium and watch this additional, but not mandatory performance. They were warned that this was going to be extremely graphic and that they had the right to leave the room at anytime.

However, what appalled the headmaster as well as the press as mentioned above was the use of a 6 Amp reciprocating saw (Sawzall) that was modified with a white silicone dildo on the end of it instead of a blade. Jim Marcus used this tool to make his completely undressed fiancee cum in front of the students.
Faith admitted that she was an exhibitionist and the fact that she was watched by strangers during a sexual activity turned her on. Both stated they hadn't planned on this happening and that the idea came to them while listening to and watching the lecture. [Then why was the saw there? ;)] Some of the students left the auditorium, but other students who stayed behind expressed their adamant approval of the performance and stated that it offered invaluable scientific understanding.

If you decide to look for a video from the performance, you will come across a lot of links on YouTube and variety of interviews with people who took part in the show. Be warned though, there are snippets of video that contain links that redirect you to unknown webpages offering drivers or plugins to be installed on your computer to be able to watch the video. Some of the links are probably malware software, so you might want to be careful if you watch the video depending on where you find it. However, there are still a few reliable video interviews and press releases related to the University event: 1, 2, 3 and a picture of reciprocating saw which had been used, though with no tip on it ;)

It seems that Jim Marcus has made a new name for himself and has become better known in relation to this incident than he did publishing Die Warzau albums in the 90s. The band still exists and they had a live show recently in one of the Chicago based clubs in 2010.

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